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Raw Results 11/21/11

WWE Raw Results from Hershey, PA:

Raw opened with the arrival of CM Punk to the ring to talk about his big WWE Championship win at last night's PPV. Punk talked about always wanting to be a pro wrestler since he was a kid, and how big last night's moment felt for him to win at MSG. He was interrupted by John Laurinaitis. JL quipped back and forth with Punk, trying to reason with him. Laurinaitis said he's got a wild side and is creative too, just like Punk. He told Punk he'll be having a rematch against Del Rio next week on Raw with the WWE title on the line. Tonight, Punk will face Dolph Ziggler in a champion vs. champion match. The crowd chanted for Ryder and Punk said they want Ryder vs Ziggler. Laurinaitis said Ryder will be busy in a match with Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Zack Ryder by submission. Del Rio hit an enziguiri kick and then locked on the cross arm-breaker.

They showed a slideshow image from last night's PPV with The Rock hitting the Rock Bottom on Cena after their victory in the tag match. Cole said tonight Cena responds after Rock's actions last night.

Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger by pinfall. Sheamus managed to escape the ankle lock and then hit the Brogue Kick on Swagger for the win.

Kevin Nash did a promo talking about how Survivor Series should have been him and Triple H vs Cena and Rock. He said it didn't happen because Triple H is gone. Nash said Survivor Series may be gone, but the true survivor of the cliq group is right here. His NWO theme music came on and Nash went to the back.

Cody Rhodes defeated Santino Marella by pinfall. Rhodes avoided The Cobra punch and then hit Cross Rhodes to win it. Post-match, Rhodes walked up to the announce table saying he can hear Booker's comments about him. Booker said he's got not beef with him. Rhodes threw a cup of water in Booker's faces, causing Booker to stand up and glare at Cody. Rhodes went backstage, and a replay showed what happened.

Backstage, Josh Matthews talked to Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler said he won two matches last night, although Matthews pointed out Dolph was first man eliminated in the Survivor Series match. Ziggler said he was on the winning team though. He brought up that Cena, Rock and Punk didn't do anything like that last night. Dolph said he's the new face of the WWE.

CM Punk defeated Dolph Ziggler by pinfall in a non-title champions vs champions match. The match went over 15 minutes and featured Punk avoiding a move by Ziggler to ultimately hit the GTS for the win. Post-match, Punk had a bloody lip and celebrated the win in ring. Ziggler clutched onto his belt on the ramp trying to catch his breath after the loss.

Big Show cut a promo about what he did last night to Mark Henry at Survivor Series. He said Henry took the easy way out in the match. However, Henry was carted out after the match, showing who the bigger and tougher guy really is. Big Show said good for Henry he hears his leg might not be broken, but when he comes back, he has something waiting for him. Show clenched his fist and reminded Henry to have the World title with him for their next meeting.

Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox were backstage playing the new WWE video game when Beth Phoenix and Natalya interrupted them. They mocked the divas for playing the game. Kelly and Alicia shrugged it off and went back to playing the game.

Wade Barrett came to the ring for the next match and they showed a picture-in-picture clip of Barrett talking up his win at SS. He said his next stop is the World Title. Kofi Kingston arrived out for the match.

During their match, Randy Orton arrived to ringside to watch. He sat in a chair nearby to watch the action. The late moments of the match saw Kofi go for a move from the top rope but Barrett crotched him, then hit Wasteland to win by pinfall. Post-match, Barrett got on the mic and in Orton's face to proclaim himself winner. Orton scared Wade by pretending he was going to hit him, then Orton smirked, before Barrett walked away.

The final segment had John Cena come out to discuss what happened at Survivor Series, saying he ended up with a Rock Bottom, and he's ready to go at it with Rock at Wrestlemania.  Cena was interrupted by Truth and Miz who came to the ring and talked about how Rock showed him up and how he's gonna get got at Wrestlemania.  From there, Cena started to play Miz and Truth against each other saying nobody's scared of them, and they should boo one another.  Cena left the ring, and Truth and Miz got in a shoving match.  Miz tried to calm Truth down and suggested they should go get Cena.  They threw off their jackets and rushed up the ramp, but Miz turned against Truth and hit the Skullcrushing Finale on him.  Cole said it looks like Miz is still a threat.

Note: Check out the video promo that aired for the return of masked Kane here at YouTube.

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