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Raw Results 11/15/10 - WWE Old School Show

Raw Results from Hershey, PA:

WWE Raw opened with an old-style WWF Monday Night Raw intro complete with the old theme music, but shots of the current Raw superstars mixed in for "Monday Night Raw Old School." Explosive fireworks and pyro went off from the ceiling. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler were standing ringside for the vintage Raw. The ring was even done up like it used to be in the days of old WWF.

Justin Roberts, wearing an old tux and wig, introduced WWE Hall of Famer Mean Gene Okerlund. Mean Gene talked to Hall of Famer Cowboy Bob Orton, Jr. to kick off the show. Orton came out wearing his trademark cast. Gene tried to introduce Randy Orton, but his dad said Randy's not there at the arena yet, but he will be there shortly. Orton added that his son always has been able to deal with adversity. He started adding his own commentary about how he doesn't care about Cena's career, but that Orton's arm will be raised in victory. As Orton kept talking, Nexus leader Wade Barrett arrived out to interrupt the interview.

Barrett told Cowboy Orton that his predictions are as phony as the cast on his arm. Wade said he'll defeat Orton and do something Cowboy Bob never did, become WWE Champion. Barrett said the Old School WWE didn't pave his way, he got there through his own hard work. He noted that he didn't bring out The Nexus to beat Cowboy Orton to a pulp, is because he wants him conscious for Sunday's Survivor Series. Just then, The Miz arrived out along with Alex Riley.

Miz talked about cashing in his MITB contract, and how he just might do it tonight when Orton gets to the arena. Miz said that would change a lot, because Barrett and Orton wouldn't be competing for the WWE Title, and Cena would be stuck in Nexus forever. Cena showed up on the Titantron to tell Miz he won't be cashing in anything tonight. Cena told Barrett he's usually taking his orders, but tonight he's challenging The Miz in order to protect Barrett. Miz accepted the challenge for a match later on.

Sexual Chocolate vs. Dolph Ziggler

Smackdown consultant Vickie Guerrero accompanied Dolph to the ring. They did the old school picture-in-picture box with Ziggler talking about how he's part of the best WWE relationship since the Macho Man and Elizabeth.

Mark Henry arrived out to the ring with his "Sexual Chocolate" theme music. He kept up with the gimmick during the match as he eyed Vickie who was ringside. Late in the match, Henry had a pin on Ziggler, but Dolph managed to get a foot on the bottom rope. He pulled Ziggler out away from the rope, looked at Vickie then went for a big splash. Ziggler rolled away though.

As Henry was trying to get up, Ziggler rushed over and hit the Zig Zag for a near fall. He hit another take down with Henry again able to kick out of the pin. Ziggler locked in a sleeper hold with Henry down on the mat. The ref eventually dropped Henry's arm, giving Ziggler the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler wins via submission over Mark Henry.

Tyson Kidd and DH Smith were walking backstage wearing old school Wrestlemania talking about how they might not see eye to eye, but their wrestling ancestors didn't always either. Just then, they came walking up to Tony Atlas who was talking about how he and Rocky Johnson didn't always get along but they still became tag champs. Atlas kept going on and on about various topics with the Harts standing by trying to be polite. Finally they got fed up with listening to him and walked off. Atlas kept on talking as Raw went to a commercial.

When Raw returned, Atlas was still talking backstage about how he and Rocky didn't always see eye-to-eye. They showed that Yoshi Tatsu was backstage listening to Atlas yapping. He finally made the sign of stabbing himself with a samurai sword, but Atlas kept talking, as it went back to the ring.

The Hart Dynasty vs. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater

The Nexus tag champs worked the doubleteam on DH Smith for the first part of the match. Smith was able to move away before Slater tried to pounce on him in the corner though. He worked his way over to tag in Kidd, but went he finally got there, Kidd moved away so he couldn't make a tag. Kidd gave him a huge kick to the head instead. Smith fell to the mat, and Gabriel was able to hit a 450 Splash for the victory.

Kidd backed up the ramp smiling about what he just did, while Smith was fuming in the ring.

Winners: Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater win via pinfall over The Hart Dynasty.

"Mean" Gene Okerlund interviewed Randy Orton backstage with Cowboy Bob Orton behind him. Gene asked Okerlund about how he felt about Sunday's big WWE Title match. Orton started to answer when R-Truth came in to interrupt. He said Cena knows exactly what he's doing. Truth said with the whole "free or fired" choice, there is no choice, it's "free." Orton said it seems everyone has this all figured out. He said there's one way to make sure Cena won't screw him over on Sunday - by punt kicking him in the head tonight. The Ortons left Gene and Truth standing there looking on.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. The Brooklyn Brawler

Justin Roberts introduced Hall of Fame announcer Howard Finkel to do the match introductions. Brooklyn Brawler arrived with manager Harvey Whippleman. He made an open challenge to any "new school" superstar and Jackson came to the ring to answer it.

