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Raw Results 07/26/10

Raw Results from San Antonio, TX:

Raw opened with highlights of how Nexus has been focused on destroying WWE. Last week saw Cena head to the ring for a truce with Nexus. Nexus asked Cena to join them, but Cena declined. Barrett told him to leave like a coward or stay in the ring and get beat down worse than ever. Cena left the ring, but to introduced his new seven-man team: himself, Edge, Jericho, R-Truth, Great Khali, John Morrison and Bret "the Hitman" Hart. They stormed the ring causing Nexus to flee from the area.

The live arena started the show with no intro theme song for Raw. John Cena made his way out to a roaring crowd. Cena made his speech about ending Nexus at Summerslam, after they've been running Raw thinking they're invincible. Cena said Nexus keeps gaining power and influence. He said if they get too much they could take over Raw, and that could be the end of it. As Cena continued his passionate speech, suddenly Jericho's theme music hit and he arrived out in a suit looking smug.

Jericho brought up how everyone's calling it "John Cena's team" including Cena. He said he didn't get involved to be part of Cena's team, but because of his personal problems with Nexus and Wade Barrett. Jericho said he knows Nexus and Barrett better than anyone so it's more his team. Cena said fine it's Jericho's team, because he just wants to beat Nexus. Jericho told him not to patronize him and started saying "you will do this by my rules, my whims.." Cena slapped the mic out of his hands. Cena told Jericho it's not about either of them, it's about the business. Cena told Jericho that he's essential to the team.

Jericho told Cena to never knock the mic out of his hand again. He added the only chance Cena's got to beat Nexus at Summerslam is if he has "the best in the world" on the team. Jericho said Cena's a threat to the company too because he goes around saying and doing what he wants, but difference is he does it with the support of the fans. Jericho said after they're done with Nexus at Summerslam, he's going to get rid of Cena wih a team or by himself. Cena tossed his mic down and said "take your best shot I'm right here". Just then the lights flashed and the email sound chimed. Cole interrupted.

The Raw GM's email said the match at Summerslam will be an elimination match. There will be a preview of Summerslam with a 7-on-7 elimination match on tonight's Raw. The GM said we'll also see tonight how Cena and Jericho function as part of a team against opponents of the GM's choosing. It ended with "and if you're not down with that, I've got two words for you."

WWE Slam of the Week showed Miz watching as Sheamus defeated Evan Bourne. After the match, Miz based his MITB briefcase on Sheamus then hit Skullcrushing Finale face first onto the briefcase. Unfortunately, Miz couldn't get the title match started since R-Truth came out to interrupt.

WWE Champ Sheamus arrived out with the belt on his shoulder. He waited at ringside as Randy Orton, his Summerslam challenger, came out for the next match. Sheamus took a seat next to the commentators.

Randy Orton vs. Jey Uso

Jey was joined by Jimmy Uso and Tamina. Michael Cole said the Raw GM sent an email before the break saying how it was important to see Randy Orton in action three weeks before Summerslam.

Jey rushed against the ropes but Orton caught him with the scoop slam. Jimmy Uso hopped onto the apron but Orton knocked him off, then hit a DDT with Jey from the middle rope. Orton stared at Sheamus as he did it. He then started pounding the mat as he waited for Jey to stand, then hit the RKO.

Following the match, Jimmy Uso got into the ring and attacked Orton from behind. Orton soon overcame his attack though and punched on him. Sheamus snuck in behind Orton and went for the big boot kick. Orton ducked and Sheamus kicked down Jimmy instead. As Sheamus turned, Orton was ready and hit the RKO. He posed coldly for the crowd as they cheered.

Winner: Randy Orton wins via pinfall over Jey Uso.

Following Orton's RKO to leave Sheamus on the mat, The Miz's theme song hit. Miz got to the ring and seeing Sheamus down, handed the MITB briefcase over to the ref. The ref kept holding Miz back waiting for Sheamus to get up. Miz was ready, but Orton got back in the ring and hit him with the RKO. The match never started and once again Miz was stopped from cashing in.

