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2011 Survivor Series Results Updates

It's Sunday, November 20th, and that means the arrival of the 2011 Survivor Series results.  Tonight's event has the makings of an epic sports entertainment spectacle, with The Rock and John Cena joining forces for the main event match.  They'll be facing the team of Awesome Truth (Miz and R-Truth), but the WWE Universe will be watching to see if the Rock-Cena connection can co-exist.

Also on the card are several title defenses.  Mark Henry and Big Show are going for round 2 of their confrontations, as they previously fought to a draw, after the ring imploded.  The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line in this one.  Meanwhile, CM Punk finally gets a one-on-one rematch for the WWE Championship as he faces Alberto Del Rio in a match.  Can Punk bring back the belt he previously won from John Cena, twice?

Other title defenses tonight will include Beth Phoenix putting the Divas championship up for grabs against Eve Torres.  Eve is a former champion and will be in her second attempt at the title.  Also, Dolph Ziggler defends the United States Championship against John Morrison (sorry Zack Ryder, keep working on the petition!)

The latest match updates and winner results will be given below as they are official, starting after 8PM EST.  Click here to refresh this page for the latest results.

The Pay-Per-View opened with a video package talking about the history of Survivor Series over 25 years.  The careers of legends have been launched including The Rock and The Undertaker.  Tonight at the world's most famous arena it's going to be "something more."  Never before have two of the most iconic superstars united as one, two known Wrestlemania opponents pair up, before throwing down - John Cena and The Rock.

Pyro set off at MSG to start Survivor Series.  Cole announced a 16,749 person soldout crowd.  He was joined by Booker T and Jerry Lawler.  Cole brought up where all of the tweets and comments from divas and superstars will appear tonight.

Executive VP of talent relations and interim Raw GM, John Laurinaitis, arrived out to the stage to talk to the crowd.  He said it's not only the 25th anniversary of Survivor Series, but his 10th anniversary in WWE.

John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler
US Championship Match

Early on in the match, the MSG crowd chanted "We Want Ryder!" and Cole talked about Zack's online petition using social media.  Ziggler took control early and taunted the crowd after a big dropkick on JMo in the corner.  Vickie Guerrero cheered him on from ringside.

After Ziggler had a near fall, Morrison started to gain momentum including a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall of his own.  Later, Morrison managed to connect on a flying kick from off the side ropes for another near fall.  Morrison had another pinfall near the ropes but Vickie interfered putting Dolph's foot on the bottom rope.  The ref tossed the irate Vickie Guerrero from ringside area.

The closing moments saw Morrison do his running knee to Ziggler's head, then pull him towards the corner.  JMo went for Starship Pain but Ziggler got both knees up.  Ziggler responded from there with his Zig Zag to get the win.

Post-match, Ziggler got on the mic to gloat about his victory.  He was interrupted by Ryder's theme music and Long Island Iced-Z rushed to the ring.  Ziggler jumped him in the ring and started a beatdown, but Ryder fought back eventually hitting the Rough Ryder to send Ziggler out of the ring.  ZR did a "Woo Woo Woo" chant with the crowd to celebrate.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler wins via pinfall over John Morrison to retain the United States Championship.

Eve Torres vs. Beth Phoenix
WWE Divas Championship Match

This match will be a Lumberjill match with other divas around the ring.  The Lumberjills included Aksana, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, AJ, Kaitlyn, Natalya, Maxine, Bella Twins, Rosa Mendes, Tamina all ringside.  Early on, Eve went for her booty poppin moonsault but Beth rolled out of the ring.  The lumberjills grabbed Beth to toss her back in.  Later on, Eve almost got yanked off the apron by Natalya, but she kicked her away.  Beth managed to take control from there and settled into a submission hold.

Eve gained momentum hitting several takedowns, but she missed on a move when Beth got her knees up.  Eve managed to escape the Glam Slam and turned it into a counter submission move.  Beth got her legs around the bottom rope to break.  Natalya got up on the apron to distract Eve, allowing Beth to nearly steal a pinfall.

