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Smackdown Results 10/15/10

Smackdown Results from Portland, OR:

Smackdown's GM Teddy Long started off the show to talk Bragging Rights. He showed the Titantron image with the six wrestlers on Team Raw so far: Captain The Miz with John Morrison, R-Truth, Santino Marella, Sheamus and CM Punk. A seventh team member is to be named later.

Teddy said The Big Show is the captain of Team Smackdown and to determine who else will be on the team, there will be a series of matches starting now. Rey Mysterio made his way out to the ring for the opening contest.

Rey Mysterio vs. Dashing Cody Rhodes
Bragging Rights Qualifying Match #1

In the closing moments of this one, Mysterio dropkicked Rhodes in the legs, then did a springboard leg drop off the top rope. Rey had the pinfall but Rhodes kicked out. Moments later, Rey countered Rhodes' move with a headscissor to fling him against the ropes. From there, Mysterio connected on 619 and then the flying headbutt off the side top rope for the pinfall win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio wins via pinfall over Cody Rhodes to become a member of Team Smackdown at Bragging Rights PPV.

Later tonight, Paul Bearer's challenge to The Undertaker.

Striker thanked Green Day for providing the new Smackdown theme song "Know Your Enemy."

Backstage, Big Show was hanging out in the locker room with Hornswoggle. Kaval walked in and said he can help out with Team Smackdown at Bragging Rights. Big Show kept telling him he's new and he needs seasoned veterans for the team. Kaval said he's the winner of NXT Season 2 and a quick learner. He asked Show what he did in his first match, and Show smirked saying he won the World Heavyweight Title. Show told Kaval he's a different caliber superstar than he is. Kaval asked Show if he's saying he couldn't last in the ring with Big Show for 5 minutes. Show said yes, so Kaval challenged him on that. They set up a match where if Kaval lasts five minutes in the ring with Show, he gets a spot on Team Smackdown.

Paul Bearer appeared in a taped segment to issue his challenge to Undertaker. He said he's giving Undertaker one more chance at redemption. Bearer challenged Taker to meet Kane in a Buried Alive match at Bragging Rights, with the winner getting the World Heavyweight Championship. Bearer said Kane's plan is almost complete and soon the Devil's Favorite Demon will tower over him.

Tony Chimel introduced Big Show as Team Captain of Team Smackdown and the star of "Knucklehead." He joined the commentary team to watch the match. Cole got on Show's case for betraying Team Raw last year. Show said his heart bleeds blue now. Show discussed Mysterio making the team so far, and how Team Raw looks very competitive so far.

MVP vs. Jack Swagger
Bragging Rights Qualifying Match #2

Swagger came to the ring with his Swagger soaring Eagle mascot. MVP hit his Ballin Elbow early in the match, but Swagger rolled to the outside. MVP went out after him, but the Eagle stood to block his path and started dancing. MVP kicked it in the gut then threw it onto the commentators table at Cole. Cole dodged it by jumping out of his seat. Meanwhile, Swagger grabbed MVP and tossed him into the ringpost. He brought him back inside and put the ankle lock on, making MVP quickly tap out.

Winner: Jack Swagger wins via submission over MVP to became the third member of Team Smackdown.

They showed the Undertaker up on the outer ledge of the Portland Rose Garden arena. Grisham and Striker said he's awaiting the arrival of Kane and Bearer.

Personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez was introduced by Tony Chimel. Alberto Del Rio came driving out in a fancy covertible. Big Show was still on hand for commentary for the third Bragging Rights Qualifying match of the evening.

Chris Masters vs. Alberto Del Rio
Bragging Rights Qualifying Match #3

Del Rio focused on Masters' left arm early on with a variety of holds and attacks. Moments later, Masters was able to slam Del Rio back to the mat and gained some momentum. He used a scoop slam soon after, but Del Rio kicked out of the pinfall attempt. Masters tried for the Masterlock but Del Rio was able to escape and then waited a moment. He rushed Masters and locked on his Armbar submission hold to get the victory.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio wins via submission over Chris Masters to join Team Smackdown at Bragging Rights PPV.

