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WWE Superstars Results 12/23/10

WWE Superstars Results 12/23/10:

Scott Stanford and Jerry "the King" Lawler were on hand for the opening match consisting of Raw superstars. Zack Ryder arrived to the ring for the first contest of the night as Lawler/Stanford traded holiday seasons greetings.

David Hart Smith vs. Zack Ryder

Early on Ryder retreated to the outside to recover from Smith's aggressive attack. Moments later, Smith tossed Ryder into the ring and went for a Sharpshooter. Ryder struggled to get to the ropes and eventually was able to grab the bottom rope. Ryder slipped onto the apron then rammed into Smith's gut. Stanford mentioned a tweet Ryder made "the man with the tan gets all the girls."

Smith regained control and went for the standing suplex. He kept Ryder up in a vertical suplex for several moments then used a free hand to urge the crowd to cheer on. Smith had a near fall following the suplex, and Ryder went back out of the ring. Smith went out, tapped Ryder on the back, then hit a huge uppercut. However, back in the ring Zack managed to turn things around with an elbow to the face on Smith's charge, followed by a big dropkick from the corner turnbuckle.

Superstars returned from a commercial break with DH Smith in control, but he missed on a charging move at the corner, allowing Ryder to regain control. Ryder went up on the corner with Smith but got headbutted down. Smith shook off the attack and jumped for a diving punch, but Ryder put up his boot. Smith stopped himself from hitting, grabbing Ryder's foot. Ryder managed to roll away as Smith went for the elbow drop and then tried a suplex, with Smith blocking and hitting his own suplex.

In the closing moments, Ryder went for the Rough Ryder, but Smith ducked it, then hit a Saito suplex to get the pinfall victory.

Winner: David Hart Smith wins via pinfall over Zack Ryder.

They showed highlights from Tuesday's NXT which was on Derrick Bateman won a wheelbarrow race contest and a trivia challenge to earn 2 immunity points.

Yoshi Tatsu & Darren Young vs. The Usos

Young and Yoshi had an early advantage, but soon the Usos turned things around on Yoshi. They kept Yoshi isolated from young as they worked him over in their corner, distracting the ref, and making frequent tags. At one point, one of the Uso's tried to bring Yoshi by the leg over for a tag to his brother. However, Yoshi hit a spin kick to take the Uso down, then eventually made the hot tag to Young.

Young came into the ring on fire, knocking one Uso off the apron and gaining the advantage on the other. However, the fallen Uso managed to get back to the apron to wisely make a blind tag to his brother's back. The Usos finished young with an impressive new finishing maneuver that saw one Uso whip Young to the ropes, then toss him up in the air for the other to hit the Samoan drop and get the pinfall.

Winners: The Usos win via pinfall over Yoshi Tatsu and Darren Young.

Smackdown team Jack Korbela and Matt Striker were now on hand for commentary. Striker thanked My Chemical Romance for "Na Na Na" the theme song to TLC PPV. They showed Raw Rebound which told the story of John Cena and his in-ring speech about how happy he was to be free of Nexus for a night. Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler arrived out, with Vickie trying to talk but the crowd draining out her voice with boos. Eventually Lawler and Cena started to trade fat jokes about Vickie, leading to Cena vs Ziggler. Cena won that match, but that led to a rematch on Smackdown. Cena won again, after kissing Vickie to distract her. Post-match, Cena put Vickie up for the Attitude Adjustment, but CM Punk arrived to the ring with a chair. He bashed Cena in the gut then smashed the chair on his back leaving Cena on the mat to close out Smackdown this past Tuesday.

Team Lay-Cool arrived out to the ring carrying their Slammy Award trophies. The main event divas tag match is next.

Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix vs. Team Lay-Cool

Korbela said that Layla and Michelle have gone to the chiropractor several times during the week. Early on The Glamazon slammed down Michelle to the mat, and Michelle was clearly in pain. She tagged in Layla who endured more punishment at Beth's hands. Layla got slammed down hard and screamed, then tried to get a tag but Michelle shook her head no. Beth and Kelly continued to work over Layla.

Prior to a commercial break, Layla and Michelle ended up on the outside. Beth went over to the ropes and stared them down prompting both divas to scream. Kelly rushed over and hit the baseball slide dropkick under Beth's legs to take down both of Lay-Cool.

After the commercial break, Layla managed to get over to tag Michelle. Kelly did her screaming legscissors helicopter spin on Michelle. Moments later, Michelle got in an impressive slam move on Kelly. Michelle threw Kelly to the mat, then put a hand on Kelly's face so she could taunt Beth with pushups on the mat. Layla tagged back in and started choking Kelly with a foot to the throat in the corner. LayCool taunted Beth at one point as Kelly got a schoolboy pin. The ref missed the pinfall and Layla regained control, putting a legscissors submission around Kelly's midsection.

Michelle tagged back in to keep Kelly away from the tag to Beth. LayCool continued the tag in and out to prevent Kelly from tagging Glamazon. Kelly escaped a charge from Layla in the corner and tried to get over for the tag, but Layla grabbed her hair and slammed her back. Moments later, Layla missed on a legdrop, allowing Kelly to get the tag to Beth. Beth came in with serious momentum, stepping on Layla and knocking Michelle off the apron.

Beth prepared for the Glam Slam on Layla. Michelle rushed in to try to Superkick Beth but got Layla instead. Phoenix took down Michelle then hit the Glam Slam on Layla for the win.

Winner: Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly win via pinfall over Team LayCool.

Matt Striker wished Jack Korbela and everyone else a happy holiday, reminding everyone to watch Smackdown on Friday night on SyFy (a repeat of Tuesday's episode from USA).

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