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WWE Superstars 11/18/10

WWE Superstars Recap 11/18/10:

Superstars kicked off with the Smackdown commentators Todd Grisham and Matt Striker, with Survivor Series 2010 just days away.

JTG vs. Chavo Guerrero

Grisham noted that Chavo's father, Chavo Classic, was on the recent WWE Raw Old School episode. Before the two locked up, Chavo argued for the ref to tell JTG to remove his shades. JTG put them on the ref, then kicked Chavo to start things off. Early in the match, JTG dropkicked Chavo out of the ring to get the brief advantage. Chavo was back in the ring though and soon gained control of the match.

In the late stages of the match, Chavo elbowed JTG from the corner as JTG charged at him. Chavo climbed the corner for a move, but JTG was back up and jumped up to fight Chavo. Chavo fought back then dropped off the corner to the outside, yanking JTG against the top rope. Chavo climbed back onto the top turnbuckle and connected on a Frogsplash for the win.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero wins via pinfall over JTG.

They showed the highlight video of fans buying tickets for Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta, Georgia. Wrestlemania will be held at the Georgia Dome on Sunday April 3, 2011.

Trent Barreta vs. Curt Hawkins

Curt Hawkins seemed to have early momentum, but Barreta leapfrogged him as he came off the ropes, then took him down. Moments later, Barreta missed as he jumped at Hawkins in the corner. Trent fell hard to the outside as the ref started the countout. During the match, Grisham pointed out Hawkins was trained by Shawn Michaels, but Striker corrected him saying he watched footage of Michaels growing up, but didn't train under him.

Later still, Barreta gained the momentum and was able to connect a knee to Hawkins in the corner. He followed with a springboard dropkick on Hawkins' back for a near fall. Hawkins had a near fall of his own moments later, then argued with the ref over the count. Hawkins climbed to the corner, but Trent got up there to try to fight him. Hawkins pushed him off once, but Trent jumped back up and used a headscissors to flip him from off the corner. Barreta followed up with a DDT by running off the ropes to land it, and got the winning pin.

Winner: Trent Barreta wins via pinfall over Curt Hawkins.

It was time for the Raw segment of the show. Scott Stanford was on hand as commentator. CM Punk came out from backstage to join Stanford for the commentary. He called him Steve to start things off but Stanford corrected him. The WWE Old School set was still there from this past Monday's Raw.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Primo

Primo was accompanied to the ring by his NXT Diva Rookie, AJ Lee. CM Punk told Stanford to refer to him as "Mr. Punk." Yoshi had an impressive move as he bounced off the ropes and caught Primo with an elbow. Right before a commercial break, Yoshi knocked Primo out of the ring towards the commentary area.

Primo gained control after the break as he tripped Yoshi against the middle ropes then ran from across the ring to jump on his back out of the ring. Primo landed in front of the commentators and let out a huge scream than slapped hands with Punk. Primo remained in control with near falls.

Primo went for a Superplex but Yoshi fought him off and shoved Primo down. He connected on a Samurai spinning leg kick as Stanford called it. Yoshi with the pinfall victory.

Winner: Yoshi Tatsu wins via pinfall over Primo.

Superstars returned with Stanford and Punk talking about Survivor Series 2010 PPV. Stanford brought up how Cena has a lot weighing on him for Sunday's WWE Title match in which he is special guest referee. They cut to the Cena video package including him talking about being in WWE, and then showing recent events in his involvement with Nexus/Wade Barrett/Randy Orton.

Melina arrived out from backstage for the main event divas match. Stanford noted that all four divas in the tag match are former champions.

Gail Kim & Melina vs. Alicia Fox & Maryse

Raw Divas in tag action for the main event on Superstars. Early in the match, Gail Kim did a Hurricanrana on Alicia Fox to flip her to the floor right in front of Punk and Stanford. Maryse was soon in and took control on Gail. Alicia and Maryse started the doubleteam on Gail. Alicia had a near fall with Gail barely kicking out.

A CM Punk chant started up after Stanford kept tapping him when he said something. Punk told Stanford to stop touching him. Gail Kim was able to connect on a neckbreaker on Gail. Melina and Maryse tagged in, with Melina gaining control. Melina had a near fall, but Alicia rushed into break it up. Gail Kim in and fought Alicia to the outside. Maryse tried to kick Melina in the head with Melina avoiding it, then scoring a rollup pin on Maryse.

Winners: Gail Kim & Melina win via pinfall over Maryse & Gail Kim.

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