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WWE NXT Results 10/05/10

WWE NXT Results from Wichita, KS:

After a short highlight video with a female narrator saying tonight is the first ever elimination for the NXT Season 3 divas. After the theme song by Kevin Rudolf, Michael Cole talked about how it's a big night, first ever NXT exclusively on WWE.com. He sent it up to the stage with host Matt Striker who introduced the six rookies one-by-one. Josh and Cole gave fun facts about each rookie, with Matthews noting Naomi had been offered to do a verse on the latest Lil' Wayne album.

With the divas on stage and their mentors seated behind them. Time for the first rookie diva competition of the night. Striker said since they're in cowboy company it's time to test the strength of the divas in the Bull Riding contest. Striker said they need some volunteers to show how it's done. The Bella Twins both raised their hands and Striker hand them come get on the bull to ride. Next the six rookie divas went.

Naomi 12.5 seconds
Aksana 17.9 seconds
AJ Lee 9.6 seconds
Jamie 10.9 seconds
Maxine 9.8 seconds
Kaitlyn 10.0 seconds

Aksana is tonight's competition winner with the impressive time of 17.9 seconds!

A commercial was shown for Smackdown on SyFy which will feature Rey Mysterio back to the ring to face the man who took him out, Alberto Del Rio.

Aksana vs. Maxine

Goldust was in the ring with Aksana, and he had Ted Dibiase's Million Dollar Belt with him. They showed highlights from last night's Raw where Goldust took out Ted Dibiase and then hijacked the belt. Maxine came to the ring along with her pro Alicia Fox.

Maxine hit an impressive neckbreaker during the early part of the match. Aksana staged a comeback with clotheslines and kick to the head to get a near fall on Maxine. Aksana whipped Maxine to the corner, then went for a move off the ropes but Maxine dropped her. She had the pinfall, but Aksana reversed it and grabbed the victory.

Winner: Aksana wins via pinfall over Maxine.

Josh Matthews and Michael Cole discussed last night's Raw which featured John Cena joining The Nexus. They introduced the Raw Rebound to show highlights from the show including Cena putting the Nexus armband on. Cena was forced to partner up with Michael Tarver for a tag match against Evan Bourne and Mark Henry. He refused to let Tarver tag out to him, causing them to lose the match. After he dismantled Tarver outside and inside the ring. The Raw GM sent an email telling Cena to take direction for Wade Barrett or get fired from WWE. Later backstage, Barrett ordered Cena to help him win a 20 Man over-the-top rope battle royal. Cena did so, with the match coming down to him and Barrett. Barrett ordered Cena to eliminate himself. Cena eventually got onto the apron and dropped to the floor to give Wade the win.

Josh Matthews said tonight rookie diva Kaitlyn gets to take out her aggression against her mentor Vickie Guerrero in the ring. Also tonight, another competition, the rookie diva talent show.

Striker was in the ring with the six divas for the next competition, the Rookie Diva Talent Show. Each diva would show off their talent. Cole told Matthews to wake him up in 10 minutes so he can take a nap.

Aksana went first and did pushups with her legs on the backs of her arms. The audience seemed impressed. Naomi was next and did a rap song which featured lyrics about Cena, Raw, Smackdown, Kelly and Naomi. AJ was up next and said she would give Michael Cole a personality. She was joking but then showed off her flexibility skills with a variety of poses and splits. Next up was Jamie who said her talent is turning people on. Striker had a dumbfounded look on his face afterwords.

Kaitlyn went next and said she's an artist. There was an easel in the ring and Kaitlyn started using a big marker. Her pro mentor Vickie Guerrero was up on stage looking not so happy. Kaitlyn drew some sort of picture and then revealed a stick figure of Vickie Guerrero with a big booty saying "Excuse Me!" Maxine said she wanted to take the opportunity to apologize to Hornswoggle for last week's mishap where she pushed the wheelbarrow and he fell at the end. She had a pie she had baked for Hornswoggle and asked him to come to the ring to accept it from her. Horney came to the ring and Maxine got down on her knees. As expected, Maxine got smashed in the face with a pie by Horney.

The winner thanks to crowd applause was Kaitlyn. That gave Kaitlyn her third competition win, tying AJ. Striker asked the crowd who they thought should be immune from elimination and Kaitlyn won on crowd cheers.

Cole and Matthews had the WWE Make-A-Wish video package show.

Backstage, Goldust was telling Aksana how he loves to hold onto the Million Dollar belt. Just then a man from US immigration department walked in asking for Aksana. The man gave her paperwork saying she will be deported if she doesn't comply with having working papers for the United States. Aksana got upset but Goldust told her he'd take care of things and not to worry.

Cole and Matthews brought up the unstable history of Kaitlyn and her mentor Vickie Guerrero. They showed a highlight video package including Vickie's demeaning treatment of her rookie.

Kaitlyn vs. Vickie Guerrero

Vickie was accompanied to the ring by Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler, and his music played for the entrance. Ziggler was in a suit and Nikes while Vickie wore an "Excuse Me!" blue and black jumpsuit. Ziggler watched from ringside.

Vickie did a variety of warm-up moves to prepare for the match, wasting time in the ring instead of starting the match. Kaitlyn walked over and shoved her, so Vickie shoved back. Kaitlyn hit a drop toe hold to trip Vickie to the mat. Vickie asked the ref to check her lip for blood. Vickie got a kick in and then slapped Kaitlyn, so Kaitlyn slapped back. Vickie dropped down in the corner and rolled to the outside. Kaitlyn ducked through the ropes to ask if Vickie was OK, and she grabbed her by the hair to yank her outside.

Vickie started to beat up Kaitlyn on the outside now, screaming at her to "get up!" Kaitlyn was crawling in the ring with Vickie taunting her and striking her. Vickie started choking Kaitlyn against the ropes by sitting on her on the middle rope. Vickie kept doing fake pity attempts pretending she was hurt. Finally, Kaitlyn picked her up for a slam to the mat and a near fall. Vickie backed towards the ropes and as Kaitlyn came at her, Vickie yanked her into the ropes. Vickie screamed at Dolph outside the ring asking if he was going to help her. Just then, Kaitlyn seized the moment to roll up Vickie for the surprise pinfall.

Post-match Kaitlyn was ecstatic. Ziggler climbed into the ring and Kaitlyn rushed over to hug him as Vickie was screaming. Vickie angrily yelled at Dolph then left the ring.

Winner: Kaitlyn wins via pinfall over Vickie Guerrero.

When NXT returned, Josh Matthews said there will be a replay of tonight's NXT at 7 EST on WWE.com Wednesday night. They sent it to ringside for the first ever NXT elimination. Striker reminded everyone that Kaitlyn earned immunity for tonight.

They showed pictures of the divas up on the Titantron and finally stopped on Jamie. Jamie was the first elimination of NXT Season 3. Jamie wished all of the NXT rookies the best of luck and thanked the fans and all pros.

Striker thanked everyone and said NXT will continue next week. Cole said with Jamie eliminated, there's just five more to get rid of. Matthews said one will be the winner.

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