Monday, October 11, 2010

Raw Preview 10/11/10

After last week's dramatic episode of Raw, fans aren't quite sure what to expect tonight. John Cena was forced to join The Nexus per stipulations of his Bragging Rights match. Wade Barrett wasted no time in making Cena of great use to the group, by having him assist him in winning a 20-man Battle Royal. With the win, Barrett became the #1 Contender for the WWE Title. Cena was definitely upset at having to eliminate himself from the contest to give Barrett the win. What will be next for John Cena as part of the Nexus?

As Barrett won the battle royal and Cena left, The Viper Randy Orton came to the ring. Orton gave Barrett notice without words, simply by staring him down and showing off the WWE Championship. It appears these two will be facing off at Bragging Rights in several weeks. Will Randy Orton have anything to say about Wade Barrett on Raw tonight? Will Barrett and The Nexus have some sort of plan to try to wear down the champion?

Last week also saw Edge arrive to the ring per the orders of the anonymous GM. Edge was required to issue a public apology, but didn't do a good job of it. In the end, Edge found himself out of a chance at the WWE Title as the GM told him he wouldn't be in the 20-man battle royal. The GM also made a surprise announcement, when he told Edge he had been officially traded to Smackdown! With that, Edge found himself on SyFy with the rest of the SD roster. However, that means someone was traded to Raw. Will that superstar's identity be made public knowledge on tonight's show?

Catch Raw tonight at 9PM EST on USA!

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