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Raw Results 10/4/10

Raw Results from Wichita, KS:

Wade barrett and The Nexus arrived to the ring to start off the show. Barrett spoke about how they're still standing before everyone in the ring, meaning he won last night. He said before they introduce the newest Nexus member, first he wants to address last night. Barrett identified the two guys who attacked Cena as Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty of NXT Season 2. He said they are not part of The Nexus, and then he chastised Otunga and the others for coming to the ring during last night's match.

Barrett asked everyone to give a warm welcome to John Cena. Cena looked absolutely devestated as he slowly walked to the ring. Cena got into the ring with Nexus. Barrett said he knows this must be killing Cena, but he knows Cena's a man of his word. WB said in time Cena will realize this is the best thing ever to happen to him.

Michael Tarver stepped up and yelled at Cena for putting his hands on him and threatening his livelihood. Tarver presented a special wristband to Cena, who yanked it out of Tarver's hands. Cena stared at it and removed one of his Cenation bands off his arm as the crowd cheered for him. He looked around at all the fans, contemplating it, then put it on his left arm.

Slater spoke next saying the transition is going to be tough, but that's ok because The Nexus is there for him. Slater said everyone wants to know Cena's thoughts on this, but instead they have an official statement for him to read. Cena tried to argue about that, but Barrett said this is non-negotiable. Cena yanked a mic out of Slater's hands to read:

"I, John Cena, hereby acknowledge that I'm officially a member of The Nexus. Any enemy of the Nexus is now an enemy of mine."

Barrett said tonight Cena will help teach two enemies of Nexus a lesson: Evan Bourne and Mark Henry. Barrett said he'll even let Cena choose his tag partner for tonight. Cena smirked then walked over and got right in Tarver's face, choosing him. Barrett ok'd it, then called Bourne and Henry to come out right now for their beating.

Evan Bourne & Mark Henry vs. John Cena & Michael Tarver

Cena got in and offered Bourne a handshake. Bourne looked around then obliged. Tarver yelled at Cena for being friendly, so Cena slapped Tarver and told him to show him the Nexus way. Tarver came in to beat up Bourne.

After a commercial break, Henry and Bourne gained control of Tarver. Cena stuck his hand out for a tag while Tarver was way over in the other corner. Cena kept teasing a tag as Tarver was getting beat up by Bourne.

Tarver was ready for a tag but Cena turned his back and decided to go sign autographs for fans in the front row. He even went over and signed one for Michael Cole. Meanwhile in the ring, Mark Henry finished off Tarver with World's Strongest Slam for the win.

Winner: Mark Henry & Evan Bourne win via pinfall over Michael Tarver & John Cena.

Post-match, John Cena grabbed the mic to give his own special message. He said he's going to do one thing while he's part of The Nexus: destroy it. He said he's going to prove tonight you can be Nexus and against us. he clocked Tarver with the microphone then beat him up on the outside. Cena tore apart the steel steps and ultimately slammed Tarver down on them. The fans chanted "One more time" and Cena obliged with another slam on the steps, before tossing Tarver into the ring for the STF to punish him even more. For some reason the rest of the Nexus were nowhere to be found.

Just then the lights flashed and the email chime sounded. Cena released the hold on Tarver as Cole got ready to read. The GM's message reiterated the stipulation for Cena's HIAC match, that if he lost he must join Nexus. The GM said as a member of Nexus, Cena must take direction from leader Wade Barrett or else his WWE contract is terminated. Cena was dejected as he left the ring, but the fans broke out with a "Never Give Up" chant and he headed backstage.

Natalya vs. Alicia Fox

Natalya made quick work of Alicia Fox in this match. After Alicia slipped off Natalya's shoulders, she shoved her to the corner. However, Natalya soon recovered and was able to knock down Alicia. She applied the Sharpshooter and Alicia soon tapped out.

Winner: Natalya wins via pinfall over Alicia Fox.

Still to come tonight, Edge owes the Raw GM a public apology. Also, Jackass 3-D star Johnny Knoxville is the guest host.

Johny Knoxville is backstage talking about Jackass 3-D to Melina and Gail Kim. All of a sudden, Zack Ryder walks in and yells hi to Knoxville. Knoxville pretends to go over to high five him, but instead Ryder gets hit with a huge hand and knocked down.

Josh Matthews goes up to John Cena who is backstage staring at the Nexus armband. He asks Cena about what the Raw GM said about joining Nexus or getting fired. Cena says this is all he's ever done, it's all he's got, he can't not be in the WWE, but then again -. Just then, Cena saw Harris and McGillicutty down the hall. He rushed down to chase after them and ended up in a lockerroom with Barrett and The Nexus. Barrett said he's glad Cena's there, they have a lot to talk about. Harris and McGill joined them in the locker room. Cena tried to walk out, but Barrett held him back and said they've got to talk about big plans for Cena's future.

