Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's Nexus for Cena & WWE Universe?

There were two major swerves this past Sunday for the Hell in a Cell PPV which will likely lead us into future storylines. The first of these involves the whole Paul Bearer and Undertaker vs Kane saga. The second is the one everyone's talking about, when John Cena lost to Wade Barrett at Hell in a Cell and was forced to join The Nexus. How will these play out? Read on for some thoughts!

For the Undertaker vs Kane saga, this is one of those everyone could see it coming and knows where it's going. To expect that Undertaker won't defeat his brother at some point is ridiculous. It's going to happen, the question is just when? Will Undertaker win back the title at the next PPV, Bragging Rights? Will Kane bury Undertaker alive to give him some time off until Wrestlemania? Those are the big questions. No matter what, Undertaker will regain his powers and defeat his younger brother Kane. He'll likely bury Paul Bearer in the process too. I mentioned before this one probably will end with some sort of Casket or Buried Alive Match, as WWE won't be doing those Inferno matches in the near future.

That brings us to John Cena and The Nexus. It's the most compelling storyline in wrestling right now and was a smart move by WWE. It helps keep interest in Cena, shows his vulnerability and most of all makes Wade Barrett and Nexus even more hated than before. This will help generate major heat for Barrett and his Nexus group as Cena fights for his freedom. My guess is that Barrett will order Cena to help him win the WWE Title from Randy Orton at Bragging Rights, and somehow Barrett wins. It'll ultimately come down to Cena vs Barrett for the WWE Title.

Of course what makes Raw's storylines so interesting is the fact that The Miz holds that Money in the Bank briefcase and has yet to cash in. He tried twice but backed off or was unable to start the match officially. With that in mind, some sort of argument could occur involving Cena and Barrett at Bragging Rights, with Orton down in the ring. It could give Miz a golden opportunity to cash in. However, it just seems like the WWE Title story will involve Cena, Barrett and Orton for the near future. The Miz will have his time later on, which keeps things interesting.

What do you think wrestling fans? Is this John Cena story a good one for WWE right now? When will Cena be able to get his freedom back, before Bragging Rights or after that?

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