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Smackdown Results 10/08/10

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On tonight's show, the return of Rey Mysterio to face off with the man who took him out, Alberto Del Rio. Also tonight, Kane has a message for The Undertaker following his victory and Paul Bearer's betrayal at Hell in a Cell. Michael Cole was joining Todd Grisham and Matt Striker on commentary.

Smackdown GM Theodore Long was out to kick things off. Long introduced the newest Smackdown Superstar, the Rated-R Superstar Edge. Edge came out and shook Long's hand then hit the ring wearing long coat and shades.

Edge vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger was accompanied to the ring by the Soaring Eagle mascot. Swagger was on the mic saying he's glad Edge is back to Smackdown, so he can now ruin his return like Edge ruined his return to Oklahoma by spearing the Eagle. Swagger held the mascot back because it wanted to go after Edge. Cole pondered over who was traded to Raw in exchange for Edge.

At one point the eagle mascot got up on the apron to cheer on Swagger. Swagger tried to stand in front of it to protect it, however Edge went for a Spear and Swagger moved, causing Edge to take out the Eagle. Swagger checked on it ringside as Smackdown went to break.

Edge escaped a Gutwrench Powerbomb attempt and slammed Swagger's back to the match. After a nearfall by Edge, Swagger went for the Ankle Lock, but Edge countered and rolled it into a near fall. In the closing moments, Edge sent Swagger hard to the corner then came from against the ropes to Spear him down for a winning pin.

Post-match, Edge said he knows it's a PG show but he definitely "flipped the bird."

Winner: Edge wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger.

They rolled footage of the confrontation between Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio when Rey was able to hit a 619 on him. Later tonight Mysterio debuts on SyFy in a match against Del Rio.

SD returned with a Dashing Cody Rhodes grooming tip. Tonight's tip was about taking care of your teeth. Rhodes said not to use a regular toothbrush but an electric one. He said to make sure to get all of your teeth including the molars, and then to rinse your mouth out with a glass of bottled water.

Kelly Kelly vs. Layla

Kelly was accompanied to the ring by Natalya. Striker talked about how this rivalry has gone since the days of ECW's Extreme Expose. During the match, Layla had the ref's attention as Michelle got a kick in on Kelly's backside out of the ring. Layla took control back in the ring, until Kelly's drop toehold took her down.

Kelly went for her handspring move towards Layla in the corner, but Layla managed to kick her in the back of the leg. That allowed Layla to capitalize and hit her neckbreaker finisher for the win.

Post-match Natalya got in the ring to check on Kelly. Layla got back in the ring to try to attack Natalya but almost was put into a Sharpshooter. Michelle yanked Layla out of harm's way.

Winner: Layla wins via pinfall over Kelly Kelly.

Striker asked fans to stop by and say what they thought about Hell in a Cell. Big Show came running down the ramp and dove into the ring Cena or Edge style, sliding on the mat. Show grabbed a mic and said October is a huge month for the Big Show, with his new movie "Knucklehead" coming out October 22nd. He said on October 24th is Bragging Rights PPV and he's the team captain for Smackdown. He said he's got to rally the roster to get together. He introduced the Smackdown mascot for Bragging Rights, Hornswoggle. Horney came out in a Viking helmet and wearing a blue Smackdown T with face paint.

As Show kept talking, suddenly the Dudebusters came out to interrupt with mics in hand. They got into the ring telling Show they're his guys for Team Smackdown and they want in. Show said no way, so they tore off their Smackdown T's to reveal red Raw shirts saying they'd get traded to Raw and join Miz's team instead. Hornswoggle whispered something to Show and he said it was a good idea, then grabbed the Dudebusters to double chokeslam them to the mat. Hornswoggle played the role of Bull as Show waved his red Raw shirt like a cape.

They showed what Alberto Del Rio did to Mysterio weeks ago.

Kaval & Kofi Kingston vs. Dashing Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre

Matt Striker said Kofi and Kaval formed together as a tag team after playing Smackdown vs Raw 2011 at a Gamestop store.

Kaval tagged in with serious momentum to start taking out McIntyre and Rhodes. At one point he managed to counter a Rhodes move and got on his back for a submission sleeper hold. McIntyre rushed in and kicked Kaval off. From there, Kofi came in to take out McIntyre over the top rope. Cody grabbed Kofi and tossed him to the outside, then managed to drop Kaval against the top rope. Kaval snapped back and Rhodes grabbed him for the Cross Rhodes.

Winner: Dashing Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre win via pinfall over Kaval & Kofi Kingston.

Paul Bearer was in a dark ring with a spotlight on him. He made the introduction of Kane, the man who single-handedly destroyed the myth of The Undertaker. Kane arrived out to talk about how everyone saw the betrayal by Paul Bearer leading to the demise of Undertaker at Hell in a Cell. Kane said Taker's just like all of the WWE Universe, weak, helpless and at the mercy of his superiors.

