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WWE Superstars Results 10/07/10

WWE Superstars Results 10/7/10:

Smackdown's Todd Grisham opened the show announcing a main event from Raw for later of The Usos versus the Hart Dynasty. Chris Masters arrived out for the opening contest. Matt Striker and Grisham spoke about the week past including John Cena joining Nexus and Wade Barrett becoming #1 Contender for the WWE Title.

Chris Masters vs. Vance Archer

Archer was accompanied to the ring with Curt Hawkins. Masters nearly had the Masterlock on Archer during the first part of the match, but Archer was able to fling him out of the ring over the ropes as the show took a break.

In the closing moments, Archer and Masters fought on the outside. Archer went for a huge running clothesline, but Masters ducked it and Archer leveled Curt Hawkins instead. As Archer was back on the apron and Masters was in the ring, Hawkins yelled at him for what happened. Meanwhile, Masters grabbed Archer from behind in the Masterlock and pulled him into the ring, keeping the lock tight. Eventually the ref called for the bell as Archer was out of it.

Post-match, Hawkings got in the ring with Archer still down. He kicked Archer in the head, then went to the corner turnbuckle and hit his flying elbow drop on Archer before leaving the ring.

Winner: Chris Masters wins via submission over Curt Hawkins.

Grisham introduced this past Tuesday's episode of NXT which was exclusively on They showed the rookie diva talent show with Aksana's special pushups, AJ's flexibility, Jamie planting a kiss on matt striker, and Kaitlyn drawing a portrait of Vickie Guerrero and Maxine getting smashed in the face with a pie she made for Hornswoggle. Kaitlyn won the competition due to crowd response. Later on, the first elimination was Jamie Keyes who is partnered with The Bella Twins.

Darren Young vs. William Regal

Regal was announced as the 2008 King of the Ring. Jerry Lawler was joined by a new commentataor, Scott Stanford, who predicted a technical matchup tonight. King said you can expect that from Regal at least. Stanford talked about Regal's pet lizards and how Regal's been in the business for a good 15 years.

Young caught major momentum late in the match, with several takedowns including a huge dropkick for a near fall. Regal rolled to the outside to recover, so Young made the mistake of getting to the apron. Regal swiped his leg causing Young to fell on his back on the apron. Regal got back into the ring and as Young was getting in, Regal rushed to hit the Knee Trembler on him for the pin.

Winner: William Regal wins via pinfall over Darren Young.

Jerry Lawler and Scott Stanford talked about the upcoming Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio match for Friday's Smackdown. Stanford introduced the Raw Rebound with John Cena and his "new Nexus buddies." The highlights were seen of Cena being required to join Nexus on Monday night, and participate in a match as Michael Tarver's tag partner. Later on, Cena was ordered by the Raw GM to do as Barrett told him or get fired from WWE. Barrett ordered Cena to help him win a battle royal later on. Cena did so, eventually eliminating himself from the contest so Barrett could win and become #1 Contender for Randy Orton's WWE Title.

The Hart Dynasty arrived out without Natalya. King noted that DH and Tyson have had some tension between them lately.

The Hart Dynasty vs. The Usos

Stanford was able to identify Jimmy Uso in the ring based on hairstyle. He talked about Natalya not being present and how she didn't win the Divas title this past Sunday due to Layla's interference in the match.

The Hart Dynasty started off strong with Tamina watching and encouraging the Usos. At one point Kidd did some impressive work jumping onto the apron and then swinging through the ropes to dropkick Jey Uso down. From there, Kidd rushed across the ring, came off the ropes and then did a diving flip out onto both Usos as Superstars went to break.

After break, Kidd struggled but finally got away to make a hot tag to DH Smith. Smith came in with a huge boot to Jey Uso followed by a leg drop. He knocked Jimmy off the apron, then went outside to toss Jey back in. As DH tried to get into the ring, Tamina grabbed his leg to stop him. DH turned to glare at her and got bashed down from behind by one of the Usos.

The Usos gained control from there and worked a doubleteam on DH Smith, eventually bodyslamming him down. Scott Stanford continued to bring up that Natalya wasn't around for the match. Lawler said he wasn't sure why, but maybe they need to do a little more homework before arriving out to keep asking these things.

Kidd broke up a late match near fall by The Usos. As the ref got Kidd out of the ring, the Usos did a doubleteam attack for another near fall. Moments later, Smith was able to muster the strength for a suplex on Jimmy. Tyson tagged in with some quick, high-flying moves for a near fall. Kidd went to the corner and had an impressive variety of moves including a headscissors to bring his opponent down. The action broke down though with Kidd eventually tossing an Uso out of the ring onto his partner DH. As Kidd turned around he ate a big kick to the face, then the legal Uso hit a Samoan Splash from the corner.

DH and Kidd argued over the finish with Kidd inside the ring and Smith on the outside. Stanford asked King if this would cause more tension for the Harts, then said we'd "find out next time."

Winners: The Usos win via pinfall over The Hart Dynasty.

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