Jackson quickly took control as he tossed Brawler against the ropes, then leveled him with a move. He threw Brawler into the corner and did a huge clothesline on him. Jackson finished him off fast with the one-armed slam for the pinfall win.

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson wins via pinfall over The Brooklyn Brawler.

David Otunga was back in the locker room talking to the other Nexus guys. He said he almost was ex-communicated from Nexus but stepped it up on Smackdown on Friday. Otunga said it's time for one of them to step up now and deal with R-Truth since he's becoming a problem. Otunga started to say as the leader he thinks- but Wade Barrett arrived to interrupt, asking what he meant by he was leader. Otunga said he meant "as a leader from Nexus." Barrett told Otunga if anyone should deal with R-Truth, it's Otunga so he can do just that.

Just then, the lights flashed and an email came through. Cole got up to read the latest, which was from the Raw GM. It said Otunga won't fight Truth tonight, but instead Barrett will, to show he's truly championship material. Barrett smirked and said the GM raises a good point. Harris stepped forward and said Nexus will have his back. Wade thanked him, shooting a glance at Otunga, saying that's the sort of loyalty he expects. Barrett said he'll go out on his own though.

Cena showed up at the meeting with Barrett asking what he wants. Cena said a thanks for dealing with Miz would be nice, but Barrett said no way. He told Harris and McGillicutty to follow Cena out to the ring tonight to make sure Orton isn't involved. Cena said it wasn't needed because if Orton wants some, he can come get some.

John Cena vs. The Miz

They flashed back to last week's main event when Cena was guest ref for the Team Orton vs Team Nexus match. The Miz came in while Cena was distracted by Nexus on the outside. Miz grabbed Orton for skullcrushing finale as Riley hit him in the gut with the MITB case to help Miz hit the move. Barrett scored the winning pinfall on Orton, with Cena counting the victory.

Miz brought out a mic with him to the ramp, saying Cena always thinks he's one step ahead of him. Miz said the Raw GM never sanctioned their match, so he's making a substitution if the GM doesn't object. No emails came through, so Miz said Alex Riley will take his place in the match.

Riley had control for a good part of the match, until Cena flipped him to gain some momentum. Cena hit multiple takedowns, then went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, directing the You Can't C Me at Miz. Cena hoisted up Riley for the Attitude Adjustment. He hit it, then put Riley into the STF to make him tap right in front of Miz.

Winner: John Cena wins via submission over Alex Riley.

Post-match, Miz carefully got on the apron to check on Riley. Cena stayed in the ring. Orton came rushing to the ring, with Miz taking a swing at him, but Orton ducked it. Miz ended up rolling out of the ring, but McGillicutty and Harris rushed to the ring next. Orton took both of them out, then turned to see Cena in the corner. Orton tore off his shirt ready to go with Cena. The two superstars stared down one another, then Cena started to take swings at Orton. Several referees rushed into the ring to pull them apart, as did several WWE officials in suits.

Just then, an email from the Raw GM came through. Cole read it off that it's obvious Cena and Orton have issues they need to work out prior to Survivor Series. The Raw GM said they'll both get in the ring later- as guests on Piper's Pit.

Cole and Lawler were ringside again, talking over how great a show they've had tonight. They sent it back to the ring with Mean Gene to introduce Nikolei Volkov and the Iron Sheik. Mean Gene told everyone to stand to respect Nikolei's singing of the National Anthem. He started singing, but was soon interrupted by Santino Marella's theme song. Santino and Vladimir Kozlov arrived to the ring. Santino said his tag partner, Vlad Kozlov wants to sing the Russian National Anthem with him. Nikolei said that was fine. The crowd started up a USA chant. Kozlov and Nikolei started to sing, but it was off so Santino finally stopped them.

Santino said he has another song he wants them all to hear which will blow the roof off this place. He introduced the Doctor of Style, Slick. Slick came out singing his "Jive Soul Bro" rap song from old school WWF days. He got in the ring dancing to finish out the song, then Iron Sheik started ranting about how he created Hulkamania. Another USA chant started up, before The Usos were introduced. Also introduced was the father of Tamina, WWE Hall of Famer, Jimmy Superfly Snuka.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Usos
#1 Contender's Match

The match was held to determine #1 contenders for the WWE Tag Titles. At one point in the match, Kozlov got the Uso in the corner, then tagged Santino to use him as a battering ram into the Uso in the corner.

