Saturday, September 4, 2010

WWE NXT Winners: The Nexus vs The Genesis?

On Tuesday's grand finale of WWE NXT on SyFy, we learned a few things. One, Kaval is the Season 2 winner and will receive a future PPV title shot. Two, Michael McGillicutty needs to work on promos. Three, it appears there may be another faction similar to "The Nexus" called "The Genesis". Four, do the WWE Universe votes really even matter in this contest?

So on Tuesday night Kaval wins, but Michael McGillicutty cuts him down to size in his farewell speech, pardon the pun. McGillicutty tried to crack jokes but failed miserably in his improv bit. Most fans will probably agree that Alex Riley showed way more passion and character in his goodbye speech in the ring. Personally, he seems to be the next breakout star, before McGillicutty. Even more so, if you were going to have a guy lead a faction, why not Riley. Maybe it makes more sense to have McGillicutty, a descendant of wrestling legend Mr. Perfect, to have that role.

The new faction may be called "Genesis" which is also a former pop band starring Phil Collins. If anything, I'd expect to see this faction along with Kaval on Smackdown, so they don't get in the way of anything on Raw, including The Nexus storyline, if it continues on. Putting these guys on SD would likely give Kaval some opponents that aren't regulars on Smackdown, so he can build himself up en route to a title shot. He won't be defeating guys like Matt Hardy, Christian, CM Punk right away. So in that regard the story makes sense.

What doesn't make sense is how WWE runs these contests with the illusion that one guy will be "the next breakout star." It's simply not true WWE, because we very well know Daniel Bryan could become that next breakout star even if you pin the WWE Title on Barrett at Night of Champions. (PS: I am expecting Daniel Bryan to be US Champ in the near future). Eli Cottonwood could become the next Undertaker. The fans could latch onto Lucky Cannon and drive his popularity through the stratosphere (No disrespect to Trish). Anyhow the point here is the WWE encourages fans to rush to, place votes and determine the next big star, when in fact all of the competitors will simply stage an attack after the contest and appear on a show anyway. At least it's fun to watch right?

Speaking of that Season 3 should be fun to watch. Next up, we will have NXT Season 3 involving a new twist: the competitors are divas this time, and there were originally just six. There's diva pro mentors: Bella Twins, Alicia Fox, Kelly Kelly and Vickie Guerrero as well as Goldust and Primo Colon. However, it was recently learned that Smackdown consultant Vickie Guerrero fired her diva hopeful, the 6-foot-9 Aloisa. It's an interesting development as WWE recently signed the Amazonian diva to a contract, so it won't be surprising to see her re-surface as the one who does all the attacking at the end of Season 3.

Check out the full WWE NXT Season 3 cast here.

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