Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bragging Rights Team Raw needs 7th Man

As of Monday night, Team Raw has six of its seven members decided. The Miz defeated John Cena to become captain, thanks to Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty. It appears that these two guys (Harris/McGill) will eventually join Nexus too, just for Wade Barrett to further insult and humiliate John Cena. So far, the story's doing a good job of helping Nexus, and especially Barrett, get major heat as they torture Cena. He'll eventually get his revenge, probably at Survivor Series.

The question is will Barrett become WWE Champion? It seems highly possible if he has Cena's help in defeating Orton. We'll probably see a situation where the ref is down, and Barrett orders Cena to do something to Orton. It's going to be quite interesting come Bragging Rights. Giving him the title win over Orton would make Barrett even more despised and is probably a logical move by WWE to establish him as a hated heel.

They still need one more guy for Team Raw. A poll was running on another wrestling site which so far has Daniel Bryan and Triple H tied in votes for the seventh spot. Other interesting choices included Ezekiel Jackson and Chris Jericho. It seems Triple H is on the campaign trail with Linda McMahon right now in CT, and that Jericho is touring with Fozzy, so don't expect either of them. They'd be major surprises. Maybe Miz will appoint Alex Riley to the spot, or Darren Young will step in. Should be interesting to see who gets it. Right now Team Raw is: The Miz (Capt), R-Truth, John Morrison, Santino Marella, CM Punk and Sheamus. The inclusion of Santino is definitely a shocker, but should provide some humor at the PPV.

No eliminations on Tuesday's NXT, but the jabs between Striker, Cole and Matthews continue to highlight the show. Some funny exchanges including Striker's "I'm more of a Craiglist guy" line. We also were treated to a Goldust proposal as he asked his NXT rookie Aksana to marry him, so he could save her from possible deportation. "Here comes the bride...All dressed in Gold!" You can see where this is headed, Goldust and Aksana versus Dibiase and Maryse. Next elimination is likely to be Maxine right now as they're definitely playing up storylines with Aksana and Kaitlyn for the fans before voting.

Just watched the "MacGruber" Blu-ray tonight, and if you're a wrestling fan, you'll want to check it out for the WWE cameos. Kane, Big Show, Great Khali, MVP and Jericho all suit up for the film. Also, Big Show's new music "Knucklehead" will be in theaters in about a week. It's WWE's first attempted at a comedy film ("The Marine 2" doesn't count.)

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