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Survivor Series 2010 Predictions

That's right we've arrived at Survivor Series 2010! It seems that the year has flown by, because it's already time for Thanksgiving and with that the classic WWE Pay-Per-View. SS continues to endure all the other PPV name changes and is one of the Big 4, along with Summerslam, Wrestlemania and of course, January's Royal Rumble.

For this year's event, we all know the major stipulations facing John Cena as special guest referee in the Barrett vs Orton WWE Title match. If Barrett becomes champ, Cena is done with Nexus. If Orton wins, Cena is fired on the spot from WWE. In addition to that match, there's the World Title match between Edge and Kane, a traditional Survivor Series 5-on-5 elimination match from Smackdown, the Divas Championship, Intercontinental Championship and the grudge match between John Morrison and Sheamus. Let's get right to the Survivor Series 2010 predictions!

Natalya vs Team LayCool
Divas Championship 2-on-1 Handicap

If anyone can beat this team 2-on-1 it's Natalya (or Beth Phoenix who still isn't back). Judging from the finish we saw on Friday's episode of Smackdown, with LayCool getting the doubleteam kick to the face to beat Natalya in a tag contest, Natalya will win this one. It's her third try at the Divas title, and third time will be a charm. Besides that pink/silver/black belt scheme matches her outfit.

Prediction: Natalya overcomes the odds and wins the Divas Championship, via Sharpshooter.

John Morrison vs Sheamus

This won't be the only match in the feud, so that should make the prediction somewhat simple. They may be preparing Morrison for a push towards the WWE championship level with this feud though, so I'm expecting he'll come out on top in a series of matches. However, in this one Sheamus somehow gets that first victory to extend things, perhaps by some cheating so Morrison can challenge again and the Raw GM can back up his request.

Prediction: Sheamus bests Morrison in what should be the first of many matches.

Kaval vs Dolph Ziggler
Intercontinental Championship

This one will be going out on a limb as Kaval just won his first match since winning NXT. He had the grand celebration on Smackdown, then announced he'd be choosing to face Ziggler Sunday for the IC title, as he gets to do with his NXT Season 2 win. Kaval's got an impressive array of moves and can entertain crowds. Is he ready for a championship? Sure why not. Make it two in a row and give Kaval the title. There may even be some sort of ringside drama with Vickie and Kaitlyn of NXT Season 3 that helps Kaval win.

Prediction: Kaval wins the Intercontinental Championship by pinfall.

Team Mystero vs Team Del Rio
5-on-5 Elimination Match

This year's "Traditional SS Elimination match" is from Smackdown featuring guys they want on the PPV who aren't in title pictures right now. Not going to get too biased here, but getting a bit annoyed with how they use Big Show as a huge clown and Knucklehead promo on the various WWE shows. He's basically become the 500lb equivalent of Hornswoggle, and that makes his wins a bit annoying at times.

Back to the match at hand. On Friday's Smackdown Teddy Long had all ten guys in the ring for a good ol' Battle Royal, which Mystero and Show won. Is that a preview of who will be standing on Sunday? Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes had a recent riff, so I'm expecting those two to cancel each other out. Not expecting we'll see Chris Masters or Tyler Reks left either. How about Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger as the final two guys? It's basically one of those matches that's always up for grabs and depends on who they want to push. Del Rio needs that push if he's going to be featured in the major title picture on Smackdown.

Prediction: Team Del Rio wins, with Del Rio and Swagger remaining.

Edge vs. Kane
World Heavyweight Championship

This is a tricky one, as it's becoming more obvious they will probably be giving us that Kane versus Undertaker match at Wrestlemania 27. That's plenty of "resting in peace" time for Taker, but they will need to make his surprise return - probably at the Rumble, and he probably wins it to challenge Kane. That said, Edge has been playing enough mindgames to seriously enrage a Big Red Monster. Smashing a pizza on Bearer was a waste of a perfectly good pizza pie too! Kane will capture the win here, retain his title and Edge will challenge again next month and probably at the Rumble too, where Taker returns.

Prediction: Kane defeats Edge via pinfall to retain the World Heavyweight Title.

Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton

This one seems to be getting more obvious as the PPV approaches. Some had originally speculated that David Otunga may interfere, if he had been ex-communicated from Nexus. Otunga is still part of the faction, although he doesn't really like Barrett. He still could play a part. Still, I see Orton able to retain with Cena doing the right thing. He hesitates but ultimate gives Orton the 1-2-3 count. Or, Cena somehow gets knocked out in the fray, or RKO'd and another ref must make the decision for Orton. Still, I see Cena getting fired because it will allow them to bring him back via the Raw GM's orders to face Barrett at upcoming PPV's.

Prediction: Barrett loses, Orton retains, Cena fired.

WWE Characters the Blog will present updated results on Sunday night as the 2010 Survivor Series PPV goes from 8pm until 11pm. There will also be snippet results and updates over at during the event. Hope everyone enjoys the 2010 edition of WWE's Survivor Series!

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