Later, Kozlov prepared for a powerslam with the Uso on his shoulder, but missed the blind tag, as the other Uso came in to clip Kozlov's leg. Santino finally got in to gain momentum, hitting a diving headbutt on the Uso. Kozlov and the other Uso got involved, which had Santino turning his back. The legal Uso went for a huge kick but Santino ducked and did a leg sweep to trip him down. Santino set up for the Cobra and hit it to win the match. Santino and Kozlov are the new #1 Contender's for the tag titles.

Winners: Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov win via pinfall against The Usos to become new #1 Contender's for the WWE Tag Championships.

Post-match, Santino and Kozlov celebrated in the ring. Sheamus rushed to the ring and kicked down Kozlov. Santino backed into the corner with Sheamus eyeing him. One of the Usos was still around and said something to Sheamus, but Sheamus kicked him down too. He went after Santino next, shoving him down, then preparing for more. Suddenly, John Morrison rushed to the ring and hopped on the apron. Sheamus rushed towards him, but Morrison pulled the top rope down for Sheamus to fall out. He followed that by delivering a kick on Sheamus as the Celtic Warrior was on the apron. Morrison got on the mic to say he realized Sheamus is just a big bully, but he's looking for a fight in the wrong places. Morrison told Sheamus if he wants a fight he's got one right there. Morrison dropped the mic waiting to do battle, but Sheamus just started backing up the ramp instead.

Kofi Kingston vs. David Otunga

David Otunga was scheduled for a special match tonight by the Raw GM earlier. They showed another picture-in-picture talk, this time from Kofi Kingston. Kofi said he decided to pay David Otunga of Nexus a visit on Raw, since Nexus keeps visiting Smackdown. Kofi said he just might go old school tonight like Koko B Ware and fly around the ring.

Otunga had the advantage for the first half of the match, but Kofi soon mounted a comeback. However, the two opponents took down each other on a double clothesline. Both guys fell to the mat. Suddenly, WWE legend, George the Animal Steele arrived to the ring. He went over the turnbuckle to have a meal, but a ref got in the corner to stop him. George went over to the other corner instead and tore apart the turnbuckle cover, eating it. That exposed turnbuckle played a part in the final, as Kofi smashed Otunga head first into it, then delivered Trouble in Paradise to win it.

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins via pinfall over David Otunga.

Backstage, Arn Anderson and Gerald Briscoe were talking to John Morrison, praising him for standing up to Sheamus multiple times. Morrison said he hopes Sheamus comes after him next. He said Sheamus is always picking on everyone, even a woman who did his hair in Milan, and a stewardess on a recent flight. Just then, a huge boot came into the picture and took out Morrison. Sheamus showed up with Anderson telling him to back off. Sheamus told them to tell Morrison when he gets up, he accepts his challenge for a match at Survivor Series.

Raw returned with Aksana walking backstage with the Million Dollar Belt. Suddenly Hacksaw Jim Duggan showed up yelling out "HOOOOO!" and Aksana asked what he called her. He told her that she's been stealing his trademark chant of "USA USA." Duggan told Aksana her mother from Lithuania was over around the corner to see her. Aksana walked over to find a man in a blonde wig. It was the American Dream Dusty Rhodes. He yelled "hit it Kelly" and she dropped some sort of net on Aksana. Rhodes grabbed her and said "ok we've got her," so Goldust came over to take back his Million Dollar Belt.

Goldust said it's time to hand the belt over to its rightful owner. IRS and Million Dollar Man came walking over, so Goldust handed the belt over. IRS said he'd help find a good tax shelter for that, and Million Dollar Man let out his trademark laugh. His son, Ted Dibiase came walking up, and Million Dollar Man said "here son this belongs to you." Dibiase told him to keep it because he's going to go get something that's not a "hand me down." Dibiase walked off.

Cody Rhodes walked up to them and looked at Goldust saying "that wasn't so Dashing." Goldust asked Rhodes if he'd teach him some of us his grooming tips, then started to do his Goldust trademark inhale/exhale. Rhodes stopped him and said "Don't breathe on me." They walked off together and Dusty Rhodes exclaimed that he's raised some weird kids. He then yelled for them to hit his music and everyone started to dance. Tatanka showed up for the dance party, along with Hacksaw. Everyone was dancing including Kelly and Aksana, until Ron Simmons walked up. He looked around for a moment then yelled his trademark "DAMN!" to stop everyone.

The commentators returned with Cole hanging his head in shame at the segment. They brought up the earlier incident in the ring involving Cena and Orton coming to blows with refs and WWE staff pulling them apart.

