Saturday, October 9, 2010

WWE's Scott Stanford, Jamie Keyes NXT'd, Del Rio's first loss

This past week held plenty of WWE happenings including the whole John Cena joining Nexus saga, which the WWE Universe is still buzzing about. There's also a new commentator named Scott Stanford, the first diva rookie was eliminated on NXT Season 3 via and Alberto Del Rio took his first in-ring loss from a major superstar.

First up, new commentator Scott Stanford, who almost immediately reminds you of another guy (no longer with WWE) in Mike Adamle. He definitely has a sportscaster sound to him, but needs work on how to talk over matches with Jerry Lawler. It seemed as if he was in his training or initiation and that Lawler was trying to keep things from getting off-track. Stanford's a bit stiff, but at least he's not calling matches like Adamle was, yet. No word on where Stanford will fit in, could he be on hand just for Superstars Raw matches. Michael Cole seems to be the third wheel on Smackdown now, yet still on Raw, so this will be interesting.

There was a NXT elimination on Tuesday night. It was the first episode of NXT Season 3 on, which was a bit choppy. Depending on your internet speed/connection you may have got the short end of the stick there. The video feed was decent but had its quirks here and there. At the end of the night, Jamie Keyes was eliminated. She definitely tried to sell her sexy self through in-ring talks but it just didn't work out. Even a kiss to Matt Striker failed her. There was also a competition which seemed fixed, as Kaitlyn got over thanks to making fun of Vickie Guerrero. Why would the fans not eat that up, giving Kaitlyn immunity? WWE creative is working Kaitlyn into the Dolph-Vickie love triangle, so they're playing the cards of keeping her around. Otherwise that story would be odd if a diva is eliminated then just shows up. Wait nevermind that's happend with the first two seasons!

How about Smackdown? Not only the debut of Edge, who Theodore Long said he personally traded for, but also Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio. It was Del Rio's first loss, as Rey made his return to avenge what Alberto did to him. Great match, and fans weren't quite sure who'd win, especially with ring announcer Ricardo trying to interfere. So Del Rio isn't undefeated, but he'll definitely be in the upper eschelon of WWE in the future. Time should eventually reveal how high he rises.

Back to Edge, it's no secret who he was likely traded for as various wrestling sites/blogs are saying it's CM Punk who will show up on Raw. One fan even suggested an interesting scenario where Punk is also the Raw GM and orchestrated the whole trade. That could be very interesting. Will Punk resume his Straight Edge gimmick on Raw as a heel or go back face? He seems to work great as a heel, and he'd be another great one for the show in addition to The Miz and Nexus.

What do you think of these current storylines? Was Jamie the right choice to go from NXT? Who was traded for Edge? Is Scott Stanford the next Mike Adamle, or do we need to give him time to develop?

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