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Smackdown Results 11/19/10

Smackdown Results from Richmond, VA:

The show opened with a Kane and Paul Bearer video package about Survivor Series. They talked about how Kane will defeat Edge and destroy him just like Kane did to Taker. They showed highlights of the mindgames Edge played by kidnapping Paul Beaer last week, causing a distraction to Kane during his match against Big Show. Edge wheeled Paul Bearer onto the stage, and it allowed Big Show to Chokeslam Kane for the victory.

Smackdown opened in the live arena with Todd Grisham on commentary. Tonight there will be a Captain vs Captain match from Survivor Series as Alberto Del Rio goes against Rey Mysterio. Tony Chimel introduced Ricardo Rodriguez as Alberto Del Rio came driving out in a Rolls Royce. Del Rio will captain a team including Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, jack Swagger and Tyler Reks. They'll face Mysterio, Masters, MVP, Kofi Kingston and Big Show at Survivor Series in the traditional elimination match.

Del Rio said after 24 years, Survivor Series will finally be great thanks to Del Rio. Del Rio said he'll be ready to teach a lesson to the opponents, just like he did on Raw this past week. They showed highlights of Del Rio defeating Sgt Slaughter on Raw, and then locking the armbreaker submission on him. Del Rio kept bragging on the mic until he was finally interrupted by MVP.

MVP said he and the WWE Universe are tired of him disrespecting the ring and all it represents. Del Rio said there's no one like him, but MVP said guys like him are a dime a dozen. MVP listed off all the WWE legends who built the universe of wrestling. Del Rio told MVP he has the legends in high regards because MVP will never be one of them. Del Rio said he is already a legend himself. MVP suggested they start off Survivor Series now and he gives him a beatdown. Del Rio said they won't be fighting tonight, it will be him vs Rey Mysterio instead. Del Rio said even if he wasn't in a match already, MVP can't handle him. Del Rio said he'll bring him someone from Team Del Rio to fight him tonight - The Chosen One, Drew McIntyre.

MVP vs. Drew McIntyre

Late in the match, Drew had the advantage as he used a neckbreaker type move to take down MVP for a near fall. McIntyre seemed frustrated that he couldn't get the pin so he started pounding on MVP in the corner. The ref pulled him away briefly. Drew rushed back at the corner, but MVP moved away so Drew hit the corner hard. MVP came back with a running kick to Drew's chin, taking him down for the pinfall victory.

Winner: MVP wins via pinfall over Drew McIntyre.

Backstage, Edge was talking to someone off camera about the situation with Kane, that Kane is more maniacal than he's ever been. Edge asked what's the matter and the camera revealed Paul Bearer tied to a chair with duct tape over his mouth. Edge pulled off the tape and Bearer screamed "Kane!! Help!!" Edge put the tape back on. Edge said maybe by the end of the night he'll get to see Kane, if he's good. Edge sat in a wheelchair next to Paul Bearer's and said they need to drag race. Edge took off and won the race since Bearer didn't move forward. Edge wheeled back and asked if Bearer didn't like that game. He suggested maybe a round of Jenga or Trivial Pursuit, then said he has a better idea.

Smackdown returned with Kane on a couch with GM Teddy Long. Kane demanded that Teddy tell him where his father is, and started to scream at Teddy. He threatened Teddy to tell him where his father is. Teddy took off from the office and Kane tore the office set apart screaming.

Chris Masters vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger arrived out to the ring without his Eagle mascot. At one point, Masters got the Masterlock on Swagger. Swagger struggled with it, and managed to get himself over the top rope onto the apron, breaking the hold. Swagger went to the outside and took down Masters leg, smashing it against the ringpost. He got back into the ring and took out Masters' leg, then locked on the Ankle lock. Masters tapped out soon after.

Winner: Jack Swagger wins via submission over Chris Masters.

