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Raw Results 11/01/10

RAW Results from Long Island, NY:

WWE Champion Randy Orton arrived out with his championship belt in hand. Lawler and Cole talked about how Orton defends the title against Wade Barrett with John Cena as special guest referee at Survivor Series 2010. Orton said there's not a man alive who could take the WWE Title from him. He said he'd accept it if there was, but what he can't accept it if there was a crooked referee, especially if it's John Cena.

Orton called John Cena out to the ring to confront him about Survivor Series and his referee job. Cena came to the ring moments later to talk to Orton. Cena told Orton that they've both been champion before and the title comes and goes. Cena talked about what could happen if Orton wins or loses. Cena said he isn't sure what he's going to do at Survivor Series. Orton told Cena if he screws him over at Survivor Series, he'll be the biggest phony in the WWE, and all that Hustle, Loyalty, Respect will be out the window.

Orton told Cena to get out of his ring, but Cena started to fire back, saying Nexus has everyone under their control right now. He said Barrett has the ability to compete but he can't win a title match straight up. That remark brought Barrett and his Nexus crew out from backstage, including Husky Harris and McGillicutty. Barrett said when push comes to shove at Survivor Series, Cena will raise his hand as new WWE Champion. Cena said in 3 weeks this is all over. Barrett reminded him that he might be fired. Cena told Barrett when it's all over, either way he's going to beat the hell out of Barrett.

Orton told Barrett he doesn't have to wait until Survivor Series to beat up Barrett, and called Wade to the ring one-on-one. Barrett started towards the ring, but the Raw GM sent an email to interrupt. The GM's email said tonight there will be a main event involving Wade Barrett and a partner of his choice against Orton and a partner of his choosing. John Cena will be the special guest referee for the match.

The Hart Dynasty vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

As things broke down in this match, DH Smith was beating up Heath Slater on the outside. Kidd knocked Gabriel out of the ring, and went for a flip over the top rope. Unfortunately though, Slater slid off Smith and shoved him into Gabriel, causing Kidd to land on Smith. Kidd tried to recover and got on the apron. He dropkicked Slater through the ropes, but Gabriel was able to deliver a kick to the back of Kidd's head. With Kidd down in the ring, Gabriel hit the 450 Splash to win it.

Winners: Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel win via pinfall over The Hart Dynasty.

Cena was backstage when R-Truth came into the locker room to talk to him. Truth told Cena he respected him for standing up to Barrett and tell him what he's gonna do after Survivor Series is over. Truth asked Cena what he's going to do for the match though.

Vladimir Kozlov vs. Sheamus

Sheamus was introduced first and said last week's big upset victory by Santino was Sheamus beating himself, not Santino beating him. Sheamus called Santino out to compete again. Santino arrived out from backstage, saying due to Trick-or-Treating last night and all the candy he ate, he can't compete or he'll throw up in Sheamus' face. So instead, he called out a replacement: Vlad Kozlov. Kozlov got on the mic telling Sheamus "you talk funny, now I crush you."

Late in the match, Kozlov did his headbutt to the chest multiple times on Sheamus, then shoved him against the ropes. As Sheamus came back, Kozlov booted him down then went for a pinfall. Sheamus got a leg on the ropes to break it. Santino was yelling out instructions to Kozlov, but Sheamus hit him with a double axe handle then came back with the Brogh Kick to win it.

Winner: Sheamus wins via pinfall over Vladimir Kozlov.

Post-match, Sheamus chased Santino up the ramp as he was backing up. Santino tried to bribe him with candy, cash, credit card and even a check. Sheamus knocked them all away and kicked Santino down on the top of the stage. As Sheamus set up Santino in the Celtic Cross, John Morrison rushed out from backstage. He kicked Sheamus in the chest to get him to drop Santino, then kicked Sheamus in the head causing him to fall off the stage. Santino did his trumpet celebration up on the stage as Morrison looked at him.

