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WWE Superstars Results 09/02/10

WWE Superstars Results 09/02/10:

Lawler and Cole were on hand to start tonight's show. They said Kofi Kingston would be in action later against The Mexican Warrior, Chavo Guerrero. Ted Dibiase arrived out with gal pal Maryse for the opening match.

Golddust vs. Ted Dibiase

Maryse helped provide a distraction and even slapped Goldust at one point during the match. At one point, Goldust had control and got Dibiase ready for a suplex. They were near the ropes, and Dibiase blocked it, then suplexed Goldust onto the top rope. Dibiase ran over and kicked Goldust in the head, then hit Dream Street to win it. Maryse and Dibiase smooched a bit up on the ramp to celebrate the win.

Winner: Ted Dibiase wins via pinfall over Goldust.

Cole introduced highlights from the NXT Season 2 Finale. There was a Triple Threat match which Alex Riley ended up winning by shoving Kaval off the corner and stealing a pinfall on McGillicutty. However, Riley was the first elimination. At the final elimination, McGill and Kaval got to talk trash to each other about why the other should be eliminated. The winner was finally announced and it was Kaval. McGillicutty was irate. The show ended with a major attack on Kaval by McGill and other Season 2 rookies who may be called "The Genesis."

Cole said Season 3 premieres Tuesday on SyFy to find the "next breakout Diva."

Santino Marella vs. Jimmy Uso

Marella was accompanied by his pal Vladimir Kozlov. Tamina and Jey Uso accompanied Jimmy to the ring for the match.

In the closing moments of this one, Jey Uso was on the apron and jumped off at Kozlov. Kozlov shoved him down down out of the air to the ground. In the ring, Jimmy got control of Santino and slammed him down to the mat. He measured and then went for the superfly Frogsplash. Santino got his knees up to block it then took the winning pinfall.

Post match, Santino was nursing a hurt hand from the match. Tamina got in the ring and walked over to him. She put her Lei around his neck, then kissed his hand (in Cobra formation) to make it better.

Winner: Santino Marella wins via pinfall over Jimmy Uso.

The show returned with the commentators discussing the 900th episode of Raw. A video promo package of WWE Champion Sheamus' dominance of his competition was shown.

Grisham and Striker from Smackdown discussed the WWE's recent trip to Shanghai, and then showed a highlight video package of the superstars in China including John Cena, Eve, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, The Miz, Randy Orton and Mark Henry.

Kofi Kingston made his way to the ring for the WWE Superstars Main Event.

Kofi Kingston vs. Chavo Guerrero

Late in this one, Kofi gained the advantage after knocking Chavo to the mat, and hitting his double boom leg drop. Kofi missed on a running move in the corner, but as Chavo came at him, he hit the Pele Pendulum kick. Kofi jumped from off the corner, but Chavo got knees up. Chavo went for a pinfall with Kofi able to escape.

Chavo gained control again and got up on the corner. Kofi went up and knocked him off balance, then began to fight Chavo up there. Chavo eventually knocked Kofi down, but Kofi got up and ran up to kick him with Trouble in Paradise. Chavo fell to the mat and Kofi collected the winning pinfall.

Striker said Kofi will need to build on this momentum heading to Night of Champions for his Intercontinental Title match.

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins via pinfall over Chavo Guerrero.

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