Lawler gave a special thanks to "Sacrifice" the official Hell in a Cell 2010 theme song by Atom Smash. Members of Atom Smash shown in the front row of the KS audience.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

A surprising matchup just one night after Hell in a Cell. In this one, Sheamus kept attacking Bryan, and despite the referee ordering him to back off, Sheamus refused. Ultimately the ref called for the bell to DQ him. Sheamus hit his High Cross finisher before finally leaving the ring.

Winner: Daniel Bryan wins due to disqualification of Sheamus.

Edge was shown walking backstage, on his way out to make his apology to the Raw GM.

Raw returned with Cole and Lawler going over the earlier events with the Raw GM threatening to terminate Cena from WWE if he doesn't comply with Wade Barrett and Nexus. They showed what happened backstage with Cena, Husky Harris, McGillicutty and The Nexus.

Cole was in the ring with a podium set up. He said from now on the Raw GM will speak through the voice of the WWE, Michael Cole. Cole addressed the Raw GM as a "he" when speaking. The Raw GM had highlights from last week shown when Edge beat Cena, and then the GM had the match restarted over a rules violation. Cena got the STF on Edge to win it. Afterwords, Edge was furious and beat up the laptop, smashing it on the ground.

Back to Cole on Raw, the GM said he wants Edge to come make his apology, and then he'll make a huge announcement about the WWE Championship. Edge got in the ring saying he's on a personal crusade against "all things stupid." Edge called Michael Cole "the personification of stupidity since 1997," saying "I'd rather listen to a recording of JR then a live Michael Cole."

The Raw GM chimed in with a special announcement saying tonight they will determine the new #1 contender for the WWE Title, by way of a 20 Man Battle Royal. The winner faces Randy Orton for the WWE Title in three weeks at Bragging Rights. The Raw GM told Edge he's disrespected him one too many times so he won't be in the Battle Royal tonight. Cole chuckled saying because the GM has officially traded Edge to Smackdown. The fans started a "Spear" chant up.

Edge said it's great he's traded, so he doesn't have to deal with this stupid GM or tool Michael Cole. Cole yelled at Edge saying his "Cole Miners love him." Cole told Edge to treat him with some respect. Edge threatened to go off Raw on a high note and Spear Cole into next week. Suddenly, The Miz's theme music came on and he and Alex Riley came to the ring. Miz told Edge he won't allow that to happen. Miz said Cole is a visionary who realized his awesomeness before anyone else.

As Cole scurried out of the ring, Edge called Miz an Edge wannabe. Edge insulted Miz saying he's never seen him successfully talk to a woman, unless Alex Riley counts. Riley dissed Edge a bit, but Edge had a comeback that Miz is awesome at tapping out. The Miz said in 3 weeks he'll either be winning the WWE Title or leading Team Raw to victory at Bragging Rights. Miz did his "I'm Awesome" right in Edge's face, prompting Edge to call him Raw's biggest jackass. That set up an attack, with Edge beating up Riley, then tossing Miz into the podium head first. From there, Edge scored a Spear on Riley, but Miz was back up and hit the Skullcrushing Finale on him.

John Cena was shown backstage in the locker room with Nexus. Barrett told Cena he did them a favor in getting rid of Michael Tarver. He said that's the kind of initiative he's been looking for, but not to rest on his laurels. Barrett ordered Cena to help him win the Battle Royal later tonight. Otunga chimed in that if Barrett happens to get tossed out, to help one of them win. Barrett asked him what he meant by that. Otunga said that came out wrong. Barrett told Cena to do what he tells him or he's fired.

On Smackdown Friday, Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio.

The Bella Twins vs. Michelle McCool & Layla

Team LayCool was introduced and arrived out with headsets on so fans could hear all of their annoying commentary during the match. Some confusion happened in the match as Layla came in and beat up the legal Bella Twin. Michelle was legal for LayCool. As the ref was getting Layla out of the ring, the Bellas did their switch. Michelle tried for a pinfall, but it got reversed and they lost the match.

Winners: The Bella Twins win via pinfall over Team LayCool.

Backstage Maryse was confronting guest host Johnny Knoxville about the mysterious letters she's been getting. Knoxville said it wasn't him. Just then Dibiase walked in and yelled at Knoxville from across the room. Knoxville warned Dibiase not to walk forward but it was too late. The giant high five hand slapped Dibiase down to the floor. Maryse ran over to see if he was ok yelling at Knoxville. She tossed her shoes at Knoxville. As Maryse was standing up the big hand came and swatted her from behind knocking her onto Dibiase on the floor.

They showed highlights from last week's mixed tag match where Eve and R-Truth defeated Maryse and Dibiase. After the match a mysterious message came on the Titantron for Maryse "I Will Have You."

Michael Cole introduced a preview clip from "Jackass 3-D." They shot paint guns as one of their stunt guys jumped onto a huge inflated balloon in a lake and bounced high up into the air.

Justin Roberts introduced tonight's special guest host Johnny Knoxville. Knoxville told the WWE fans to go see his new movie 'Jackass 3-D' on October 15th. He said that's all have a good night and tried to flee the ring fast. He was stopped as Ted Dibiase's music hit and he came to the ring with Maryse. Knoxville told Dibiase no hard feelings. Dibiase asked if he has any idea who he is and what he's capable of doing. Knoxville cracked a joke about Dibiase prompting the Fortunate Son to slap him in the face. He followed up with a sleeper hold then tossed Knoxville to the mat.

