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Smackdown Results 09/03/10

Smackdown Results from Albany, NY:

The show opened with higlights of The Undertaker - Kane saga, starting with Taker being discovered by Kane in a vegetative state. Kane played it up pretending someone else did it, even blaming CM Punk, Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio. Kane eventually won the World Title by cashing in at Money in the Bank. However, Undertaker returned at Summerslam and said he believed that it was Kane who attacked him, not Rey. Now, Kane and Taker are in a bitter feud between brothers.

As Smackdown opened, Grisham said tonight Kane will make a major announcement concerning the Undertaker.

Tony Chimel introduced Ricardo Rodriguez the personal ring announcer for Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio drove his Bentley into the arena and then was announced as he smiled on the ramp. Del Rio got into the ring which was all decorated with a pinata, there were men holding silver trays wearing tuxedos, and balloons as part of the set. Del Rio talked about what he did to that little chiuahua Rey Mysterio, showing a clip to remind the fans of what he did to Rey last Friday. Matt Striker said Mysterio has suffered a fractured wrist as a result of Del Rio's attack.

Del Rio continued to insult Mysterio in ring, saying he's a "Chicano" and so ashamed of it, he wears a mask to cover up. He compared Rey to the donkey pinata in the ring which had a purple Mysterio hat on it. He had one of the men hand him a stick to smash down the pinata. He asked for some champagne to make a toast for Alberto Del Rio, because he's "the man" - handsome, powerful and rich - "everything." Just then, Christian arrived out to interrupt the fiesta.

Del Rio was confused as Christian got into the ring with a mic. Christian said he just wanted to come out and introduce himself, "Captain Charisma." Christian said "I know who you are, JBL right?" Christian said he knows who he is, a huge international superstar - Enrique Iglesias. Christian started singing Iglesias' song "Hero". Del Rio called Christian a name, and Christian took an ours douerve then spit it out. He told Del Rio, he came out to tell him face-to-face he doesn't appreciate what he did to Mysterio. Christian told Del Rio "you're the only jackass that I see."

Christian said he's got a match scheduled for tonight, but has no problem fighting Del Rio right now in the ring. Del Rio told all his men in the ring to vamanos. Del Rio asked Christian if he's sure he wants to do this, then tore off his suit jacket. He got in Christian's face and then smirked as he backed away. Del Rio grabbed his jacket and put it over his shoulder. He said this will go down another place and another time, and Christian will pay for this. Del Rio exited the ring to head up the ramp.

As Christian stared out at Del Rio, he was suddenly attacked from behind by Drew McIntyre. McIntyre kicked him to the outside, where Del Rio walked back down and poured out champagne on him. He crouched down to talk trash to Christian, then left. Todd Grisham said Christian is scheduled to compete against McIntyre next. Smackdown went to break.

Christian vs. Drew McIntyre

Smackdown returned to show what went down during break. McIntyre continued to attack and tossed Christian into the steps hard. The ref asked if Christian could still fight and he said yes as he held his ribs and got in the ring. The bell finally rang, with McIntyre gaining the early advantage, targeting Christian's injury.

The match eventually went to the outside with Drew trying for a high risk move. He was standing on the commentators' table, but Christian pulled his leg out and McIntyre fell on his back onto the table. Back in the ring, Drew went for a move but Christian countered and went for KillSwitch. Drew countered that and hit a gutbuster on Christian, but didn't go for the pin. Drew walked over to him, and Christian quickly turned it into a Sunset Flip pinfall for the surprise win.

Winner: Christian wins via pinfall over Drew McIntyre.

Kelly Kelly vs. Michelle McCool

Grisham and Striker reviewed highlights from Raw where Team LayCool challenged Melina to a Unification match for the Divas and Womens Championships. Melina accepted as long as it's a Lumberjack match. All of the divas came out as Lumberjills for the match. Kelly will be one of them.

Layla sat in for guest commentary with Striker and Grisham, cheering on Michelle McCool. Layla said it won't be long until her and Michelle are BFF Unified Champs. Kelly got control of things, knocking Michelle down. Kelly ran at Michelle and jumped on her, but Michelle quickly caught her and turned it into the Faithbreaker for the win.

Winner: Michelle McCool wins via pinfall over Kelly Kelly.