The close saw Eve go to the corner ropes for a moonsault attempt.  Beth got up and shoved Eve onto the ropes crotching her.  From there, Beth fought with Eve up on the corner.  Beth managed to get the upperhand and then hit Glam Slam with Eve from the corner to win it.

Winner: Beth Phoenix wins via pinfall over Eve Torres to retain the WWE Divas Championship.

CM Punk was backstage in the lockerroom when David Otunga came in.  Otunga told Punk that Mr. Laurinaitis wants him to do the respectable thing and apologize for jumping him last week.  Punk said he'll think about it after he defeats Alberto Del Rio.

The Rock appeared up on the Titantron backstage, then addressed the MSG crowd.  Rock talked about pro wrestling history seeing his relatives in action at MSG, then brought up his own debut at Survivor Series.  He listed off his championship accomplishments including becoming "the People's champion."  After 7 long years, the new era begins tonight, because "finally, The Rock has come back to New York City."  Rock talked about how he and the people will electrify MSG tonight to shove a lightning bolt up Cena's ovulating lady parts.  Rock started an acapella version of Sinatra's "New York New York" with the fans.  Rock said "Boots to asses all night long, New York City it's on....If ya smellllll what, the Rock, is cookin!"

Team Orton vs. Team Barrett
Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Match

Team Orton will include captain Randy Orton, Sheamus, Mason Ryan, Kofi Kingston and Sin Cara.  Team Barrett includes captain Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and Hunico.

Kofi Kingston and Ziggler started things off, with Kofi managing to escape Ziggler and tag in Orton.  Orton saw a stunned Ziggler and hit a quick RKO to make a fast first elimination from Team Barrett.

Barrett and his remaining team had a meeting ringside, but Orton rushed over to break it up.  Kofi Kingston and Sin Cara did a double run and dive over the top ropes to take out Swagger and Hunico.  Sin Cara was left outside the ring, apparently hurt from  a hyperextension.  Justin Roberts announced Sin Cara was eliminated from the match.  Officials checked on him ringside with Sin Cara holding his head and shaking his leg.

After the ref restored order, Mason Ryan and Cody Rhodes went at it with Ryan getting the best of Cody.  Later, Mason Ryan started to dominate Hunico a bit including a press overhead.  Cody Rhodes managed to make a blind tag in the process and came in with the Beautiful Disaster kick from the ropes to knock Ryan down.  He followed with Cross Rhodes to eliminated Mason Ryan by pinfall.

Sheamus got into the match and took a bit of a beating from Barrett inside and outside the ring.  Celtic Warrior got away from Hunico and tagged Kofi, as Barrett came back in.  Kofi took control quickly.  Barrett got a huge boot kick on Kofi though and then hoisted him up for Wasteland to eliminate Kingston from Team Orton.

Orton rushed in and started to pound on Barrett.  Orton had control but Barrett managed to escape his DDT from the ropes and backdropped Orton over the ropes to the outside.  Hunico tagged in and did a running dive move to take out Orton on the outside. Team Barrett continued to attack The Viper with Rhodes the next heel in.  Orton shoved Rhodes away and managed to make a tag to Sheamus as Swagger tagged in as well.

Sheamus managed to hit the Irish Curse backbreaker on Swagger, just after he threw Hunico out of the ring.  Sheamus knocked Rhodes off the apron, then got Swagger up in the Celtic Cross.  Barrett rushed in and broke it up, but Sheamus kicked Barrett out of the ring.  Sheamus kept driving his knee into Swagger's head and wouldn't listen to the ref.  The ref finally DQ'd him to Sheamus and the crowds' dismay.

