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NXT Results 10/12/10

WWE NXT Results from Portland, OR:

Striker was in the ring to once again introduce the NXT Season 3 rookie divas. There's just five now after Jamie Keyes' eliminations: Maxine, Aksana, Kaitlyn, AJ and Naomi. Striker said the next NXT elimination will be in three weeks time. He said the slate is now wiped clean for competitions to get immunity from elimination.

First competition of the night was "WWE Name that Tune." Five seconds of a WWE Superstar's theme song were played and the diva had to use an air horn to buzz in to answer. In Round 1, AJ got off to a quick start with 700 points, while Naomi had 100 and the others had 0. It seemed AJ knew all the answers, except for one, Legion of Doom's theme. AJ scored a final of 1900 to Naomi's 100 and the other divas had 0.

Naomi vs. Alicia Fox

Rookie versus pro in the opening match of the night. Alicia's diva rookie Maxine sat next to Josh Matthews in the commentary area to watch the match, as Alicia knocked Naomi down.

Naomi got on a roll with a number of consecutive takedowns on Alicia. Kelly Kelly was on the apron to cheer her rookie on. Alicia used a fake out pretending she needed time to get to her feet. The ref made Naomi back up and then Alicia kicked her in the gut.

Naomi was able knock Alicia down from the corner apron area, then went to the corner rope. Naomi went for the flying cross body, but Alicia moved away. She came back and botched her scissor kick, missing Naomi's back. She did another moments later for the win.

Winner: Alicia Fox wins via pinfall over Naomi.

Backstage, Goldust was telling his rookie Aksana how proud he is of her. She was still upset about her working papers, saying her attorney said there's not a lot of options. Aksana said she might get sent home for six months to fix things. Goldust said they're going to fix this together, but she has to focus on her match and competition tonight. Goldust gave Aksana some strategy as NXT went to commercial.

After commercial, Striker was back in the ring with the five divas. He said before the second competition of the night, each of the rookies can show off their personalities for the pro's and WWE Universe. Naomi got to go off about Michael Cole and how she didn't want him to be there. AJ described her dream date saying it would involve Xbox or PS3 and ordering a pizza. Kaitlyn tried to insult Vickie saying that she and Dolph bought a gift for her, some Ben Gay perfume. Aksana talked about how much she loves America and the people there. Maxine talked about respect, and how Hornswoggle disrespected her last week with a pie to the face. She said Kaitlyn's been disrespectful to her pro mentor, Vickie and disrespected her relationship with Dolph.

WWE Raw Rebound was up next. It showed highlights of the latest John Cena adventures with The Nexus. In the main event, John Cena faced The Miz in a NO DQ match with the winner becoming the team captain for Team Raw at Bragging Rights PPV. Cena was about to win despite Alex Riley interfering, but Hysky Harris and Michael McGillicutty came to the ring and attacked, allowing The Miz to win.

Post-match, Harris and McGill tried to attack again, but Cena fought back. Wade Barrett came to the ring to stop John Cena then he started to insult him calling him a coward in front of the fans. Wade said Cena's scared of him and that's why he won't lay a finger on him. The show closed as Cena was going up the ramp. Barrett ordered him to stop then did the "You Can't See Me," trademark phrase to mock him.

Cole and Matthews talked about Bragging Rights PPV where Wade Barrett will challenge Orton for the WWE Title with Cena in his corner. Also Team Raw, will be captained by The Miz.

They reviewed the finish of last week's match where Kaitlyn defeated Vickie Guerrero. Post-match, Kaitlyn hugged Dolph Ziggler. Kaitlyn was backstage practicing some punching moves. Vickie walked up to her saying she had hoped she would be eliminated last week. She said they're stuck together for another three weeks, so they might as well let bygones be bygones. Kaitlyn said no problem. Vickie warned her that if she even touches Dolph again, getting eliminated will be the least of her worries.

Matthews introduced a preview trailer of the new Big Show movie "Knucklehead" which will be playing in limited engagement theaters next week. It features Big Show as the world's biggest orphan, who also becomes a wrestler/bareknuckle fighter, going on the road. Mark Feuerstein of "Royal Pains" co-stars in the new film from WWE. See knuckleheadthemovie.com for more information.

Time for the next WWE Diva Rookie challenge, "Power of the Punch." The diva with the hardest punch/highest score would win the competition. Here's the results:

Naomi 801
AJ Lee 362
Kaitlyn 005
Aksana 666
Maxine 605

Kaitlyn messed up on her punch attempt after some theatrics using the Ben Gay on her arm. Aksana scored the symbolic devilish number 666. Naomi won with her high score of 801.

AJ vs. Aksana

Goldust and Primo were on the aprons to coach their rookie divas. Early on, Aksana was on the outside where Goldust gave her some tips. She got back in the ring to try to take control, but AJ got her down with a headlock. Moments later Aksana did the drop down and punch AJ. However, not long after that AJ got a surprise rollup pinfall for the victory.

Winner: AJ wins via pinfall over Aksana.

Post-match, Goldust got on the mic in the ring with Aksana. He told her he knows she's got immigration issues, but there's options. Goldust suggested they could get married and then she'd be able to stay in the country. Goldust told her he'd do anything to help her, so he got down on one knee and proposed to Aksana. Cole called it "riveting." Aksana said "yes" to his proposal. Michael Cole said "finally a reason to watch WWE." NXT went off the air with Cole thanking Goldust for saving the episode tonight.

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