Backstage, Orton was walking down the hall when R-Truth approached him. He told Orton that Cena seems to have his mind made up. Truth said Cena is going to look Orton in the eyes and count Barrett champion 1,2,3. Orton suggested that Truth be his partner tonight so they can see how Cena treats his friends. Orton said they'll probably find that Cena has no friends.

Mark Henry was talking on a cell phone backstage saying things haven't been the same since his tag partner Evan Bourne got hurt. He said he's not just his tag partner but his best friend. Pee Wee Herman was there on another cell phone next to him telling him a story. Henry asked Pee Wee for a big hug. Henry started bear hugging Pee Wee and squeezing the life out of him. Pee Wee then suggested a game of Diva Twister to cheer Henry up. Eve, The Bella Twins and Melina were all there to play. Pee Wee cut a promo about his current live show, and then former WWE Diva Lita came in as part of the segment. The divas asked Pee Wee and Lita to come give them a hand, so Lita bumped one of the divas with her hip knocking everyone over. Pee Wee and Lita left the scene with all the divas and Mark Henry laughing on the floor.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Zack Ryder

Big Zeke manhandled Zack after some early offense from Ryder. After pressing Zack overhead and slamming him to the mat, Ryder kicked Zeke in the leg. However, Ezekiel was unphased and hit his one armed slam to win the match quickly and easily.

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson wins via pinfall over Zack Ryder.

Justin Roberts introduced the star of his own Broadway Show, Pee Wee Herman. Pee Wee gave his secret word of the night "Ring" and told people to all scream whenever they hear it the rest of the night. As Pee Wee kept talking, The Miz's theme music came on and The Miz arrived to the ring with Alex Riley.

Miz told Pee Wee he was always a Masters of the Universe type guy. Pee Wee told Miz why don't you marry him then. Miz kept saying the word Ring so Pee Wee and everyone was screaming. Miz kept threatening Pee Wee, so he told Miz he was starting to anger him. Pee Wee said his cousin is there with him. Miz said to bring him out then. The Big Show's music started up, but then changed into Pee Wee's theme music. Show came out dressed like Pee Wee Herman. Riley tried to charge at Show but he grabbed him around the neck. Miz came to try to help, so Show grabbed him around the throat too and shoved both guys out over the top rope.

The Raw GM sent another email which Cole read. It said The Miz wasn't getting out of this so easy, and he'll be facing Pee Wee's cousin in the ring, The Big Pee Wee. Pee Wee and Big Show started dancing in the ring to Tequila.

Big Show vs. The Miz

Miz built some momentum towards the end of the match, but show regained control. With Miz in one corner, Show went to the opposite corner and prepared for a running hip slpash. Miz avoided him by moving away. Riley got up on the side apron with the MITB briefcase, and Show knocked him off. The briefcase landed in the ring, so Miz picked it up and hit Show in the gut with it. The ref quickly called for the bell, giving Big Show the victory by DQ.

Winner: The Big Show wins due to disqualification of The Miz.

They showed another Stand Up for WWE video package. This one included Raw guest host celebrities talking about how great WWE is. Celebs included Dennis Miller, Florence Henderson, Bob Barker, Jeremy Piven, Jon Lovitz, Ced the Entertainer, Johnny Knoxville and Jewel. Lawler said now's the chance to show everyone who's been against WWE just how great an organization it is. For more info on how to help visit

John Cena was in the locker room backstage with Wade Barrett giving him a talk about tonight's match. Barrett said after tonight's victory, Cena can clean up his locker room, then scrub his back. Barrett walked off laughing. David Otunga walked in and told Cena he'll be raising his hand tonight because he's got more talent than anyone in Nexus, including Cena. Cena shook his head as Otunga walked off.

