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Smackdown Results 10/29/10

Smackdown results from Milwaukee, WI:

Smackdown opened with a video package about Undertaker being buried alive at Bragging Rights. The video ended with a scene showing Taker in the dark opening a door and entering all white light. Tonight will be the funeral of The Undertaker as presented by Kane and Paul Bearer.

Kane's pyro went off. He and Paul Bearer were on stage at an Undertaker gravesite with dirt. The tombstone read "Buried Alive: Undertaker vs. Kane 10/24/10" Kane talked of his brother being condemned to an eternity of agony, and said all of the WWE Universe must thank him for removing the false hope Undertaker provided to their meaningless lives.

Kane said Undertaker is never going to return because he's six feet underground rotting and decomposing. Kane told the audience he is the "Devil's Favorite Demon," and the time for mourning is now. As Kane and Bearer bowed their heads for a moment of silence, all of a sudden Alberto Del Rio's theme music hit and he arrived out in his latest fancy car to interrupt.

Del Rio came to the ring with the funeral arrangement and a puzzled Kane and Paul Bearer standing there. Del Rio said this is a tragedy, not the Undertaker funeral, but that he hasn't had a shot at the World Championship. Kane yelled at Del Rio for what he was doing, and Del Rio knocked the urn out of Paul Bearer's hands. Kane became enraged and took a swing at Del Rio, with Del Rio avoiding him and then kicking Kane down. Rey Mysterio rushed to the ring and was able to send Del Rio into the ropes for a near 619 but Del Rio escaped outside. Rey spotted Paul Bearer on the middle rope and rushed over from the ring to hit the 619 on him. Kane got back in and kicked Rey off the apron, however Edge rushed to the ring and hit the Spear on Kane to end the segment.

Smackdown returned with Alberto Del Rio talking to Smackdown GM Teddy Long backstage. He demanded to have the World Championship match against Kane because he's the hottest commodity Smackdown has. Teddy Long said two other guys might disagree, so tonight there will be a match to determine the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight title. Long said it will be Alberto Del Rio versus Rey Mysterio versus Edge. Long told Del Rio if he's a hot commodity on Smackdown to prove it. Del Rio said "I will Teddy, I will."

Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler

Vickie Guerrero came out dressed in a cougar catsuit costume. They showed highlights from this past Monday's Raw where the referee didn't notice Ziggler's leg under the rope after Vickie had pulled it there. Due to the "poor officiating" at that match and the PPV, Vickie and Dolph demanded a rematch tonight.

In the close of this match, Ziggler had Bryan down but as he lazily walked towards him, Bryan tried to slap the Labelle Lock on. Ziggler countered to escape and then catapulted Bryan into the corner. As Bryan stood up, Ziggler put the sleeper on. Bryan tried to escape and backed Ziggler to the corner, where the ref happened to get in the way. The ref was knocked out, as Ziggler hit the ZigZag for a pinfall. Vickie slid into the ring to make the 3-count. However, the ref got up and told Vickie to leave the ring. As Ziggler turned back away from the ref, Bryan was able to deliver a solid kick to Ziggler's head, to grab the pinfall win.

Vickie and Dolph yelled at the ref as Bryan backed up the ramp with his arm raised up.

Winner: Daniel Bryan wins via pinfall over Dolph Ziggler.

Josh Matthews walked down a darkened hallway when Paul Bearer walked out and asked what he was doing there. Paul Bearer was holding his face and said Del Rio, Edge and Mysterio ruined their memorial sservice. Bearer said they will all pay. Kane came up behind Matthews huffing and puffing but didn't say a word as the segment ended.

Grisham introduced the Stand Up for WWE video package which showed a variety of divas and superstars talking about their dreams growing up to be WWE stars.

Kelly Kelly was checking herself out in a mirror backstage when Rhodes came into the picture and bumped her aside. He said he needs to use the mirror more than her. Kelly said she agrees he needs it more. Rhodes said it's a constant duty to be dashing and suggested Kelly pay attention so she can be dashing. Big Show came into the area and told Rhodes they need to have a match one-on-one and he can see how dashing he is dangling from a chokeslam. Rhodes said he's a tag team wrestler. Show said he'll find a partner for later, then told Rhodes to leave before he straightened one of his crooked eyebrows for him.

Kaval vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger arrived out with his Soaring Eagle mascot. He dominated Kaval through the early part of the match. However, at one point Swagger had Kaval up on his shoulders and Kaval turned into it a headscissors throw of Swagger. He landed a huge kick on Swagger in the corner followed by another kick from off the corner for a near fall.

At one point, Swagger was able to yank Kaval out through the rope a bit and then smash his leg against the cornerpost. He continued to work on that left leg in the ring then put him into the Ankle lock. Kaval eventually tapped out.

Winner: Jack Swagger wins via submission over Kaval.

When Smackdown returned, the commentators talked about the funeral for Undertaker that Kane and Paul Bearer held earlier. Del Rio interrupted it, and knocked Kane down, bringing out Rey Mysterio and eventually Edge to set up the #1 Contender's match for the World Title. Mysterio, Edge and Del Rio compete in the Triple Threat #1 Contender's match.

