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WWE NXT Results 07/27/10

WWE NXT results from Corpus Christi, TX:

The show opened with highlights from the weeks past with the various rookies competing. The narrator talked about how tonight was the second big elimination of the season. Matt Striker was in the ring as the pros were already seated up on stage. Striker introduced each of the rookies one-by-one and they came down to the ring to join Striker. He reminded them of tonight's poll which is 50% fans, 50% pros.

Striker told them they'd get to prove themselves physically later on tonight, but first they'd each get 1 minute to talk about whatever they wanted, except for "why they shouldn't be eliminated". Lucky Cannon talked about "friends" and how nobody used to care about him, but now he's somebody. Cottonwood talked about "eyes" and how he can look in anyone's eyes, including The Undertaker. Husky Harris talked about how he doesn't have the physique of the other guys, but he fights like he's got the body of an army tank and the engine of a Ferrari.

Kaval spoke about "dreams" and how it's not the size of the fighter but the size of the fight in him. Team LayCool was impressed. McGillicutty used his time to confront The Miz who called him 'mediocre' on last week's video package. McGillicutty told Miz he'd show him he's awesome. Miz told him get a contract first but until then he's a wannabe. Next up was Alex Riley's topic was 'Starbucks'. He talked about how he won't cater to the WWE fans like many of the other rookies and said he's the star there while the others are a bunch of "Starbucks" employees. Percy Watson talked about working hard and having fun with a bunch of "oh yeah's" thrown in.

They rolled a video package on Percy Watson which included WWE Pros' commentary on him.

Showtime Percy Watson vs. Zack Ryder

MVP was on the apron as Watson's mentor for the match. Late in the match, Ryder went for the Rough Ryder on Watson but Percy tossed him across the ring. Watson hit the face first DDT on Ryder followed by a huge splash move for the win. Cole said Watson's the first rookie to beat a pro on Season 2.

Winner: Showtime Percy Watson wins via pinfall over Zack Ryder.

They showed Morrison backstage coaching his rookie Eli Cottonwood. He told him about moving forward and talked about reviewing video footage. He showed him how he got DQ'd in last week's obstacle course challenge after falling off the balance beam and pushing past the referees. Morrison told him some are calling him "Eli Rottonwood" now. Morrison told Eli to focus on tonight's opportunity to beat McGillicutty who's undefeated. Cottonwood said he has one word in mind. Morrison asked if it was "intensity" but Cottonwood said it's "Mustache".

Cole and Matthews reviewed last week's obstacle course challenge highlights. Michael McGillicutty had the best time to win it and gained immunity in this week's elimination.

Michael McGillicutty vs. Eli Cottonwood

After sustaining a lot of damage from Cottonwood, McGillicutty finally grounded his opponent. He worked over his legs, then came from against the ropes to hit a huge dropkick. Next up he hit a swinging neckbreaker on Cottonwood to take his 5th win and stay undefeated.

Winner: Michael McGillicutty wins via pinfall over Eli Cottonwood.

Ashley Valence was backstage where she talked about how the pro's poll will work tonight with the WWE fan voting. She then introduced a Kaval video package. Most of the pros had good things to say about his in-ring skills, but some were down on his personality. Team LayCool said they need to work on his frown but he will be the next breakout star.

Team LayCool was with their rookie backstage asking where his pink shirt went and why he wasn't smiling. Just then Husky Harris came walking through and bumped into Kaval. He said he didn't see the small fry standing there because he's just not noticeable. Team LayCool started yelling at Harris and he asked Kaval if he lets his girls do all the talking for him. Kaval said all his talking will be done later in the ring.

Kaval vs. Husky Harris

Team LayCool was on the apron as was Cody Rhodes to support their rookies. At one point in the match, Kaval was up on the corner and Husky Harris fell against the ropes knocking Team LayCool off the apron. Kaval got on the apron checking on Layla and Michelle, so Harris grabbed him and shoved him into the ringpost. From there, Harris did a suplex from the apron, then his running Senton Bomb to finish Kaval.

Winner: Husky Harris wins via pinfall over Kaval.

Striker came out saying he hopes LayCool is ok. He told the WWE Pros to gather up and tally their votes. Striker said when the show returns the next elimination will happen.

They showed a review of WWE Raw last night with the Nexus taking out a team of 7 Raw superstars in an elimination match, as a Summerslam preview. The show ended with Team WWE all at odds in the ring, fighting each other.

Michael Cole and Josh Matthews discussed the known Summerslam matches so far.

WWE NXT Poll #2

NXT returned with all the rookies in front of the ring, bottom of the ramp. Striker said it's time to reveal the new NXT Poll, in which Michael McGillicutty is the only one safe from elimination.

WWE NXT Poll #2:

1)Michael McGillicutty
3)Alex Riley
4)Percy Watson
5)Lucky Cannon
6)Husky Harris
7)Eli Cottonwood

Cottonwood looked dejected when the poll results came up on screen. Striker asked if he had any parting comments for the WWE Universe. Instead of talking, Eli walked over and kicked Husky Harris in the gut. Cottonwood started beating up his fellow rookies. Alex Riley jumped on his back and tried to stop the angry giant. Eli tossed Lucky Cannon down and then walked up the ramp. John Morrison tried to calm him down but got shoved.

Back at the ring, Matt Striker asked some of the remaining rookies their thoughts. Husky Harris said he's on the warpath and isn't sure what else he can do to show he's stepped things up. Alex Riley talked about how he'll jump the top two spots in the poll. McGillicutty and Riley ended up in an argument and then a physical altercation with McGillicutty getting the upperhand. Lucky Cannon tried to break things up. Eli Cottonwood came storming back down to the ringside area. He attacked both Cannon and Husky Harris. Cottonwood kneed Lucky in the gut and tossed him into a guardrail. NXT ended with complete chaos near the ring.

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