Daniel Bryan vs. Ted Dibiase

Dibiase arrived to the ring along with Maryse. Bryan gained momentum late in the match with kicks to Dibiase. However as Bryan charged from the ropes, Dibiase caught him for a Spinebuster and a near fall. As Bryan tried to get up near the ropes, Dibiase went for Dream Street. Daniel Bryan was able to slip out and counter, putting Dibiase into the Labelle Lock. Dibiase soon tapped out. Maryse was upset on the outside of the ring. Maryse got into the ring and said "this is not happening." Dibiase yelled at her to shutup and said he can't concentrate without his title, meaning the Million Dollar belt.

Winner: Daniel Bryan wins via submission over Ted Dibiase.

Michelle McCool and Layla of Team Laycool came out from backstage talking about how they feel the superstars and divas don't love them so much anymore. They said they don't care about them though, they care about the WWE Universe. Michelle McCool and Layla got into the ring. They said they'd give Natalya another shot at the divas title at Survivor Series, but only if she can beat Michelle tonight. Natalya arrived out ready for the match.

Natalya vs. Michelle McCool

Michelle gained momentum after Natalya had an impressive start. With Natalya down on the mat, Michelle wrapped a legscissors around Natalya's gut. The ref finally had to break the hold when he saw Michelle holding the ropes for leverage. At one point, Natalya almost locked the Sharpshooter on Michelle, but she managed to crawl out of the ring. Choas ensued on the outside, as Natalya was able to grab Layla and catapult her into Michelle. As Michelle got back into the ring, Natalya scored a quick rollup on Michelle for the win.

Winner: Natalya wins via pinfall over Michelle McCool to earn a Divas Title shot at Survivor Series.

They showed an odd segment with Freddie Prinze Jr. as a doctor in a hospital room saying "How's my favorite patient doing today? Still in that coma." He added "poor guy's gonna miss the election," and then the camera revealed that the patient was Vince McMahon laying unconscious on the bed.

Raw returned with the Vince McMahon segment. The doctor said even though he doesn't get a lot of visitors, at least his wife visits. Freddie Prinze, Jr. said Linda is very composed considering she spent $50 million on the campaign. All of a sudden, Vince woke up and angrily asked "$50 million on what?!" Vince said he hates politics, but as long as everything is ok in the WWE he's fine. Freddie Prinze filled Vince in that Undertaker's been buried, John Cena's in Nexus and Goldust is getting married.

Vince said next he'll tell him that Daniel Bryan's the US Champion. Freddie gave Vince a look to confirm it. Vince then said he needed to go to the bathroom. As he got up, he said if his wife can run for US Senate, maybe he can run for President of the United States. As Vince left, his open bathrobe revealed a Richard Blumenthal banner covering his backside.

The scene cut to Stephanie McMahon sitting up in bed after turning on a light. She said "I just had the strangest dream," then asked someone who wasn't shown (HHH) if her dad's still in a coma. HHH said "yea pretty sure he's brain dead." Stephanie shut off the light.

John Cena arrived out wearing a referee shirt for the main event tag match.

Randy Orton & R-Truth vs. David Otunga and Wade Barrett

Orton stared down Cena several times over questionable calls. As he did though, Barrett was able to use the distraction to attack Orton from behind.

Barrett took control against Truth later in the match, beating down on him, then tagged in Otunga for more punishment. Otunga had a near fall with Truth kicking out. Moments later the two guys collided in the air with flying bodypress moves. Both men tried to crawl over to make tags. Orton got into the ring so Cena went over to get him out of there. As they were discussing it, Otunga made a tag to Barrett. Cena didn't see it, so he turned and told Barrett to get out of the ring. Meanwhile, Orton hit the RKO on Otunga behind Cena's back. Orton rushed over to beat up Barrett, causing him to roll to the outside. R-Truth collected a winning pin on David Otunga.

Outside the ring, Barrett yelled at Cena near the bottom of the ramp. Cena said he didn't see any tag made. Orton smirked near the crowd, then got back into the ring to stare at Barrett and John Cena on the ramp as Raw ended.

Winners: Randy Orton and R-Truth win via pinfall over David Otunga & Wade Barrett.

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