Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Masked Kane Returns to WWE (Video)

On last night's episode of Raw a special promo video was revealed showing what appears to be the return of Kane. Not only did the video segment feature images of Kane, but also an image of Kane's famous mask.

The exact return of Kane (Glenn Jacobs) is unknown at this point, but it appears like it will be in the coming weeks. The big question will be what exactly will Kane's comeback feud or storyline be? Will he simply come back and ruin amateur jobber wrestlers for a bit, or will he be going after someone he was involved with prior to the injury?

One of the last matches Kane had before leaving Smackdown and WWE programs was against Randy Orton. However, Kane was in face mode during and after the contest even shaking hands with Orton. Right before the match, Kane had vowed to go back into his deeper darker self, but that didn't happen at that point.

Don't forget about Kane's beef with Mark Henry as well, who also destroyed Kane in the ring just like he did to Big Show and others. It seems like Kane could possibly get involved in the next Big Show vs. Mark Henry match, maybe at the TLC Pay-Per-View if they meet up there. Or Kane could resume his dark and angry persona and go after Randy Orton creating a relatively fresh feud for Smackdown right now.  He could also go after former tag team partner Big Show for some reason.  Kane and Sheamus would also work well as they haven't had much of a history.

Stay tuned for the return of the masked Kane!

Here's a look at the YouTube promo video seen on Raw.

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