Suddenly, the Titantron had a new message appear on it, surprising Maryse and Dibiase. The Titantron said "You Are Mine." With Dibiase and Maryse staring out of the ring, Goldust appeared in the ring behind them. Goldust took down Dibiase, then said on the mic to him "I don't want you." Maryse was scared in the corner, so Goldust went over to her. He said "I don't want you either." Finally he went over and dropped onto the mat with the Million Dollar Belt. After doing his breathing he said "I want you," and began to clutch the belt in his hands.

Lawler said coming up next is the 20 Man battle royal. Various contenders were shown on sreen, with the winner getting the #1 Contender spot for the WWE Title at Bragging Rights PPV.

Raw returned with an outside shot of the Wichita Kansas arena. Cole introduced a video piece about the charitable efforts of the WWE with Make a Wish Foundation. Shown in the photos were former superstars including The Rock and Hulk Hogan as well as Batista, John Cena, Melina, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingsotn, Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin. John Cena said the happiness of the children really lifts his spirits. The CEO David Williams praised John Cena and WWE for their efforts.

Backstage, Cena staring at the floor. David Otunga walked in and told him Nexus isn't all bad. Otunga said Barrett can be somewhat demanding at times. He told Cena if he ever needs to talk to just let him know. Otunga walked out and Cena stared blankly.

Cole and Lawler talked about how Cena's been ordered to help Wade Barrett win the battle royal tonight. Cole said Edge has been traded to Smackdown so he won't be in the match, and neither will Chris Jericho. They showed what Orton did to him last week with the punt kick. Back to the ring for Justin Roberts to introduce competitors for tonight's match.

20 Man Raw Battle Royal for #1 Contender Spot

The Winner of this Battle Royal gets to face Randy Orton at the Bragging Rights PPV for the WWE Championship. Competing in the match: Heath Slater, Santino Marella, Vladimir Kozlov, John Morrison, R-Truth, Sheamus. John Cena's theme music started up, but Cena didn't come out. The music stopped and Nexus' music started instead. Wade, Heath Slater, Otunga and Gabriel walked out with Cena trailing them. Raw went to commercial with about half the competitors in the ring.

Upon Raw's ring the match got started. Also competing were Tyson Kidd, DH Smith, Evan Bourne, Mark Henry, Zack Ryder, Darren Young, William Regal, Ted Dibiase, The Miz and Primo. Eliminated first was Evan Bourne, by Sheamus. DH Smith got eliminated next, then John Cena tossed Regal out. At one point, Mark Henry pressed Ryder over head and tossed him out of the ring, then did the same to Primo. He went over and attacked Sheamus next. Moments later, Henry had Barrett pressed overhead. Cena rushed over and yanked him down. Henry turned around and yelled at Henry to ask what he was doing. Nexus all pounced on Henry and eventually tossed him over the rope.

The Nexus turned their attention to Cena asking why Cena didn't help toss out Henry. Otunga yelled at Cena that he talked to him about this. Cena grabbed Otunga and tossed him out, causing Barrett to yell at Cena. Cena said Otunga isn't him, but Barrett pointed to the Nexus band on their arms. Raw went to break with them arguing.

During break Barrett eliminated Vlad Kozlov, and Nexus members eliminated Darren Young from the apron. Cena started to stand guard in front of Barrett in the corner at one point, fighting off any WWE Superstars who came at him. Morrison clotheslined Slater over the top rope to eliminate him. Truth and Morrison were about to toss Barrett out, but Cena rushed over to make a save. Kidd got eliminated by Morrison next. Morrison with an impressive springboard move into a leg scissors on Miz to toss him out.

It came down to a final four of Barrett, Cena, Morrison and Sheamus. Morrison ended up on the apron with Barrett charging at him. John did an impressive pendulum type kick but in the process he fell off the apron to eliminate himself. Next, with Barrett down by the corner, Sheamus and Cena fought it out. Sheamus missed on a running kick and got hung up in the ropes, so Cena rushed over to eliminate him. Cena rested on the top rope, then turned around to see Barrett was the final competitor left. Cena clapped his hands ready for a fight, but Barrett pointed for Cena to leave the ring. Cena stood his ground as Barrett continued to order him to leave.

The crowd started a chant and Cena put his forehead right up against Barrett. Barrett yelled at him again and Cena restrained himself from fighting. He finally went over and stepped out to the apron. Cena dropped down with both feet to the floor. Wade Barrett flashed a wicked smile as he was declared the winner.

Winner: Wade Barrett wins the 20 Man Battle Royal. Barrett will face Randy Orton for the WWE Title at Bragging Rights PPV.

Barrett's celebration was shortlived as The Viper Randy Orton's theme music. Orton got in the ring and paced around locking eyes with Barrett. Orton kept staring him down and held the WWE Title up high for him to see. Raw ended with the two in an intense stare down in the ring.

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