Smackdown returned with an older man and Hornswoggle. Swoggle had some patches taped to his forehead. Teddy Long came in and asked what was going on. The man, a psychiatrist, said he's tried all the usual ways of trying to get Hornswoggle to talk, like ink blot, phonics and even See N' Say. He said the final method to get Hornswoggle to speak is shock. Teddy Long OK'd it and the man turned on the device to send electrodes into Hornswoggle's head. He did it several times, and Teddy told him to be careful. Finally, Hornswoggle had enough and tore off the patches from his head. He stuck one on the doctor's forehead and cranked the device up to the highest level. Teddy Long said they better get out of there, and he left with Hornswoggle as the psychiatrist convulsed in the chair.

Chris Masters vs. Dolph Ziggler

Vickie Guerrero came out onto the stage and said "Excuse Me" several times then introduced Dolph Ziggler, the Intercontinental Champion. Striker and Grisham looked at highlights from last week's No DQ IC title match where Vickie helped make sure Dolph got counted out to retain his title.

Late in tonight's match, Masters gained control and tried to lock in the Masterlock on Ziggler. Dolph managed to use his weight to get towards the corner. He jumped at the corner using his legs to push himself back to slam Masters to the mat. From there, as Masters stood up, Ziggler ran and hit the Zig Zag to drop Masters for a pinfall.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler wins via pinfall over Chris Masters.

Big Show was shown walking backstage on the way out for the next matchup.

The Big Show vs. Luke Gallows & CM Punk
2-on-1 Handicap Match

They showed what happened between Big Show and SES on the 900th episode of Raw. Show ended up slapping Punk hard on the chest, then beating up Luke Gallows in ring.

For tonight's match, Punk and Gallows were accompanied by Joey Mercury. Tonight's match was tag in and out rules for Gallows/Punk. Punk started off but tagged out early to let Gallows take on Show.Show took control of things against Gallows, eventually hitting him with a flying elbow. Grisham noted how agile Show was looking tonight. On the outside, Gallows hid behind Mercury, so Show put a nerve pinch on Mercury. Gallows slipped back inside the ring to tag in Punk. They ran a tactic where Punk managed to distract Show from in the ring, while Gallows rushed around and attacked from behind outside the ring. Before a commercial break, Show went to charge at Punk outside the ring, but Punk moved away and Show collided hard with the steel steps.

After commercial break, it was Show and Gallows in the ring. Show took control and splashed Gallows in the corner, then signaled for a chokeslam. Gallows got up, and Show grabbed him around the throat, then shoved him into Punk, knocking him off the apron. Show hoisted Gallows up Last Ride style but slammed him across to the mat. He put Gallows into a submission hold making him tap out.

After Show left the ring and headed up the ramp, CM Punk angrily looked at Gallows down on the mat. He got Gallows up and then hit the GTS on him. Punk yelled out in anger then flipped out of the ring and walked up the ramp. He kneeled down on the ramp contemplating what just happened, as Grisham said maybe we're seeing the breakup of SES.

Winner: The Big Show wins via pinfall over CM Punk and Luke Gallows.

After commercial break, Jack Swagger was in-ring with his father, who was seated in a wheelchair and wearing a neck brace. Grisham said Swagger won the right to host VIP Lounge after beating MVP in his Senior Invitational takedown contest.

Swagger called tonight's show an "All American American American VIP Lounge." In the ring was a couch, trophies, pictures, awards and other Swagger memorabilia. Swagger had them roll footage of how he was dominating MVP last week. Swagger pushed down on MVP's head at one point, and that made Montell stand up and slap Swagger to get DQ'd. As MVP left the ring for the ramp, Swagger rushed him from behind and knocked down MVP then put on the Ankle Lock.

Back to tonight's VIP Lounge, Swagger introduced his special VIP guest, his dad Jack Swagger, Sr. Swagger told his dad he's truly his VIP. Swagger asked his dad what he wants the WWE Universe to hear. Swagger Sr. started to brag about his son Jack's accomplishments, including him winning a pushup contest 19 years ago. His dad asked Swagger if he'd do some pushups to show off to the crowd. Swagger took off his jacket and got down to start doing pushups as his dad counted them out loud.

All of a sudden, Swagger's pushups were interrupted as MVP's music came on and Montell Vontavius Porter arrived out to the ramp. MVP said these two squares are making fools of themselves. MVP talked about how they need music going and bottles poppin. MVP asked if Swagger only brought his dad out just to kiss his - . Swagger interrupted, telling MVP to walk away while he still can.

