Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tyler Reks returns as Smackdown Heel

The biggest surprise on Smackdown was not Alberto Del Rio's choice of cars to enter the arena, or that Undertaker could stay up on the ledge of the Portland Rose Garden for most of the show without a bathroom break. Instead it was that a previously washed out and left for dead wrestler named Tyler Reks made his return as a Smackdown heel, and surprisingly earned his way into the Bragging Rights 2010 Pay-Per-View. For now at least.

Previously a "Cowabunga" type surfer gimmick plagued Tyler Reks and he seemed out of place on any roster. He had a brief stint on ECW, to build up some momentum, then moved to Smackdown. Eventually he became MIA, seeming to be lost with his gimmick, and needing more work. Well as of Friday night, Tyler Reks has re-emerged, but now as a Smackdown heel. He looked much more ferocious in the ring as he dismantled the upstart NXT Season 2 winner, Kaval.

In a major shocker, Reks appeared from backstage with his hairstyle looking more like Paul Burchill's doo, almost a pirate-type style. Reks was now much meaner, wielding the mic and telling Kaval he could beat anyone, including him. Kaval had just lasted for five minutes in the ring with Big Show to become a sixth man on the Team Smackdown roster for Bragging Rights. With Reks' challenge though, Kaval must have still been dizzy over surviving Big Show's dominance. He accepted the challenge despite GM Teddy Long arriving out to refuse the match. So the match would go forth.

In about three minutes time, Reks was able to gain a pinfall with a unique airplane spin style face plant move. With that pinfall, he claimed a spot on Team Smackdown for the Bragging Rights PPV. Strange but true, he came back out of nowhere and is now a pivotal part of an impressive team. Also on the team are several former World Champions: captain The Big Show, Edge, Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger. Another new but promising talent, Alberto Del Rio rounds out the roster along with Tyler Reks.

The smart thing to do in many instances when a wrestler's gimmick isn't working so well? Re-introduce him. Re-package him as a tough guy heel and have him mysteriously show up and make headlines. The question with Reks will be, who will he feud with? Will Kaval challenge him against next Friday to take back his spot on Team Smackdown? What will Reks' role be at the Pay-Per-View?

This should be interesting, as Reks can become a new dominant heel on the Smackdown roster. Reks could very well become a new dominant force on Smackdown, or he could be the sacrificial weak link for Team Smackdown. A pin on Reks right now will prevent Show, Swagger, Mysterio, Del Rio, Edge from looking bad. Still it's quite the intriguing move by the creative team as Team Raw is still awaiting its seventh and final member to be put on the team.

What do you think of the new heel gimmick for Reks so far?

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