Before leaving, Sheamus delivered a Brogue kick on Swagger.  Orton crawled back into the ring to pin Swagger and eliminated him.  Barrett began to stomp on Orton in the corner, then Rhodes tagged in.  However, Orton escaped him from the corner area and knocked Barrett and Hunico off the apron.  Orton hit the DDT on Rhodes from the ropes.  Barrett got on the apron to distract for a bit.  Hunico blind tagged Rhodes then tried a springboard off the top rope.  Orton hit the RKO on him to eliminated him.

Orton fought Barrett in the ring with Rhodes still in there.  Rhodes tried to interfere but Rhodes dropped him.  Barrett was able to take advantage and get the Wasteland to eliminate Orton.  Rhodes and Barrett survive as sole winners of the match.

Winners: Team Barrett wins with Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes as the final survivors.  Barrett eliminated the final member of Team Orton, Randy Orton, by pinfall.

Backstage, the Bella Twins were flirting with Alberto Del Rio and he suggested they go out to a restaurant after he wins.  John Laurinaitis came up and asked if Del Rio is taking tonight's match seriously.  Del Rio said tonight will be the first of many title defenses at MSG.  He said his entire country of Mexico is counting on him, so don't ask if he's taking this seriously.  He vowed to leave the building as WWE Champion.

Big Show vs. Mark Henry
World Heavyweight Championship Match

Mark Henry did a lot of time wasting early to take breaks when Big Show tried to attack him.  Henry finally managed to gain an edge against Show and started to work on his formerly hurt left leg.  Henry did some elbow drops on the knee and then a hold on the mat to ground Show.

Show finally got back to his feet and managed to hit a big DDT to drive Henry into the mat.  Show had a nearfall with Henry barely kicking out of it.  Show got multiple headbutts on Henry to knock him down then a running shoulder block.  He prepared for a Chokeslam but Henry kicked him in the hurt leg, then hit World's Strongest Slam.  Show managed to escape before 3.  Henry responded with a huge elbow drop and another near fall.

The two behemoths fought outside the ring, with Henry charging right at Show and taking him through the crowd barricade.  Henry rolled back into the ring as the ref kept counting out Show.  Show managed to get back in the ring just at 9 to beat the count.  With Show on the apron, Henry tried for a suplex but Show headbutted him away.  He got in the ring and hit a superkick to Henry's jaw to send him to the mat.  Show went out to the apron and climbed the corner for a high risk move and positioned his feet up on the corner.  Show flew off the corner with a huge elbow drop onto Henry on the mat.  Henry escaped the pinfall.

Show prepared for his KO punch and went for it, but Henry ducked it and did a low blow kick to Show's groin.  Show fell to the mat and the ref called for the bell for the DQ.

Post-match, Henry grabbed a chair from ringside and got in the ring.  He kicked Show in the head, then put the steel chair on Show's leg.  Henry got on the corner to jump down on Show's leg, but as he jumped, Show pulled his legs out of harm's way.  He stood up and as Henry turned around, Big Show hit a KO punch to ground Henry.  Big Show picked up the steel chair and put it on Mark Henry's leg then delivered a huge legdrop on him.  Henry screamed out in pain clutching at his leg.  WWE officials and staff came out to check on him, with Henry still down on the mat as the PPV went to an ad for WWE 12 video game.

Winner: Big Show wins due to disqualification of Mark Henry when Henry delivered a low blow.  Mark Henry retains the World Heavyweight Championship.

Matt Striker interviewed Wade Barrett backstage about his big victory at Survivor Series tonight. Barrett said for the future he wants to be England's 1st ever World Heavyweight Champion. The Miz came up to interrupt saying "really?" R-Truth said tonight's all about "The Barrett barrage?" Barrett said "your American Charlie Sheen calls it winning." Barrett left and Awesome Truth talked about why they're the most charismatic tag team in WWE. They complained about Rock and Cena getting all the attention tonight. R-Truth started talking about pigeons and how they were staring at The Rock and Cena poster. He said all pigeons do is crap. Truth said tonight "crap is gonna get got!" Striker just looked confused as Awesome Truth left the scene.