MVP said he's still the owner of the VIP Lounge, and now it's closed for renovations. MVP tossed a few of Swagger's trophies out of the ring and a table. He went after Swagger, but Swagger got behind his dad in the wheelchair and started pushing him at MVP. His dad started to hold his neck in discomfort/pain. MVP finally cornered them and shoved the wheelchair at Swagger in the corner. Swagger shoved his dad at MVP and his dad fell on top of Porter. Swagger charged at MVP, who pulled the top rope down so Swagger would fall out of the ring.

With MVP in the ring alone with Swagger's dad on his back on the mat, he backed up and did the Ballin' Elbow drop on him. Swagger Jr. was still outside of the ring and rather upset, as MVP tossed the wheelchair towards him.

Matt Hardy vs. Dashing Cody Rhodes

Hardy came out walking gingerly on his hurt ankle. Drew McIntyre caused the injury a few weeks ago by stomping on the steel ring steps on top of Matt's ankle. Cody Rhodes helped attack not long ago when Hardy tried to intervene in a 2-on-1 attack on Christian.

Cody Rhodes arrived out with a mic in hand and checked himself in his on screen mirror. Rhodes asked the fans for a round of applause for Matt Hardy. Rhodes said Hardy has not been paying attention to his grooming tips. Rhodes said they're for people like Hardy. He insulted Hardy's nose and his facial hair. Rhodes said Matt's been "doing a Hardy amount of eating lately." Rhodes said Hardy is dashing his opportunities to be dashing. Rhodes held up his jacket with the mirror on back and told Hardy to take a good look at himself in it.

Finally, Hardy snatched away Rhodes jacket. The bell rang and Rhodes got in as Hardy attacked him in the corner. Hardy continued to attack and hit a running bulldog on him. Dashing rolled to the outside and up the ramp as Smackdown went to break.

After break, Hardy hit the Side Effect for a near fall. Later on, Matt missed on an elbow drop off the corner, and seemed to hurt his left leg. Rhodes got on the middle rope of the corner and jumped off to further damage the hurt area. From there, Cody hit Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Dashing Cody Rhodes wins via pinfall over Matt Hardy.

Kane's pyro went off and the World Champion was heard laughing several times, then was shown up on the Titantron. Kane talked about the Final Chapter or the End of the World for his brother The Undertaker. Kane said Taker's end will come at Night of Champions. Kane said he'll defend the World Title against his brother at the PPV, and it will be a crowning moment in his career.

Kane talked about how envy has made him more powerful. Kane spoke about now possessing his brother's powers. Four druids carried a casket down to the ring as the ominous music played and the arena was dark. The druids placed the casket at ringside and left the area. A thundering noise was heard and then distorted images of the casket were shown. The casket finally opened and Kane came out of it, rolling into the ring.

Kane said he wished he could see the look on his brother's face right now. Kane talked about his brother being the Phenom no longer, then had a clip shown from Monday Night Raw, when Kane used his powers to darken the arena, so Wade Barrett and Nexus could attack Taker in the ring. Barrett slammed Taker onto the mat, and Justin Gabriel hit a 450 Splash on Taker.

Kane said his brother's powers now belong to him. He said when all of this is over, The Phenom will become a memory known as "Kane's brother." Kane said at NOC, The Undertaker will feel his rage and will be powerless to stop his demise. Kane said nothing can stop him, and kept screaming it. Finally Undertaker's bells sounded and his entrance music with pyro/smoke started up from the ramp area.

Kane looked up the ramp and saw his brother The Undertaker finally emerge. Taker walked down the ramp slowly towards the ring with Kane looking amused in the ring. Taker walked up the steel steps and then used his arms to bring the light back on. However, as he got into the ring, the lights went out. His bell sounded and Taker was there alone. Kane had disappeared. Taker looked over at the closed casket then went to the outside and lifted the lid, but inside was empty. He heard Kane laughing then saw the Big Red Monster up on the big screen.

Kane said his brother was wrong to assume he had anything left to learn. Kane said after Night of Champions Undertaker will simply be known as "the brother I destroyed." He kept laughing maniacally and then his pyro exploded from the ringposts. Smackdown ended with Taker in the ring and Kane still laughing up on the Titantron as his music played out.

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