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WWE NXT Results 11/16/11

WWE NXT Results from Bridgeport, CT:

The latest episode of NXT Season 5 redemption opened with Josh Matthews on commentary, reminding fans that Survivor Series is 5 nights away.

Percy Watson and Titus O'Neil were in the ring already with a set. Percy talked up his talk show "Showtime" and introduced his tag partner Titus as the special guest. Titus talked about how long this season has been, and then said the light at the end of the tunnel is to become the next WWE breakout star.

Tyler Reks' music hit and he came out from backstage with Curt Hawkins. Reks told Titus he has to do something to deserve redemption. He said the only thing Titus did was to get eliminated first last season. Hawkins and Reks talked up what they've done, including Hawkins having a tag title and Reks headling PPV's.

Titus started to go off on them, but was interrupted by Derrick Bateman. He came out saying this was the worst show ever. Bateman got in the ring with Reks and Hawkins to face off with Percy and Titus. They all started going at it with pushing until Matt Striker came out from backstage. Striker booked Tyler Reks against Titus O'Neil for the main event. He told Bateman he'll face Percy Watson in the ring, right now.

The ring cleared as William Regal got on commentary with Matthews telling fans to stay tuned.

Percy Watson vs. Derrick Bateman

Titus O'Neil joined the commentary team for this match and talked about his friend Percy, as well as the main event against Tyler Reks later. Titus brought up that he used to coach high school football and that's why Percy calls him "coach."

Late in the match, Percy gained momentum and hit multiple dropkicks followed by a German suplex. He did his big Showtime splash move for a near fall. Percy kept going and was able to get Bateman up on his shoulders, then finished with the Percy-cution slam to win it.

Winner: Percy Watson wins via pinfall over Derrick Bateman.

Backstage, Maxine was thumbing through a magazine. Johnny Curtis walked up to start hitting on her, and then he told her if she needs anything at all she has his number, so call him. Maxine said she invented the conniving, seductive games so not to try them on her. He talked about Bateman losing in the ring and messing his hair up. He said "speaking of not doing well, isn't your wedding coming up?" Maxine pretended to flirt with Curtis and got real close to him before slapping him in the face. Curtis said "Oh I love when they play hard to get."

Yoshi Tatsu vs. JTG

Tamina accompanied JTG to the ring for the match.

Late in this one, JTG had a headlock on Yoshi. Yoshi fought back on his feet but JTG hammered him down, then hit a scoop slam. JTG sat on the corner and then jumped off, but Yoshi got a foot up. JTG stopped himself and grabbed Yoshi's foot, but Yoshi kicked it back up in JTG's face to take over.

Yoshi had control late in the match, but Tamina got on the apron as a distraction. JTG ducked Yoshi's roundhouse kick. He threw Yoshi hard into the corner ringpost, and then rolled him up for the pinfall win.

Winner: JTG wins via pinfall over Yoshi Tatsu.

William Regal thanked Flo Rida for "Good Feeling," the official Survivor Series 2011 theme song. Regal and Matthews talked up Survivor Series and focused on John Cena/The Rock. They introduced a clip of The Rock going to the ring on Raw which also involved Awesome Truth and John Cena. This was a cut down version of what ended the show on Monday night with Rock hitting Rock Bottom on both Truth and Miz to take the spotlight from Cena in the ring in Boston.

Backstage, Tamina was walking with JTG, when they came up to The Uso's. Tamina said "not right now, we're not doing this" and they walked off. Derrick Bateman came walking up to them asking if they saw Maxine. Curtis walked up to him said he saw her earlier and she got touchy feely. Maxine came walking up yelling at Bateman saying she didn't even know he had a match. He accused her of flirting with Curtis. They got into it and Maxine screamed in Bateman's face before leaving. Curtis told Bateman he handled that well and if he ever needs advice on women, Maxine has his number. Curtis left, so Bateman angrily got on his cellphone, calling Teddy Long.

Titus O'Neil vs. Tyler Reks

Percy Watson came to the ring with Titus, while Reks was accompanied by Curt Hawkins.

Late in the match, Titus had momentum, throwing shoulder blocks to knock Reks to the mat. Titus had a pinfall attempt with Reks kicking out. Reks made a comeback and tried for a move off the corner. Titus was able to stop him, getting both hands around his neck and then throwing him down with the Clash of the Titus finisher.

Post-match, Titus celebrated in the ring as Reks rolled out with Hawkins. As Titus was celebrating all of a sudden he was attacked by Darren Young. Young blindsided Titus then hit his finisher to put him on the mat. Young yelled for a mic and said "You talk about Redemption, how about retribution?" Young threw the mic down and left the ring, backing up the ramp and yelling out "this is my house!"

Winner: Titus O'Neil wins via pinfall over Tyler Reks.

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