Cole talked about the social media hub for all of the tweets and Facebook comments about tonight's PPV.

CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio
WWE Championship Match

Alberto Del Rio got his standard introduction from Ricardo Rodriguez.  After Del Rio did some posing, Justin Roberts introduced CM Punk's personal ring announcer, WWE Hall of Famer, Howard Finkel.  Fink came out on stage to make Punk's intro for the match.  The crowd gave him a Howard Finkel chant before he made the big introduction.  Punk's theme song hit to bring out CM Punk to the stage.  Punk gave a handshake and half hug to Fink before heading to the ring.

They locked up early with Punk getting a quick advantage after a shoulder tackle for a near fall.  Punk continued with the advantage until moments later when Del Rio got control.  He had Punk under the bottom rope and beat on him.  The ref pulled Del Rio away and Rodriguez took a shot at Punk from ringside.  Punk chased Ricardo around the ringside area, allowing Del Rio to dropkick Punk through the ropes.  Del Rio kept the attack up on the outside, slamming Punk's hand on the steel steps.  Del Rio had an axe handle chop off the corner for a near fall in the ring before putting a submission hold on Punk.

Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker later for a near fall.  He went to the top rope for another chop move on Punk for a near fall.  Del Rio tried for a running move with Punk against the ropes, but Punk moved away.  Del Rio slipped to the outside and hit the outside floor.  Punk shook his hurt arm/hand in the ring.  Ricardo Rodriguez tried to get Del Rio back in the ring.  Del Rio got on the apron and yanked Punk down against the ropes.  Back in the ring, Punk managed to take down Del Rio with a surprise move.

Punk rallied after the crowd started up a big chant.  He had several takedowns on Alberto for a near fall.  Punk set up for GTS and got Del Rio up, but the champ fought off and hit a backstabber for a near fall.  Later Punk had a schoolboy pinfall attempt on the champ.  He went for the running knee in the corner with Del Rio moving away.  Del Rio hit his kick to the back of the head for another near fall.

Del Rio kept working on the hurt arm, and sat Punk up on the corner.  He climbed up for a superplex, but Punk knocked him off.  He prepared for his flying elbow drop but Del Rio crotched him.  Punk was hung upside down and Del Rio kicked his left arm hard.  Del Rio charged at Punk who moved away and Del Rio hit shoulder first to the ringpost.  From there, Punk got his Savagae elbow drop and went for the pinfall, but Del Rio kicked out, again!

Punk went for GTS again, but Del Rio slipped out again.  He managed to get Punk into the Cross Armbreaker submission with Punk yelling in agony.  Punk finally got his legs around the bottom rope to break the hold, but Cole said "the damage has been done."

The close saw Punk go for the pinfall after kicking Ricardo Rodriguez off the apron.  Punk managed to put the Anacondo Vice on Del Rio and locked it in.  Del Rio struggled for a bit then tapped out, giving Punk the championship.

Post-match, Punk jumped out into the audience to celebrate the victory.  Security guards helped Punk get out of the crowd and sit on the barricade to hoist up his new belt.

Winner: CM Punk wins by submission over Alberto Del Rio to win the WWE Championship.

They showed a highlight video package to hype up the main event.  Included was footage of The Rock's debut at MSG, and various incidents from Cena and Awesome Truth over the past several weeks.

John Cena & The Rock vs. The Miz & R-Truth

First out was Awesome Truth as they did a "You Suck" rap remix for the MSG audience.  Next, it was John Cena's entrance, and finally The Rock's arrival back to the ring.  Rock got another "Rocky" chant as he posed up on the corner area then paced around the ring to survey the crowd.

Rock got the start against The Miz and took control quickly with a headlock.  Miz pushed him to the ropes but Rock with the arm drag.  Rock took out Truth and then had a near fall on Miz.  Miz escaped and got out of the ring to regroup with his partner.  Rock turned and stared down Cena with Cena saying "not bad" and smirking.  The crowd chanted "You still got it!"

