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WWE NXT Results 11/02/10

WWE NXT Results from Bridgeport, CT:

NXT opened with the video package promoting the Goldust and Aksana wedding tonight by 24 Karat Productions. Goldust proposed to his rookie diva Aksana weeks ago in order to help her solve her immigration problems.

After welcoming fans to the show, Cole and Matthews sent it to their host Matt Striker in the ring. Striker made his usual introductions of the rookies: Kaitlyn, Maxine, Naomi, A.J., and Aksana. Striker said there will be a wedding tonight and an elimination. Cole quipped "Thank God," prompting Striker to turn around and look at him. Striker told Aksana she has 0 competition wins and mathematically has no chance at immunity. He excused Aksana to go prepare for the weeding.

Tonight's first competition would be a Kissing Contest. Striker said he'd need a special judge for the contest. Hornswoggle's music hit and he arrived to the ring with Maxine giving him a look. Each of the divas had to kiss him and Hornswoggle had to say which one made him feel happy inside. Kaitlyn went first and made Hornswoggle fall against the ropes. Maxine was next and said she wouldn't be kissing Hornswoggle. She ordered him to leave the ring and he did all sad.

As Hornswoggle was walking backstage, Dashing Cody Rhodes arrived out wearing a suit, with a hand mirror. He patted Horney on the head and went to the ring. He said the contest needs someone "dashing," and here he is. Kaitlyn was told to go again. Dashing Cody Rhodes put on some lip gloss before and then Kaitlyn kissed him twice. Maxine refused to do it and made Cody kiss her hand. Naomi also refused to do it saying she wouldn't kiss him if he were the last guy on Earth. AJ went to kiss him, and he pulled out a nail file. He told AJ he knows she never kissed a guy before but he's rooting for. AJ pounced on Rhodes and took him down to the mat. He told Striker AJ was the winner.

Back to Striker and Cole, they said AJ has 2 wins now and could possibly save herself from elimination later.

Backstage, AJ was walking and Primo caught up to her. He said after seeing her kiss Cody he got a bit jealous. AJ said there's been something she's wanted to tell Primo for a while now and since elimination's coming up. She asked to tell him in private, so they went to the nearest room. Insider was Dusty Rhodes along with the Bella Twins all dressed up for Goldust's wedding. Dusty told them they'd need to find another room to use but told AJ she was looking good tonight.

Kelly Kelly vs. Alicia Fox

Kelly did her early pounce on Alicia and then later a tilt-a-whirl headscissors to toss Alicia. Alicia recovered to knock Kelly out of the ring. Back inside, Alicia stretched Kelly over her knee. Kelly regained control briefly, but Alicia dropkicked her down.

Alicia missed on the headscissors kick so Kelly did a Sunset Flip on her off the corner. Alicia kicked out, but Kelly followed up with her finisher to plant Alicia face first on the mat.

Winner: Kelly Kelly wins via pinfall over Alicia Fox.

Primo and AJ were trying to find a room still backstage. This time they opened a door and saw Maxine kissing Hornswoggle. She stopped and saw them. She tried to tell them it's not what they think, that he was choking. AJ and Primo went to find another room.

Survivor Series 2010 is presented by Paper Jamz. Tonight's second competition in the ring is the Wedding Gift Scramble. The divas had to tear through presents on the table to find a flag. First diva to find it would win the contest. Kaitlyn found the flag within about a half minute to win her second contest. Naomi with 3 competition wins in the past several weeks has immunity tonight.

Time for another Stand Up for WWE promo video package. It featured various superstars talking about their famous WWE parents and relatives. Goldust, Ted Dibiase, Cody Rhodes, Usos, Natalya, Randy Orton, Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty were all part of the featured video.

Cole and Matthews urged the WWE Universe to join in on the Stand up for WWE campaign. Visit WWE.com for more information.

When NXT returned the staff was setting up the ring for the Goldust and Aksana wedding ceremony. Cole and Matthews talked about Survivor Series 2010 which features Wade Barrett versus Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. John Cena will be special guest referee. If Barrett wins the title, Cena is released from Nexus. If Barrett loses, Cena is fired from WWE by Barrett.

Matthews reminded fans they can see episodes of NXT on Hulu, YouTube and WWE.com.

Finally AJ and Primo found a spot backstage near a piece of equipment. AJ noticed it was moving. They looked behind the board they were next to, and saw Dolph making out with Kaitlyn. Dolph stopped and pulled Kaitlyn out trying to say it wasn't what they thought. Vickie saw it all on the big screen and went storming backstage. When she finally got there, she grabbed Kaitlyn and tossed her against the wall. Two guys just happened to walk in carrying a wedding cake. Kaitlyn grabbed it and threw it onto Vickie, covering her in icing. Vickie was shown screaming as NXT went to commercials.

Next up, the wedding of Goldust and Aksana. All of the pros and rookie divas were assembled on stage as was Striker to watch. Cody Rhodes and Dusty Rhodes both arrived to the ring as part of the wedding party. Hornswoggle came out as the ring bearer carrying the ring on a pillow. The groom arrived out next, Goldust. The priest asked everyone to rise as Aksana came out wearing her golden wedding dress. The minister asked Goldust and Aksana to say their vows. After they did, the minister asked if anyone objects. He then said, if nobody does, then he does. Goldust asked why? The minister said because everyone has a price. He walked up the ramp as Ted Dibiase and Maryse arrived out onto the stage.

Dibiase said that because the wedding was over, it's time for Aksana to go back to her country. The immigration agent arrived out with a pair of handcuffs. Dibiase told Goldust there's just one way to prevent this and that's to turn over the Million Dollar Belt. Dusty Rhodes got on the mic to interrupt. He said he thought this might happen so he found someone else as a minister to help out. He asked him to come out and Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase arrived out. Cole noted he's an ordained minister.

Dibiase arrived to the ring and finished the wedding. Hornswoggle handed over the rings for them to put on each other. Goldust went in for the kiss, but Dusty Rhodes went over and kissed her on the cheek. As Goldust went to kiss Aksana, she slapped him in the face, then turned around and left the ring. Everyone was shocked in the ring as Aksana walked backstage.

Host Matt Striker had the five rookie divas assembled by the ring for tonight's elimination. Naomi had immunity for tonight. Time for tonight's big sendoff. They showed all the diva pictures rotating up on the big screen. Maxine was the latest elimination. She got to give her final words, saying she will be back, and will be on top. She wished the other divas good luck and walked up the ramp. Cole said the hottest one was eliminated, then joked that they still have four more weeks to go. Matthews said this is the "best internet show ever."

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