They showed R-Truth walking backstage with Eve. Lawler said the fun and games might be over soon for Truth since he's facing Wade Barrett next.

R-Truth vs. Wade Barrett

Truth arrived out to do his "Crunk" theme song with Eve doing cheerleader dance moves. Michael Cole started adding in his own rhymes saying "That stunk" when the song was over.

John Cena and Randy Orton were shown watching the match backstage on TV's. Barrett had been in control for a majority of the match, but Truth started up a comeback, leveling Wade on multiple clothesline attempts. He countered a Barrett move with a near fall, then had another near fall moments later.

Late in the match, Truth went for his scissor kick on Barrett. Barrett avoided it and got him up on his shoulders to go for Wasteland, but Truth slipped off. Truth tried to run against the ropes, but Barrett caught him with a big boot. From there, Barrett hit the Wasteland finisher to win it.

Winner: Wade Barrett wins via pinfall over R-Truth.

Raw returned with Lawler and Cole at ringside. Cole tried to do an impersonation of Vince McMahon and then Lawler started choking him jokingly. They kicked it to the ring announcer, who was Ricardo Rodriguez. He started to do an intro in Spanish, but Tito Santana arrived out saying "that's not the way it's done, tonight we'll do it my way." Tito Santana did the intro for Alberto Del Rio in Spanish. Del Rio came out in another fancy car with Chavo Classic driving. Chavo Classic is the oldest Cruiserweight Champion in WWE History.

Michael Cole said they've learned Alberto Del Rio will be a captain for a team at Survivor Series. Del Rio got on the mic in the ring to insult the Hershey PA crowd. He said the legends need to follow Chavo and Tito's example and pay respect to him. All of a sudden, Sgt. Slaughter arrived out from backstage to come to the ring. Slaughter got in the ring and called Del Rio a puke, a scum and a maggot, also challenging him to a match so he could get some respect.

Sgt Slaughter vs. Alberto Del Rio

Slaughter got in some offense, but in the closing moments, Del Rio tossed Slaughter to the corner. He ran at Slaughter then delivered his patented kick to the back of his head to take down Sarge for the pinfall win.

Post-match, Del Rio locked the Armbreaker submission onto Slaughter and kept it on. Suddenly, MVP rushed to the ring to make the save, chasing Del Rio off. Del Rio gave him a wink and a smile from the ramp.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio wins via pinfall over Sgt. Slaughter.

When Raw returned they showed highlights of fans buying tickets for Wrestlemania 27 which takes place April 3, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia at the GeorgiaDome. Kasim Reed, Mayor of Atlanta was also shown talking about how big this will be for Atlanta.

"Mean" Gene Okerlund brought out another old school guest, Mae Young. The Bella Twins transported her to the top of the stage, helping her stand up. Mae yalked about wrestling when she was just 17, and now she's 87 years old. Okerlund had them show a highlight tape of some of Mae Young's career moments, most of which included newer WWE highlights including kissing Mr. McMahon and also in various WWE diva segments. As Gene tried to do some more of the interview, Team LayCool arrived out to interrupt. They started to insult Mae Young, saying she's 100 years old and old enough to be Betty White's grandmother.

Mae Young finally got on the mic saying she wants a match with those two sluts. She also called them "bitches." Mae asked for a No DQ match against LayCool and they started to laugh about it.

Mae Young vs Team LayCool
No DQ Match

Mae and the Bellas started to stalk LayCool as they began to back down the ramp. Eve, Melina, Gail Kim and Natalya all arrived out to back up Mae. The newer divas chased down LayCool. Natalya beat up Michelle and threw her into the crowd barrier. Eve and Melina grabbed Layla and brought her over for Mae Young to slap. Mae then put one foot on Layla to get the pinfall win.

Winner: Mae Young wins via pinfall over Team LayCool.

Fink introduced WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross to commentate on the next match. Jim Ross came out to the appreciation of the fans. Ross joined Lawler and Cole on commentary to Cole's dismay. Cole asked JR who invited him. Ross shook hands with both guys then kept talking to Lawler.

Daniel Bryan vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger went for the Ankle lock early, but Bryan countered to get out of it. Cole kept trying to insult JR during the commentary, with JR ignoring him. The action went to a commercial with Cole saying maybe JR will be back on a plane to Oklahoma when they come back.

Late in the match, Bryan gained momentum. He hit a missile dropkick from the top rope to take down Swagger for a near fall. Swagger went for an ankle lock moments later, with Bryan countering and sending Swagger to the corner. Bryan went for a running hip splash, with Swagger moving away. Swagger did his running splash move from off the corner. Swagger continued with momentum from there. He went for Gutwrench but Bryan escaped and delivered a roundhouse kick to take down Swagger for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Daniel Bryan wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger.