Truth came in to get his dose of The Rock.  Rock had a bridge pinfall on Truth but Miz tried to interfere so Cena rushed over to knock Miz off the apron.  The ref got involved in that, missing Rock's pinfall.  Rock had words with Cena over it.  Miz tagged back in and requested to wrestle Cena, so Rock obliged with a slap of Cena's hand.  Cena got in the ring to a chorus of boos.

Cena got several moves on Miz, but the crowd chanted "you still suck!" and then chanted for "Rocky."  Truth came in and shoved Cena then tried for a fancy move.  Cena exploded back with his shoulder tackles and then prepared for 5 Knuckle Shuffle.  He did the "You Can't See Me" in Rock's face, so Rock got in the ring to stare at Cena.  As Cena turned back around he got blasted by a Truth clothesline.  Awesome Truth took control from there.

The heels continued to isolate Cena and attempted to wear him down for the win.  Rock walked back and forth on the apron watching the action.  The heels kept the onslaught up on Cena.  Truth went for a flying crossbody off the corner with Cena rolling through and then lifting Truth up.  Truth slipped out and hit a faceplant on Cena into the mat for a near fall.  Miz tagged in for more punishment on Cena.  Miz began to taunt The Rock as he worked on Cena.

Cena managed to trip down Miz and put on the STF.  Truth rushed in to kick Cena in the head and broke things up.  Truth tagged in next and Cena got him with the AA.  Cena was too out of it to make a pinfall cover, but eventually started to crawl over to tag Rock.  Miz got the tag in first and rushed over to knock Rock off the apron.  Miz put a headlock on Cena in the ring while Truth beat up Rock on the outside.

Truth and Miz kept up their hard work on Cena with Rock trying to get in the ring.  The ref stopped Rock allowing Awesome Truth the doubleteam move.  Cena finally managed to escape against Miz and jumped over for the hot tag to Rock.  Rock exploded into the ring and hit moves on Miz and Truth.  He did the Rock Bottom on Truth, then put a Sharpshooter on THe Miz.  Miz used his strength to crawl over and try to grab the bottom rope.  He couldn't as Rock pulled him back itno the center.

R-Truth rushed in to hit his Little Jimmy move on Rock.  Cena came in and tackled Truth out through the ropes.  Miz got up before Rock in the ring and kicked on him.  Miz had control and started taunting.  He ran against the ropes but Rock hit a huge Spinebuster on him to play Miz on his back.  Rock took off the elbow band and tossed it out to the crowd before hitting the People's Elbow.  Rock scored the winning pinfall on The Miz.

Post-match, Cena was up on the ramp and applauded The Rock's big performance.  The Rock mouthed some things to Cena from in the ring and then asked for his music to be shut off.  Cena came down to the ring and posed on the corner, almost mocking The Rock.  The Rock went up on the corner and did his pose the usual way drawing bigger crowd response.  Cena did another corner pose and got boos.  Rock shook his head at Cena.  Rock said something to Cena and then did his pose once again to get massive crowd response.

Cole and Lawler asked what's going to happen as the next chapter of this rivalry is written.  Rock's music cut off again as he and Cena came face to face in the center of the ring.  Cena turned to leave, and Rock turned him back around.  Rock hit The Rock Bottom on Cena, before Cena rolled to the outside.  Cena stood up holding his back and went backstage.  The Rock continued to pose for Madison Square Garden as Survivor Series PPV went off the air.

Winners: John Cena & The Rock win via pinfall over R-Truth & The Miz.

Thanks for choosing WWE Characters the Blog for your 2011 Survivor Series results coverage!  Check back after 11PM EST for the complete event results and match recaps.  Also, be sure to check out Monday Night Raw on USA 11/21 starting at 9PM EST for all of the followup to tonight's matches and more!

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