Saturday, October 30, 2010

After Undertaker's Funeral, Kane gets #1 Contender

On Friday's edition of Smackdown, the Undertaker's funeral was to be held by the Big Red Monster Kane. However, as WWE fans know, most funerals and weddings don't go on uninterrupted. On this occasion, it was a surprise interruption; Alberto Del Rio arrived out in a fancy convertible, then demanded that he should be World Champion right now. From there, things broke down and after a brawl involving Del Rio, Kane, Rey Mysterio and Edge, Smackdown was chaotic.

The solution for all the chaos? General Manager Theodore Long set up a Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match between Edge, Mysterio and Del Rio. The winner would get Kane in a World Title match at Survivor Series 2010. The three stars didn't disappoint, but it was very hard to believe that Del Rio would win this one going in. Having a heel face Kane at Survivor Series just made no sense. The ultimate winner of the match ended up being Edge, the ultimate opportunist. His spear on Del Rio as Alberto had Rey on his shoulders was something we haven't really seen before, making for a great finish.

Of course the bad news is Edge now must face Kane, and it appears Edge is just a stalling tactic while Undertaker "rests in peace." Likely Undertaker is going to rise again, but the question is how much time will he have off? Is WWE going to really hold this story until next Wrestlemania? Or will Taker show us a sign at Survivor Series?

Also on Smackdown, another interesting situation developed. A second tag team this past week imploded after The Hart Dynasty. Cody Rhodes had just dubbed he and Drew McIntyre the "Dashing Ones," right after they told The Nexus tag champs to be prepared. In the Drew/Rhodes match, Big Show got the best of Rhodes in the end. Cody tried to wave Drew in to help him out, but Drew stayed out of harm's way on the apron. Later the two blew up at each other backstage as their individual egos proved too much to co-exist. Which guy will get the title push now though, as two heels hold the World title and Intercontinental title? Or maybe Drew and Cody will collide down the line?

We got the obligatory Halloween Costume contest from the divas which turned into a tag team brawl. Melina chose the unique "Spiderwoman" costume, while Kelly was Lil' Bo Peep, Rosa Mendes was a sexy leprechaun, The Bellas were Batman and Robin and Alicia Fox was Cleopatra. LayCool came out as Beyonce and Lady Gaga. All of the divas looked great, but it didn't make sense that Natalya wasn't part of the picture after being involved in several Divas Championship matches. Maybe she couldn't find a Halloween costume in time for the show?

Overall a decent outing for Smackdown on SyFy. People are saying that Smackdown is the best wrestling show on television right now. Agree or disagree?

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OpenID chrismtob said...

The thing I like about Smackdown over Raw is the fact that the show is based around the Nexus or John Cena. Smackdown gives highlights of superstars throughout the show instead of seeing what John Cena's up to sense we last saw him.
Not to mention Nexus ruins every match they interrupt.

October 31, 2010 at 1:34 PM  

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