Del Rio got out of the ring and walked over towards Show who had stood up. Show congratulated him and offered a handshake. Del Rio smiled looking at him, didn't shake his hand and winked at Show, before walking off. Show said to the commentators it's ok, all he has to do is help Team Smackdown win at Bragging Rights.

They rolled the preview trailer for Big Show's new movie "Knucklehead."

The Rated-R Superstar Edge was shown walking backstage. He stopped to check out diva Rosa Mendes doing some exercises. Grisham said Edge will try to qualify for Team Smackdown next.

Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler
Bragging Rights Qualifying Match #4

Dolph Ziggler came out by himself with no Vickie Guerrero or Kaitlyn. They showed highlights of last Friday night when Kaitlyn helped Ziggler retain the IC title against MVP. Vickie Guerrero came out to confront Ziggler over Kaitlyn hugging him again.

During the contest, Vickie and Kaitlyn were shown standing together backstage watching the matchup. Vickie turned to glare at Kaitlyn, who turned away from watching the match.

Outside the ring, Ziggler hit the Zig Zag. Edge had his head slammed off the steel steps during the match and fell to the ground. Ziggler rolled into the ring as Edge was being counted out. However, the Rated-R Superstar just barely got back in at 9. The match continued after a break.

Late in the match, Edge gained momentum but couldn't quite capture the pinfall. Towards the end, Ziggler grabbed Edge's tights to toss him into the corner turnbuckle. Ziggler went for the Zig Zag from behind, but Edge held onto the ropes and tossed him off. He saw Ziggler across the ring and started to get revved up for the Spear. However as he charged at Ziggler, Ziggler leapfrogged over him, then jumped up on the corner area. Ziggler jumped off the corner at Edge who hit him with the Spear in the air.

Post-match, Edge walked over to Show. They shook hands and hugged before Edge went up the ramp. He spotted an "Edgehead" poster, grabbed a Sharpie and autographed it before leaving.

Winner: Edge wins via pinfall over Big Show to become the fifth member of Team Smackdown.

They showed Undertaker looking down from up on the ledge of the arena outside. Grisham and Striker discussed whether or not Taker will respond to the challenge issued earlier by Paul Bearer.

Raw Rebound showed highlights of Cena vs The Miz to determine the captain of Team Raw at Bragging Rights PPV. It was made into a No DQ match, which allowed The Miz's protege Alex Riley to interfere. However, Cena managed to elude his attacks and eventually got Miz up for Attitude Adjustment. Just then, Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty hit the ring to interfere. Miz was able to get the pinfall win thanks to their attack.

Post-match, Harris and McGill attacked Cena but he fought back. Nexus leader Wade Barrett rushed into the ring and grabbed Cena to stop him from his attack. Cena almost hit Barrett in the process but held back. Barrett started to taunt, bait and insult Cena saying he won't touch him because he's a coward. The segment ended as Cena walked up the ramp, Barrett ordered him to stop then did the "You Can't See Me" taunt to Cena for further insult him.

Kaval vs. The Big Show
Bragging Rights Qualifying Match

Kaval must last five minutes against The Big Show in order to join Team Smackdown at Bragging Rights. Early on Kaval went for quick kick attacks, but Show grabbed his leg and slapped him on the chest. He did it again in the corner. Show stood on Kaval, then picked him with both hands and dropped him.

Show continued to dominate, slamming Kaval to the mat as the clock ticked down to 3:00. Kaval tried to pick himself up near Show, and started punching away. Show hammered him on the back. Once again, Kaval stood up and got slapped on the chest to bring him back down. The clock made it to the 2:00 mark. Another chest chop in the corner to punish the rookie. Show tossed Kaval across the ring.