Backstage, Edge was still torturing Paul Bearer. He said Paul can teach him about courage by playing a new game. Edge went and brought back a soccer ball. He said Paul can show him his courage through a game of Dodgeball. The first few throws, Edge slammed the ball at the wall. Third try he threw the ball into Paul Bearer's gut. He asked if it left a mark, and said he's getting closer. Next shot he threw hit Bearer in the head. Edge went up to him and joked "now that's using your head."

They replayed Edge throwing a soccer ball at Paul Bearer's head in slow mo. Striker said it was 12 pounds of air pressure bouncing off Bearer's head.

Kaval vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler arrived out with Vickie Guerrero and the mic. They showed Ziggler defeating Mark Henry on Raw this past Monday using the Sleeper. Ziggler got on the mic saying all his problems are in the past now. He said he's still undefeated as IC champion, and easily defeated all 500lbs of Sexual Chocolate this past Monday and now he'll face the under 5 feet of Kaval. Ziggler said "I'm Dolph Ziggler and you're nobody."

In the match, Kaval showed him plenty of offense though, with Ziggler's earlier remarks fueling his fire. Ziggler went for a Zig Zag near the ropes but Kaval held the ropes to block. Moments later they traded pinfall attempts. In the close, Ziggler tried to grab Kaval's tights to secure a pinfall. Kaval reversed it into a unique bridge pin to win it.

Post-match, Kaval rolled to the outside and jumped onto the commentators table to celebrate. He got on the mic telling Ziggler that the "nobody just beat him." Kaval also reminded Ziggler he gets a PPV title match of his choice and said he's made his choice: he'll face him for the IC title at Survivor Series.

Winner: Kaval wins via pinfall over Dolph Ziggler.

Backstage Edge was racing Paul Bearer around in his wheelchair to drive him even more crazy. Edge said he needs to go get some pizza that he called earlier and ordered.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dashing Cody Rhodes

Early in this match, Kofi got a kick into Rhodes' gut, then a slap to Rhodes' face. That sent Rhodes into a rage as he left the ring to kick the steel steps, slam the commentary table, and grab his jacket. He layed it out on the commentators' table and checked his face, then yelled at Kofi for hitting his face. Smackdown went to commercial break.

Rhodes was in control post-break and kept attacking Kofi. At one point he wrapped Kofi around the ringpost and started to wear him down by yanking his limbs against the post outside the ring. Kofi finally gained some moment later in the match after he flipped Rhodes over his back. He hit a huge splash later on for a near fall. With Rhodes down, Kofi hit the Boom Boom leg drop. He prepared for the Trouble in Paradise but as he went for it, Rhodes ducked to escape it. Cody went for a kick off the ropes and Kofi avoided that. The two traded pinfalls a bit and then at the close Rhodes grabbed Kofi's hair and tights to hit the Cross Rhodes.

Winner: Dashing Cody Rhodes wins via pinfall over Kofi Kingston.

Backstage, Kane was saying Paul Bearer's the only one who ever understood him and now he's gone. He screamed at a person off camera who was revealed to be Rosa Mendes cowering against a brick wall. Kane said Edge has no idea what torture and pain are, but when he finds Edge he'll teach him about them. Kane promised to rip Edge's guts out and shove them down his throat.

They showed a replay of Team LayCool dissing Mae Young on WWE Raw Old School this past Monday. LayCool was in the ring when Smackdown returned. Striker said Natalya will face LayCool in a 2-on-1 handicap match for the Divas championship.

Kelly Kelly & Natalya vs. Michelle McCool & Layla

Late in the match, Layla quickly tagged out when she was facing Natalya. Michelle came in and got slammed backwards to the mat for a near fall by Natalya. Michelle got a few moves in, until Natalya was able to get a surprise pin. However, she didn't see the blind tag Layla made. Layla came in and avoided a move by Natalya, then LayCool landed a double kick to Natalya's face to take her down. Layla scored the winning pin.

Winners: Team LayCool wins via pinfall over Natalya and Kelly Kelly.

Backstage, Edge had a table full of food including buffalo wings, breadsticks, marinara sauce, brownies and pizza. He was munching on some food then looked over at Bearer and said how rude of him not to offer him some. Edge began taking the individual foods and smashing them against Bearer rather than feeding him. He said now it's time to go visit Kane, and wheeled Bearer off.