Backstage, Edge was conversing with Ted Dibiase and Maryse about how Cena put Great Khali on the team. Edge said Khali shouldn't be on it, but Dibiase should. Dibiase said after he defeats John Morrison tonight, Cena will reconsider. Edge said he hopes so or he'll have to take out Khali on his own. Edge walked off, but the camera caught Ranjin Singh near some boxes talking to a WWE staffer. Singh saw Edge walked by and told the guy he'd talk to him later and left.

Raw returned with an outside shot of the San Antonio riverboat ride. Back in the ring, The Miz had one hand on his head and was arguing with Sheamus about what almost happened. The Raw GM sent another email to interrupt. The GM said the team that will challenge Cena and Jericho later tonight will be The Miz and Sheamus. They kept getting in each other's faces after the news.

They rolled highlights of Summerslam 1988 when Honkey Tonk Man was to defend the IC title against Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake. Beefcake was injured though so Honkey Tonk and his manager Jimmy Hart said anybody could come challenge and Honky Tonk would win. The guy who came out to challenge was The Ultimate Warrior. He beat Honkey Tonk in little time to become new IC champ.

They showed Edge on a cell phone backstage in the locker room. The Great Khali burst in with Singh. Singh said he heard what Edge heard about him earlier. Khali called Edge obnoxious and delusional. Great Khali challenged him to a match right now. Edge agreed, saying to Khali if he beats him he's off the team.

The Great Khali vs. Edge

Michael Cole noted his broadcast partner Jerry Lawler headed backstage because the Raw GM sent an email telling him he'd be part of the 7-on-7 elimination match later. If Khali loses this match he is off the Summerslam team.

Khali tossed Edge into the corner earlier and hit a huge slap on his chest. Khali leveled Edge with a clothesline then missed on a big leg drop. As the match continued, The Nexus began to head to the ring. Edge fled from the ring and out through the crowd. Nexus surrounded Khali who was now standing. They didn't attack, and Khali was able to get out of the ring. Nexus stared out at him as he backed up the ramp.

Winner: No contest, match ended when Nexus interfered.

Backstage, they showed the seven man team from Raw who will face Nexus walking down the hall. Evan Bourne, Mark Henry, Goldust, Yoshi Tatsu, The Hart Dynasty and Jerry Lawler were all included with Natalya there too.

Raw 7-on-7 Elimination match

Evan Bourne, Mark Henry, Goldust, Yoshi Tatsu, The Hart Dynasty and Jerry Lawler faced off against The Nexus. The Nexus was already in the ring coming out of break staring up the ramp. Team Raw came out to Mark Henry's theme song. Tyson Kidd sent Natalya backstage so she'd be out of harm's way.

Michael Tarver took out Yoshi with a strong slam early on for the first elimination. Jerry Lawler came in with momentum against Justin Gabriel. He had a near fall after a fist drop off the ropes, but Barrett yanked Gabriel from the ring. Nexus all dropped to the floor to regroup as Raw went to break.

During break, Lawler missed on the fist drop on Heath Slater. Slater took him down for the next elimination to make it 7-5 Nexus against Raw. At one point Smith was in control, but Gabriel jumped onto the apron to distract. This allowed Slater to use his finisher on Smith to leave Raw with four men.

It was down to Henry, Bourne, Goldust and Kidd for Raw versus all 7 Nexus members. The next elimination came as Goldust was distracted by Darren Young, allowing Otunga to get the upperhand. Otunga hit his one arm slam move to eliminated Goldust. Mark Henry came in next and pressed Otunga overhead before dropping him. Slater tagged in and got dominated by Henry a bit so he quickly tagged out.

Darren Young tried next, then tagged in Skip Sheffield who also got rocked by Henry. Justin Gabriel came in to attack Henry, but got whipped to the corner. Henry turned to eat a vicious clothesline by Skip Sheffield. Sheffield Sheffield eliminated Henry leaving Kidd and Bourne. Kidd jumped in to get clotheslined down by Sheffield. Skip tagged in Young to finish off Kidd. Bourne came in with momentum as he took down Barrett and started punching Nexus guys off the apron. One caught him and yanked Bourne against the top rope though, allowing Barrett to hit his finisher.

Michael Cole said one word describes Nexus tonight "dominant". They whipped Bourne into a Sheffield clothesline, then Otunga hit his slam finisher. Finally, Gabriel hit his 450 splash on Bourne.

Winner: Team Nexus wins by eliminating every member of Team Raw.