Show glanced at the clock after stepping on Kaval some more. He shoved Kaval over the top rope to the outside with the clock under a minute. Kaval managed to get back in and started up his attack. The clock go to 10 as Kaval jumped at Show. Show picked him up for a Chokeslam, but the clock eventually hit :00. Kaval dropped to the mat and sat in the corner to recover. Show helped him up to congratulate him for surviving. Cole said he didn't think Show had any notion of beating Kaval, he just wanted to teach him a lesson and some respect.

Winner: Kaval lasts 5 minutes against Big Show to become the sixth member of Team Smackdown.

Kaval was still in the ring recovering. Just then, a guy came out from backstage. It was Tyler Reks with a new look, as a heel. He came to the ring saying he's the next breakout star on Smackdown, and he can beat anyone including Kaval. Reks started to get in the ring, but Teddy Long came out to stop him. He said that Kaval just went five minutes with Show he's in no condition for another match. Kaval got on the mic saying he doesn't need a babysitter, if he wants his spot he'll have to come in the ring and get it. Long said ok, the match is official.

Kaval vs. Tyler Reks

Kaval went for the early win, but as he jumped off the corner, Reks rolled out of the way. He came back with a running clothesline move to level Kaval. A few moments later he hit a unique spinning face plant move to finish off Kaval. Cole said Kaval needs to get his ego in check. Tyler Reks now takes his spot on Team Smackdown for Bragging Rights.

Winner: Tyler Reks wins via pinfall over Kaval to replace him on Team Smackdown at Bragging Rights.

Team Smackdown is now Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger, Edge, Alberto Del Rio and Tyler Reks.

Smackdown returned with a Dashing Cody Rhodes Grooming Tip. Today's tip focused on caring for fingernails. Rhodes showed how to clip them properly, use a special board to grind off the excess and then applying some clear nail polish for an extra shine.

Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre
Bragging Rights Qualifying Match #5

This would determine the final member for Bragging Rights' Team Smackdown. Early on, Drew hit a suplex on the outside to slam Kofi onto the apron. Drew continued to stay in control, but couldn't budge Kofi near the ropes. Moments later, he went for a move but Kofi shifted his weight and fell onto Drew for a nearfall. The commentators talked over the Team Raw members and their skills. Suddenly, Kofi rolled over Drew's back then came at him with Trouble in Paradise kick to win it.

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins via pinfall over Drew McIntyre to become the seventh and final member of Team Smackdown.

They showed a long shadow which eventually revealed the Undertaker entering the arena wearing his hood and cloak.

When Smackdown returned, Kane and Paul Bearer were introduced as they came down to the ring. Kane spoke about how he's superior to his brother the Undertaker, and how he's superior to all of the fans. Kane told the fans they only succeed in their relentless quest for mediocrity. Kane said Taker will fail in his efforts once again at Bragging Rights PPV. Kane said if any of the fans think the Undertaker will prevail, their hopes will be buried alive just like Taker.

The fans started up an Undertaker chant as Kane paced around smirking. Just then, Undertaker's bell sounded and the arena went dark, as his theme started up. Undertaker came down the ramp with rage in his eyes, then got onto the steps to bring the light back to the arena. Kane shook his head at him showing no fear. The two brothers stared each other down for a bit with Paul Bearer behind Kane.

Suddenly, Taker attacked Kane and began to get the upperhand, stomping on him on the mat. Taker eventually kicked Kane to the outside, making him retreat up the ramp a bit. Paul Bearer went over to check on him. Just then, Taker raised his arms up then brought them down making the ringposts explode with fire. Bearer and Kane started to back up the ramp fast. As they got to the top, Taker brought his arms up again and slammed them down. An explosion happened up on the ramp and the urn flew out of Bearer's hands down the ramp. Smackdown ended as Taker did his classic kneel pose in the ring. Bearer and Kane were still shocked up on stage.

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