Saturday, July 30, 2011

Zack Ryder is WWE Internet Champion

That's right Broskis, Long Island Iced Z, Zack Ryder, is the official WWE Internet champion. Zack even has an official belt, seen in the "Z! True Long Island Story" episode #24 on YouTube.

In his latest YouTube video, Ryder shows off the hardware, but ultimately ends up throwing the belt away in the trash. Ryder calls the belt a joke, saying it's merely a kids replica championship belt with stickers on it. However, he brings out an even cooler looking version of it later on (seen here). Actually it looks pretty damn cool and wouldn't be a half bad idea if Ryder started bringing it to the ring. In fact, WWE may be on to something since they show multiple TV shows, including WWE Superstars, on the internet each week. Ryder could defend the belt on Superstars.

Speaking of Ryder, Triple H made him the official assistant to Smackdown GM Teddy Long on the show Friday night. Ryder didn't do too badly in his first night. He found a guy for Mark Henry to squash within a minute in the ring, and gave Ezekiel Jackson a handicap match against Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase. Jackson lost the match to Rhodes by pinfall, which could be a sign of things to come for Rhodes.

As noted on Yahoo's recent writeup, Zack Ryder has certainly been doing well thanks to his YouTube show and Twitter following, as it has fans inspired and asking him to be shown more on TV. However, the WWE seems to be working on their use of social media to further develop the brand. With CM Punk and Zack Ryder's recent viral videos on YouTube, as well as public feuds by WWE superstars and divas on Twitter, this could get interesting.

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