Monday, November 21, 2011

Raw Preview 11/20/11

With the conclusion of the 2011 Survivor Series results, New York City and the WWE Universe saw the teaming of "the most charismatic tag team" in the history of the WWE.  However, it appeared that The Rock was the one who got the majority of the crowd praise during the match.  Not only that, he had plenty to show and tell John Cena after their victory.  With a face-to-face encounter in the ring, The Rock had words with Cena and showed him how it's done with poses from the corner of the ring and then a vicious Rock Bottom.  With that, the message was sent from Rock to Cena: The Great One isn't messing around.  Will John Cena have anything to say about this on tonight's episode of Raw?  What's up next for Cena now that his big tag team match is over?

Survivor Series also saw the crowning of a brand new WWE Champion.  CM Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio despite Del Rio and his ring announcer attempting to pull out all the stops.  The grand finale saw Punk put his own submission hold, the Anaconda Vice on Del Rio.  After Del Rio tapped out, the championship belt was once again bestowed upon Punk.  Punk jumped into the crowd to celebrate his major achievement of recapturing the belt at MSG.  Will Alberto Del Rio demand a rematch on tonight's episode of Raw, or will John Laurinaitis have other plans for Punk?

Also on the line at Survivor Series was Beth Phoenix's WWE Divas Championship.  This time a Lumberjills match was held involving Eve Torres as the challenger.  Once again, Eve gave it her all in the fight, trying to defeat The Glamazon.  However, Phoenix pulled off an impressive feat when she hit a Glam Slam off the corner to plant Eve face-first into the mat.  Will Eve get a third rematch for the championship, or will a new #1 contender step up to challenge The Glamazon?

WWE Raw goes live tonight on USA at 9PM!

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