Monday, August 1, 2011

Raw Preview 08/01/11

Last week Raw closed out with two WWE Champions facing off in the ring. John Cena had just won the WWE Championship moments before he was confronted by the man who beat him for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank, CM Punk. Punk arrived out with his championship belt to new theme music, "The Cult of Personality." It appeared when Punk raised up his belt in front of the WWE Universe, he got more applause than Cena. Now, on tonight's episode of Raw, CM Punk will address the WWE Universe. What will the Straight-edge Superstar have to say?

Also, the new WWE COO, Triple H, has vowed to get to the bottom of the WWE Championship situation. That situation involves the fact that both CM Punk and John Cena seem to be rightful owners of the championship belt. Triple H already has booked a championship match for the World Heavyweight champion Christian at Summerslam, with Randy Orton set to get his rematch. Will Triple H set up a Summerslam WWE Championship match as well?

Although John Cena is the latest WWE Champion, the former champion may also have something to say. Raw roster member Rey Mysterio owned the WWE Championship after defeating The Miz at the start of Raw. He vowed to bring the belt home to his family, only to be booked in a rematch opportunity for John Cena in the same night. Mysterio would lose of course, but he should be owed a rematch for the title. Will Triple H give Mysterio and Cena another match on the latest episode of Raw?

Check out WWE Raw tonight at 9PM EST on USA!

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