Kane added that everyone answers to someone and Taker answers to the Devil's Favorite Demon. Kane said he destroyed the legend of Undertaker, leaving everyone only with their miserable, pathetic lies. Kane said Taker's legacy has been shattered and he's failed all of his creatures of the night. He said it must feel like Taker is in his own corner of Hell but not to worry because they're just warming up.

Time for another Alberto Del Rio highlight. They showed Del Rio's in-ring celebration with a pinata he smashed down resembling Rey Mysterio.

MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler
Intercontinental Championship Match

Vickie Guerrero walked out with Ziggler but didn't seem to be too happy with him and walked ahead of him towards the ringside area. They showed a replay of NXT Season 3 rookie diva Kaitlyn defeating Vickie by pinfall as Vickie was yelling at Dolph Ziggler.

At one point, MVP was hanging across the bottom rope. Ziggler distracted the ref and thought Vickie would slap MVP in the face. She just stood there. Vickie walked up the ramp as Ziggler came outside the ring to ask her what was going on. Finally MVP hit a slide dropkick into Ziggler's back before SD went to commercial break.

In the late stages of the match, Ziggler managed to disorient MVP and had him ducking down so he hit a leg drop to the back of his head for a very near fall. Ziggler went for several more moves and pinfall attempts before he locked a sleeper hold on Porter. MVP eventually escaped and started up some momentum of his own.

MVP had a bunch of near falls on Ziggler. He went to stand Ziggler up and punched at him, but Ziggler dropped down with a jawbreaker. Kaitlyn rushed down to ringside just as MVP was going for a suplex. Ziggler countered and went for the sleeperhold, but MVP backed him to the corner to escape. Kaitlyn watched from ringside and actually grabbed MVP's leg as he went against the ropes for his Ballin Elbow. MVP turned around to glare at her allowing Ziggler to hit the Zig Zag for the win.

Kaitlyn got into the ring and celebrated with Ziggler, hugging him. Vickie arrived to the stage and was glaring down at them in the ring. Ziggler shoved Kaitlyn away and tried to persuade Vickie from the ring it was nothing going on.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler wins via pinfall over MVP to retain the Intercontinental Title.

They showed a promotional piece about the WWE's annual Tribute to the Troops, then rolled another Alberto Del Rio highlight. It showed Del Rio introducing Mysterio back from injury, but instead his ring announcer brought a chiuahua out to kiss on the cheek. The real Mysterio arrived out to beat up Del Rio, chasing him out of the ring.

The Raw Rebound was shown. It featured John Cena joining up with The Nexus, reading their statement to the fans, and then tagging up with Michael Tarver. He refused to let Tarver tag him, then beat up Tarver after the match. After, the Raw GM warned Cena to follow Barrett's orders or be fired from WWE. Cena complied and later helped Barrett win a special Battle Royal to become #1 Contender for Randy Orton's WWE Title.

Grisham, Striker and Cole talked about how the WWE Universe doesn't know how to react to John Cena as a part of Nexus. Grisham sent it backstage to Josh Matthews for an interview with Alberto Del Rio. Matthews started to ask a question if Del Rio was concerned. He interrupted to cockily retort "Concerned?" and then talked about how Mysterio is not the essence of Mexico or a wrestling superstar in the same way Alberto Del Rio is. Del Rio said he's going to leave Mysterio as a pile of dog trash and the only concern is how he'll wipe him off the bottom of his shoe.

Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio arrived out in yet another fancy car and was introduced by ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez.

Early on things went to the outside with Del Rio charging at Rey near the steps. Rey moved then hit a drop toe hold to trip Del Rio face first into the steps. Del Rio showed a bit of blood coming out the corner of his mouth and did his best to cover it with his hand, rather than have the match stop. Mysterio kept at it, with several more moves on the outside including a flying cross body off the corner onto Del Rio. SD went to commercials.

Smackdown returned with Del Rio recovering on the outside. Ricardo Rodriguez went over to check on him. Right after, Mysterio swung through the ropes to kick Del Rio into the announce table. Mysterio kept attacking Del Rio on the outside then tossed him in the ring. On the inside, Rey didn't let up and was able to hit a running dropkick on Del Rio seated in the corner. A near fall ensued. Moments later Rey was on the top rope and Del Rio kicked him hard, causing Rey to fall outside.

Later, Del Rio fought with Mysterio up on the corner. Mysterio did a Sunset Flip style Powerbomb for a pinfall attempt. Del Rio barely kicked out of it. Moments later Del Rio hit a huge powerslam for a pinfall attempt of his own. Rey was able to trip Del Rio against the ropes into the 619 position, then hammered away on his back. As Rey went for the run, Ricardo Rodriguez distracted him from the outside. Del Rio capitalized and attacked from behind as Rodriguez got on the apron. However, Mysterio was able to get a headscissors on Del Rio, throwing him into the ropes, knocking Rodriguez off the apron. Rey hit the 619, followed with the dive off the corner headbutt and then pinned Del Rio for the big win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio wins via pinfall over Alberto Del Rio.

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