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WWE Superstars Results 10/28/10

WWE Superstars Results 10/28/10:

Scott Stanford was on hand with Jerry Lawler to open Superstars. Stanford brought up how Smackdown beat Raw at Bragging Rights, prompting Jerry Lawler to tell him to shutup about it. Mark Henry arrived out first to start the show.

Mark Henry vs. Jey Uso

Tamina and Jimmy Uso arrived along with Jey for the match. Henry took the early advantage in the match using power moves, but Jey managed to knock him against the bottom ropes. Moments later the ref was distracted by Tamina as Jimmy rushed over to the side to kick Henry in the head. Jey's pinfall attempt failed and Henry became enraged. He got up to press Jey and let him drop to the mat, but then missed on the sit splash.

In the closing moments of this one, Jey went to the second rope but missed on the flying splash as Henry rolled away. Henry gained momentum afterwords, hitting a big boot and he was eventually able to hit the World's Strongest Slam for the win. Stanford said "Goodnight Irene." Tamina and Jimmy talked some trash to Henry as they moved around the outside of the ring.

Winner: Mark Henry wins via pinfall over Jey Uso.

Tyson Kidd vs.

Stanford and Lawler talked about how there looks to be trouble in the Hart Dynasty following what happened on Raw weeks ago where they lost to Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes. Stanford talked about how this must be affecting Natalya as she tries to capture the divas title.

Tyson went for a Sharpshooter early on, but Ryder managed to crawl over to the bottom ropes. Things continued after a commercial break. Kidd managed to trip Ryder onto the bottom rope, then jumped over the top rope to hit a leg drop on him. As Kidd was standing up outside the ring, DH Smith rushed down to ringside. He began to argue with Kidd who told him to get out of there. Natalya rushed down to try to smooth things out but to no avail. Ryder moved as Kidd went for a springboard move, then rushed back to hit the Rough Ryder.

Natalya sent Smith backstage then went into the ring to try to comfort Kidd about the loss.

Winner: Zack Ryder wins via pinfall over Tyson Kidd.

MVP vs. Curt Hawkins

Matt Striker and Todd Grisham of Smackdown took over the commentary duties now. They talked about how Smackdown has Bragging Rights after the big PPV victory. Striker mentioned how Hawkins is arrogant and acts like he's better than the rest of the roster yet only has been in the WWE for a few "minutes" really.

In the late stages of this one, Hawkins knocked MVP to the mat, then climbed to the corner turnbuckle. MVP got up and ran to the corner as Hawkins jumped at him. He returned to hit the Playmaker taking Hawkins down for the pinfall win.

Winner: MVP wins via pinfall over Curt Hawkins.

Superstars returned with a highlight promo video on the current US Champion, Daniel Bryan of Raw. Todd Grisham and Matt Striker talked about how Bryan impressed at Bragging Rights and the next night on Raw.

They introduced the Raw Rebound which featured highlights of John Cena versus Randy Orton, with the winning side getting to choose the special referee for Barett vs Orton WWE Title match at Survivor Series 2010. Cena won when Barrett interfered and got Orton DQ'd. Barrett announced that his special guest referee will be John Cena at Survivor Series. He said if he wins the WWE Title, Cena is relieved of his obligation to Nexus. However, Barrett said if he's not victorious he'll fire Cena on the spot.

Chris Masters arrived to the ring for the main event sporting a shiner under his left eye. Grisham and Striker said it occurred last week during his tag match.

Chris Masters vs. Tyler Reks

The match started with just about five minutes left on Superstars after commercial. Masters took advantage early with several moves, causing Reks to roll to the outside. Reks recovered and Masters went to fetch him. Reks was ready though and bear hugged Masters before smashing him into the ringpost. From there, he took control inside the ring.

Reks continued to stay in control for some time, until Masters gave him several shots to the face and chest. Masters shifted his weight as Reks tried to pick him up, but the pinfall didn't get to 3. Masters started building momentum on a collection of punches to take down Reks. He went from the second rope and hit a shoulder tackle to take him down, then tried to put the Masterlock on. Reks slammed him back into the turnbuckle, then kicked his lower back. Reks was able to hoist Masters up on his shoulders and hit his finisher to win it.

Winner: Tyler Reks wins via pinfall over Chris Masters.

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