Post-match, JR was telling Cole to get out of there. Suddenly, Ted Dibiase rushed the ring and attacked Daniel Bryan. After hitting Dream Street on Bryan, Dibiase left the ring and grabbed the US Championship Belt. He got in the ring with it and placed it on Daniel Bryan, as Maryse arrived onto the ramp from backstage. Cole told JR "see you in 10 years," as JR shook hands with Lawler.

Lawler and Cole talked about Survivor Series and the recently added Traditional Survivor Series Elimination tag match: Team Mysterio with Kofi, MVP, Chris Masters & Big Show against Team Del Rio with Tyler Reks, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre and Jack Swagger. John Morrison vs Sheamus has also been added to the card.

Justin Roberts asked the fans to give another hand for JR. JR got up with Cole telling him to leave. JR slapped Cole on the head with his cowboy hat.

They showed a split screen backstage with Cena and Orton headed out for the Piper's Pit segment.

When Raw returned they had all the Old School WWE legends lined up on stage. Justin Roberts introduced each of them one by one: Superfly Snuka, Cowboy Orton, IRS, Tito Santana, Sgt. Slaughter, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Brooklyn Brawler, Chavo Classic, Mean Gene Okerlund, Howard Finkel, Mae Young, Gerald Brisco, Million Dollar Man, Slick, Tatanka, Tony Atlas, Arn Anderson, Ron Simmons, Dusty Rhodes, George "The Animal" Steele, Jim Ross, Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff.

Roberts then introduced the Hot Rod Rowdy Roddy Piper. Piper reminisced about the Old School and the days when you had to "man up." He talked about smashing a gold record in Captain Lou Albano's face, and smashing a coconut on Jimmy Superfly Snuka. He said in the Old School if you had a problem you did something about it.

Piper's Pit with Roddy Piper

Piper introduced his first guest, John Cena. Cena got a mic and was ready to talk, when Piper stopped him. Piper said he's been a fan of Cena's for a long time. Piper said he competed for over 30 years and was never a WWE Champion. Piper said many other WWE Legends and Hall of Famers never were WWE Champion. Piper told Cena if he helps Barrett win the WWE Title, then he's spitting in the faces of all those WWE Legends he says he respects.

Cena answered back saying he's been hearing "Free or Get Fired" for weeks now. Cena said he's been working as hard as he possibly can to respect the legends. Cena said he looked up to them all as his heroes. Cena said if he hands over the WWE Title all his hard work as a wrestler will be down the drain. Cena said he's going to call the match down the middle. Piper was happy to hear it, but that brought out Nexus leader Wade Barrett.

Barrett said he proved tonight he can beat anyone on the Raw roster without Cena's help. Wade reminded Cena if he doesn't win the WWE Title, all of Cena's moments of glory will be over with WWE. Piper got in Barrett's face telling him if he lets Cena hand him the WWE Title, he'll be the biggest joke ever. Barrett said he realized something earlier tonight, this could be Cena's final Raw ever, and will be his final Raw as part of Nexus. Barrett said he wants to do something tonight that he should have done weeks ago. He pulled out a Nexus T-shirt and told Cena to put it on. Barrett told Cena if he doesn't put it on now he's fired on the spot.

Cena obliged and put his Nexus shirt on. Cena asked Barrett if he's happy now. Cena said win or lose Sunday, when the match is over he's going to make Barrett's face into mush. Barrett said Nexus is banned from ringside but once the bell rings, they'll hit the ring to neutralize any threats. Just then, Randy Orton arrived from backstage.

Orton eyed Cena and Barrett. He stared down Cena and got on the mic saying he thought about punt kicking Cena earlier, but thought of another option. Orton turned and attacked Barrett, knocking him down to the mat. The Viper got down pounding the mat getting ready for the RKO, but Cena walked in front of Barrett to block his attempts. Orton got up and dropped Cena with the RKO. He set up for the punt kick, but Barrett came at him. Orton tossed Barrett out of the ring, then went for the punt kick on Cena. Cena was quick to avoid it and then hit the Attitude Adjustment on Orton. Barrett got back into the ring smiling then ordered Cena to raise his arm in victory. Cena pretended he was going to, but instead picked up Barrett and hit the Attitude Adjustment to slam him down.

Raw ended after Cena left the ring and headed up the ramp where Piper raised Cena's arm. Barrett and Orton were still down in the ring from Cena's finisher.

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