They held a Divas Halloween Costume contest on Smackdown. GM Teddy Long was in the ring with Hornswoggle who was in his cowboy costume he wore on NXT this past week. The Bella Twins were Batman and Robin. Alicia Fox was Cleopatra. Kelly Kelly was Lil' Bo Beep. Rosa Mendes was a sexy Leprechaun. Melina came out as Spiderwoman. Layla came out as Beyonce while Michelle McCool was Lady Gaga. LayCool got on the mics to interrupt Teddy Long saying they were clearly tonight's contest winners. A mini-brawl broke out so Long arranged an 8-diva tag match.

Kelly Kelly, Melina & The Bella Twins vs. Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox & Team LayCool

In the early part of the match, Melina gained control against Alicia Fox with a variety of moves, right as Smackdown went to commercial.

After the commercial, the face divas gained control against Rosa Mendes. Kelly pounced on Rosa and started to pound her against the mat screaming. Moments later she hit a neckbreaker, but the other heel divas rushed in to break up the pinfall. All of the divas entered the ring to fight, with six of them fighting on the outside. Meanwhile, Kelly gained control in the ring and hit her finisher to plant Rosa into the mat for a pinfall win.

Winners: Kelly Kelly, Melina & The Bella Twins win via pinfall over Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox and Team LayCool.

Rey Mysterio was backstage getting prepared for his main event match. Edge walked in and told Mysterio tonight's match won't be like Bragging Rights, it's not about team unity, but it's about winning the title opportunity. Mysterio said he respects that and he'll be trying to win the match too, so he can take back the World Title that Kane took from him.

Big Show & ??? vs. Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre

As Drew and Chody came walking out from backstage, Drew had the microphone and delivered a message. He said they saw how Gabriel and Slater of Nexus won the tag titles on Raw, and they don't think highly of Nexus. Drew said they're going to take the titles back. Rhodes got on the mic and said Nexus needs to see what they do to Big Show and his partner tonight. He added that he and Drew will now be known as "The Dashing Ones."

Show arrived to the ring wearing a big yellow cowboy hat. Kofi Kingston's theme music hit and Kofi arrived out as the mystery tag partner.

McIntyre had control against Kofi late in the match as he slammed him to the mat. He and Rhodes worked the doubleteam well for a while, but Kofi managed to jump up and deliver a dropkick to send Drew out of the ring. Rhodes jumped down and tossed McIntyre into the ring to tag Drew, but Kofi was able to dive over and tag in Show. Show came in on fire, dropping Rhodes to the mat, then hitting a Spinebuster moments later.

Show prepared for a submission hold, but McIntyre rushed in to help. Show grabbed him for a chokeslam, but Rhodes attacked from behind. As Drew rolled onto the apron, Show grabbed Rhodes in the chokeslam and picked him up. Rhodes was signaling for Drew to come help him, but Drew stayed laying on the apron. Post-match, McIntyre left Rhodes there and walked up the ramp, looking back at Show/Kofi.

Winners: Big Show and Kofi Kingston win via pinfall over Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes.

Backstage, Drew was walking by himself when Rhodes came rushing to him from behind to confront him over what just went down. Rhodes said he thought he had his back out there. Drew said he did but a giant got in his way. Rhodes grew upset with Drew's answers and told him he's holding him back from singles gold. Rhodes said he doesn't need Drew anymore and McIntyre agreed, saying he is "The Chosen One." Rhodes said right now he's choosing to walk away before he does something Drew will regret. Drew told Rhodes he better walk away or he'd ruin that pretty face of his. Rhodes said "The Dashing Ones are over," then angrily walked off. Cole and Striker talked about how sometimes egos get in the way of individual accomplishments in WWE.

They showed a video piece about the Wrestlemania Reading Challenge featuring Rey Mysterio, Bella Twins, John Morrison, HHH, Eve and other superstars.

Tony Chimel announced the #1 Contenders Triple Threat match, then introduced Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. Del Rio came driving out in his fancy convertible for the second time of the night, then got his intro en Espanol from Ricardo Rodriguez. Next out was Rey Mysterio followed by the Rated R Superstar, Edge. Smackdown went to a commercial break as Edge was posing from the ring corner.

Rey Mysterio vs. Edge vs Alberto Del Rio
Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match

The winner of this match becomes #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight title at Survivor Series. The match was underway after break, and right before a commercial break, Mysterio flew off the corner to take out both Edge and Del Rio on the outside of the ring.

At one point, Del Rio had the armbreaker submission locked on Rey, but Edge did an elbow drop off the corner to land on Del Rio, breaking it up. Later still in the match, Del Rio had a pinfall on Edge, but Mysterio jumped off the corner to break it up. At the close of things, Mysterio was able to dropkick Del Rio against the ropes on one side of the ring and Edge against the other. Rey looked at both guys then prepared for a 619 on Del Rio. He rushed over towards Del Rio who got up. Del Rio had Rey up on his shoulders, as Edge got up and then charged to hit a Spear. Del Rio fell back, slamming Rey to the mat, allowing Edge to get the winning pinfall.

Winner: Edge wins via pinfall over Alberto Del Rio to become the #1 Contender for Kane's World Championship at Survivor Series.

Post-match as Edge was celebrating the win, Kane and Paul Bearer walked out onto the stage. Kane's pyro explosions erupted from the corners of the ring with Edge staring out at the Big Red Monster just as Smackdown closed.

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