When Smackdown returned, they showed Kane backstage fuming. The Big Red Monster was breathing heavily and stared at the camera, then got up from his seat in the Boiler Room to scream several times. Finally, Kane broke down crying as he sat back down in his chair.

Big Show vs. Tyler Reks

Reks was fighting back early on and managed to take Big Show down with a clothesline. Reks went for a kick move later but Show grabbed his leg, stood up and leveled Reks. Moments later after a splash in the corner on Reks, Big Show hit the Chokeslam to win it easily.

Winner: Big Show wins via pinfall over Tyler Reks.

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed Alberto Del Rio. Matthews said so far it's 2-2 in the Survivor Series preview matches and asked if Del Rio can defeat Mysterio to give his team the edge. Del Rio said Mysterio doesn't have what he has and by the end of Survivor Series he will give the WWE Universe an "authentic hero."

Smackdown returned to show the John Cena video package discussing how WWE has always been what he's loved to do. The video also showed the Nexus Cena storyline as well building up to Sunday's WWE Title match. Cole, Matthews and Grisham reviewed the matches for Sunday's Survivor Series which also include Edge versus Kane for the World Heavyweight Title. There's also the Traditional Elimination Tag match, with Team Mysterio vs Team Del Rio.

Backstage in the parking garage Edge was wheeling Paul Bearer around, still covered in food. Edge said he doesn't see Kane anywhere. He ripped the duct tape off Bearer's mouth and told him to call him, so Bearer yelled for Kane several times before Edge taped his mouth shut. The cameras cut to Kane backstage rushing down the hallway pushing WWE staff out of his way and rushing by Luke Gallows. He finally arrived to the garage to find Bearer in his wheelchair loaded into the back of a limo. Kane went over and asked Bearer where Edge was, then started to look around for him.

Edge was shown standing on top of the limo and Kane didn't see him. Edge leaped off to take down Kane, then tossed him into some nearby set pieces. Kane was down on the pavement as Edge got into the driver's seat for the limo. He said he would see if Bearer floats, then went driving off with the limo. Kane got up and tried to chase them, but to no avail as the limo took off out of the arena.

Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio

While the match was Mysterio versus Del Rio for at least five minutes, it soon changed to a different scenario. All of Team Del Rio stormed the ring to start attacking Mysterio together. The ref called for the bell, and soon Team Mysterio all arrived to save their captain. Everyone started to brawl in the ring, so GM Teddy Long came to the ramp.

Teddy said we're going to do this right on Smackdown with a 10-Man Survivor Series Preview Battle Royal!

Winner: No contest when Team Del Rio stormed the ring to attack.

10-Man Survivor Series Preview Battle Royal

Smackdown returned with the match in progress. Del Rio was trying to push Mysterio over the top, but Big Show went over to make a save. Masters was able to punch Dashing Cody Rhodes off the apron for the first elimination.

Next elimination was Chris Masters as he and Del Rio both tried to hang onto the ropes but Del Rio won that battle. While hanging onto the top rope, Kofi was able to use a scissors move to flip Tyler Reks out of the ring. Next up, Drew flipped Kofi over the top rope. Kofi managed to land on the apron and held the top rope, but Drew came back with a running kick to eliminate him. MVP was the next man out, followed by Drew McIntyre. Mysterio was able to flip Del Rio out over the top rope, while still holding the ropes.

It came down to Jack Swagger taking on Big Show and Mysterio. He had some momentum, but soon the doubleteam took over. Rey hit a West Coast Pop off the corner to take down Swagger. Swagger locked an ankle lock onto Rey, but Mysterio crawled to the ropes and flipped out of it. Swagger got kicked hard in the face by Big Show, then fell against the middle ropes. Rey hit the 619, then Show grabbed Swagger for a chokeslam. Mysterio pulled the top rope down so Show could shove Swagger over for the win.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and Big Show win the Survivor Series Preview Battle Royal.

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