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NXT Results 11/16/10

NXT Results from Richmond, VA:

Just two weeks away from crowning the WWE's next breakout diva, Michael Cole and Josh Matthews were on hand for the show. Matt Striker introduced the four remaining NXT divas Naomi, Kaitlyn, Aksana and AJ. Tonight there will be another elimination. He congratulated Kaitlyn and AJ for winning competitions last week.

The first competition of the night was "How well do you know your WWE Pro?" Striker would ask a question, the rookie diva's pro would write an answer down, and the rookie would say their answer to see if they matched. First question was "When I first saw my rookie diva, I thought she was BLANK?" AJ, Naomi and Aksana got theirs right, but Kaitlyn did not.

The next question was "On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your rookie's in ring ability? 1 being terrible, 5 being expert." Naomi and AJ got theirs right. The final question "Who does your rookie feel should be eliminated?" AJ got it right and ended up winning the competition. Cole and Matthews held up their own signs with one of Matthews' reading "I'm with Stupid," and Cole's reading "Eliminate Me."

Naomi vs. Kaitlyn

Kelly was already on the apron with her rookie Naomi. Vickie arrived out from backstage saying how ungrateful her rookie is but she still has a match tonight against Naomi. Vickie walked to ringside to support Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn took the early advantage and worked a leg scissors on Naomi to wear her down on the mat. Naomi turned it into a pinfall which Kaitlyn escaped. Naomi tried to start up a comeback, but Kaitlyn clotheslined her down and put a headlock on.

Late in the match, Naomi whipped Kaitlyn hard to the corner then followed up with a high kick to her face to collect the pinfall win. Vickie screamed at Kaitlyn from outside the ring. Kaitlyn waved Vickie off and went backstage.

Winner: Naomi wins via pinfall over Kaitlyn.

They showed how Goldust arrived to the Naomi versus Aksana match last week and sided with Kelly Kelly/Naomi. Backstage, Aksana walked up to Goldust with a bunch of sunflowers. She started to compare their marriage to Smeagol and Lord of the Rings. Goldust was resistant to her apologies, but she begged for his help in her match against AJ tonight. Goldust finally said OK, then shook his head as Aksana walked off.

They showed the highlight video of fans in Atlanta getting their tickets for Wrestlemania 27. It takes place on April 3, 2011 in Atlanta, GA. Cole said people from a variety of countries have already got their tickets.

AJ vs. Aksana

AJ was accompanied to the ring by Primo while Goldust started down the ramp with Aksana. He stopped though and tossed down the sunflowers on the ramp, then walked to the top of the stage. Aksana turned around to see he wasn't joining her and Goldust simply shrugged at her.

During the match, Aksana pretended to be nice by letting AJ back in through the ropes after she had fallen out. Aksana grabbed AJ and tossed her back out again. Michael Cole took a phone call as the match continued with Aksana putting AJ into a submission move on the mat.

AJ started to gain momentum with several near falls. AJ was able to wrap herself around Aksana in an interesting submission hold, eventually bringing Aksana down to tap out.

Time for another NXT Rookie Divas competition. This time it was "Diss the Diva." Striker congratulated AJ for winning the first competition of the night. In this contest, each rookie diva got 1 minute to diss the other divas. Aksana had trouble making sense in her attempts at dissing the others. She attacked Kaitlyn during her disses. The crowd gave Naomi the most cheers so she won the competition. However, AJ had the most competition wins to earn immunity from tonight's elimination. Michael Cole was busy talking to some fans in the crowd, so Matthews handled commentary. The WWE Pros huddled up to talk over voting for the upcoming elimination.

When NXT returned, Cole and Matthews talked Survivor Series and how this Sunday John Cena's career is on the line. They showed a special video package about John Cena and how he found where he belongs with WWE but now is conflicted in his latest role. The video highlighted Cena as part of Nexus and having to take orders from leader Wade Barrett. Barrett has ordered Cena to raise his arm as the new WWE Champ when Cena referees the Orton versus Barrett match at the PPV.

Striker was up on stage to interview the Pros on their thoughts about the NXT divas. He asked the Bellas first. Brie started to answer, and Nikki interrupted her saying "blah blah blah blah" then said none of the rookie divas compare to any of the divas you see on TV. Alicia Fox gave her thoughts saying this has been like some sort of Diva Daycare in her opinion.

Josh Matthews reminded fans they can see episodes of NXT on demand at YouTube, Hulu and WWE.com. Now time for the elimination. Striker had the four rookie divas ringside. He reminded them that AJ has immunity so one of the other three is going home now. They showed the pictures rotating on the screen and it stopped on Aksana, meaning she's the latest elimination. Aksana collapsed to the floor holding her head. She got up and said to the WWE Universe she's going to Mr McMahon's office to petition to stay in WWE. She said she will be back. Aksana walked up the ramp and Goldust stood in her way to stop her. He said he had one more thing to say to her. Goldust opened his top and pulled out a paper to hand Aksana, then said "I want a divorce." Aksana stormed backstage.

Voting opens up again on WWE.com as of Wednesday for the next elimination. The show closed as they showed a replay of Aksana fainting then showed the remaining 3 divas, Naomi, AJ and Kaitlyn clowning around.

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