Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Old School Raw & Aksana Eliminated

On Monday night we got treated to a special 3-hour Raw dubbed "WWE Old School." They even rolled out the old WWF logo for it along with a whole bunch of former WWE legends. It was surprising to see who showed up and who didn't. The usual suspects were there including Gerald Briscoe, Sgt. Slaughter, Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes and Arn Anderson. Also on hand were some surprises including Brooklyn Brawler, Harvey Whippleman, George "The Animal" Steele and Slick. Million Dollar Man, IRS, Hacksaw, Superfly Snuka and Mean Gene were all there to reminisce as well. Guys like The Rock and Stone Cold weren't on hand, but neither were really part of the WWF Old School. Bret Hart was though, and he was clearly missing in action. No Ricky Steamboat either which was strange.

Also strange, and maybe winning award for the worst segment of the year was the whole Aksana Goldust Dusty Rhodes trainwreck backstage. It went from tricking Aksana into thinking her mom was nearby, to Goldust yanking the Million Dollar Belt away, to Million Dollar Man getting it back, giving it to his son, to his son giving it back, to a dance party feature Hacksaw, IRS, Kelly Kelly, Aksana and Million Dollar Man. Talk about a fiasco. It may have saved NXT Season 3 from winning the title of "Worst Segment of the Year."

Speaking of NXT, the latest casualty to be sent home was Aksana, the gold-digging wifey of Goldust. She was saved from deportation for a whole 2 weeks. Not gonna lie, her "Diss the Diva" attempts were hysterical, because she was making no sense whatsoever. For that, she had to go. Now she claims she'll be going to visit Mr. McMahon to petition her elimination. Isn't Mr. McMahon still in a coma though? Good luck with that Aksana!

Anyways, we're getting real close to what should be one of the most riveting PPV's of the year, Survivor Series 2010. Cena's job is on the line and Orton's title is on the line in what could be one of the most interesting matches of 2010. There's also been several more matches added including Sheamus vs Morrison (finally) and a traditional elimination tag team match involving Smackdown stars. Plenty to look forward to on Sunday!

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