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WWE Superstars Results 10/14/10

WWE Superstars Recap 10/14/10:

Superstars opened with Todd Grisham and Matt Striker handling commentary. The opening match involved Smackdown's Kelly Kelly.

Kelly Kelly vs. Layla

Kelly Kelly was accompanied to the ring by Natalya. Layla came to the ring along with Michelle McCool. Layla did calisthentics to warm up after the bell, eventually causing Kelly to slap her in the face. Moments later Kelly took control and had a near fall. Later on, Layla had body scissors locked on Kelly's midsection to squeeze the life out of her.

In the closing moments of this opening match, Layla went to the outside. The ref stopped Kelly from going after her. Natalya walked around towards Layla, causing her to get up on the apron. Kelly came over and Layla yanked her throat first against the top rope, snapping Kelly back. However, as Layla got back up on the apron, the ref wasn't looking and Natalya swiped out Layla's leg. Layla hit the apron back first. She got in the ring glaring over at Natalya, and Kelly surprised her with a schoolboy rollup pin for the win.

Winner: Kelly Kelly wins via pinfall over Layla.

Grisham and Striker introduced the preview trailer for "Knucklehead," the new movie starring The Big Show. It hits limited theaters on October 22 and 23rd.

Trent Barretta vs. Curt Hawkins

Hawkins came to the ring without his partner Vance Archer. Last week on Superstars, Archer accidentally clotheslined Hawkins down. After Chris Masters defeated Archer, Hawkins kicked him in the head, then did a flying elbow drop off the corner.

Hawkins avoided a running move from Barretta and then did a twirling scoop slam to plant him on the mat. From there, he had a near fall, and climbed up the corner for a high risk move. Barretta rushed over to start attacking him, eventually hopping up on the turnbuckle. Hawkins shoved him down though and then did his flying elbow drop for the victory.

Winner: Hawkins wins via pinfall over Trent Barretta.

Darren Young vs. Primo

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler were on hand for the Raw portion of the show now. Cole mentioned Scott Sanford had been there last week, but for some reason no mention of where Sanford was tonight or his role as a commentator.

Young had momentum late in the match as he threw Primo face first into the corner, then whipped him to the opposite. Primo avoided him then was about to go for the Backstabber. However, Young countered it with a full nelson and hit a face plant on Primo for the win. Primo went over and hung out over the bottom rope to let his NXT diva rookie AJ comfort him.

Winner: Darren Young wins via pinfall over Primo.

They rolled the video package about WWE's efforts overseas including the annual Tribute to the Troops special on NBC.

Superstars returned with a video highlight reel of The Miz. Cole and Lawler introduced the Raw Rebound which showed highlights of Cena vs The Miz to determine the captain of Team Raw at Bragging Rights PPV. It was made into a No DQ match, which allowed The Miz's protege Alex Riley to interfere. However, Cena managed to elude his attacks and eventually got Miz up for Attitude Adjustment. Just then, Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty hit the ring to interfere. Miz was able to get the pinfall win thanks to their attack.

Post-match, Harris and McGill attacked Cena but he fought back. Nexus leader Wade Barrett rushed into the ring and grabbed Cena to stop him from his attack. Cena almost hit Barrett in the process but held back. Barrett started to taunt, bait and insult Cena saying he won't touch him because he's a coward. The segment ended as Cena walked up the ramp, Barrett ordered him to stop then did the "You Can't See Me" taunt to Cena for further insult him.

Melina arrived out to the ring for the main event matchup.

Melina vs. Alicia Fox

NXT rookie Maxine came to the ring her pro mentor Alicia. Maxine interfered early on, grabbing Melina's leg when she was on the apron. Melina kicked her away, but Alicia rushed over to shoulder tackle Melina off the apron and take control of the match.

Moments later, Melina went for her Sunset Flip pinfall move from the corner. Alica countered it and slammed Melina face first ot the mat. She had the pinfall but Melina barely kicked out. Later still, Alicia went for her scissors kick, but Melina avoided it with a Matrix-style move. Alicia went for a clothesline with Melina against the ropes, but Melina ducked it and then did a unique bridge pin for the victory.

Superstars ended with Alicia and Maxine on the ramp glaring at Melina who was celebrating her by posing on the ring corner.

Winner: Melina wins via pinfall over Alicia Fox.

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