Wade Barrett got on the mic to tell the audience they just saw an act of total domination. Barrett said they've always been 100% behind a common purpose. Barrett said the cracks in Cena's team are starting to show because of individual egos and agendas. Other members of Team Nexus discussed how they plan to destroy Team Raw at Summerslam.

Nexus left the ring and headed backstage. They showed The Miz seated in the locker room with his MITB briefcase backstage. Sheamus walked in and confronted Miz for trying to cash in the MITB briefcase twice now. Sheamus told Miz if he thinks he can beat him to name a time and place. Sheamus said he guarantees he'll leave Miz 'black and blue'. Miz suggested after their tag match tonight, he tosses Sheamus back into the ring for an Attitude Adjustment from Cena and Walls of Jericho. Sheamus warned Miz if he keeps testing him he'll make him regret it, then punched MITB briefcase out of Miz's hand.

Brie Bella vs. Alicia Fox

Nikki accompanied her sister to the ring for the divas match. Lawler was back on commentary but said the tag match was no fun, and he's got a headache now. Alicia beat up Brie from corner to corner early, slamming her hard into each corner then kicked away on her.

At one point, the Bellas tried for their switcharoo tactic near the corner of the ring. Jillian rushed down and made sure they couldn't do it. Alicia was soon able to hit her headscissors kick on the back of Brie's head for the win.

Jillian came into the ring and grabbed a mic to congratulate Alicia. She said the twins finally got what they had coming, then said as a gift she'd sing. She sang "You are the Champion" in her usual bad vocals. Alicia wasn't impressed, so she kicked Jillian in the gut then hit her headscissors on the back of Jillian's head before leaving the ring.

Winner: Alicia Fox wins via pinfall over Brie Bella.

R-Truth was out doing his "What's Up" theme song with the crowd. Truth was on hand to provide commentary as he watched Ted Dibiase versus John Morrison.

John Morrison vs. Ted Dibiase

Maryse escorted Dibiase to the ring. Last week after Eve defeated Maryse, Ted Dibiase began to argue with the ref. John Morrison rushed down to beat up Dibiase, hitting Starship Pain on him.

Early in this match, Maryse grabbed Morrison's leg near the corner allowing Dibiase to get the upperhand. Later still, Morrison rushed Dibiase in the corner and caught a foot to the face. Morrison responded with the mule kick to take down Dibiase. He was getting ready for Starship Pain, but Maryse got up on the apron to distract. Dibiase was able to get a pinfall and used the ropes for leverage. R-Truth rushed over to shove his feet off the ropes. Dibiase turned and shoved Truth away. Truth got up on the apron to try to distract, but Dibiase hit a drop toe hold on Morrison to send him into Truth. Truth fell off the apron as Dibiase grabbed the pin on Morrison.

After Dibiase and Maryse got up the ramp, Morrison and Truth argued over what went wrong. Truth tried to explain but Morrison left the ring on him. Truth went up the ramp and he and Morrison kept arguing. John Cena was shown watching backstage in frustration that two Team Raw guys weren't on the same page.

Winner: Ted Dibiase wins via pinfall over John Morrison.

They showed footage from last week when Cena went to talk to Nexus in the ring. It ended up with Nexus refusing to give a truce but offering to let Cena join their group. Cena refused then introduced his seven man team to battle Nexus at Summerslam.

Josh Matthews interviewed Randy Orton backstage. Matthews asked about Orton's RKO to Miz earlier, asking if it means he'd prefer to face Sheamus for the title. Orton said he RKO'd both guys and it doesn't matter who the champ is walking into Summerslam. Orton said he'll walk out as champion after the RKO.

The Miz was introduced first for the main event match.

John Cena & Chris Jericho vs. The Miz & Sheamus

Sheamus got knocked out of the ring midway through the match, causing Miz to go out and start yelling at him. Miz threatened to cash in on him right there and Sheamus yelled to get out of his face. Raw went to commercials.

Upon the return, Miz and Sheamus gained the advantage on Cena in the ring. Moments later, Jericho got into the match and had some brief offense until Miz and Sheamus overcame him as well. Sheamus hit a huge backbreaker on Jericho for a near fall. Jericho finally escaped by avoiding The Miz on his running clothesline to the corner. Jericho took some time to recover and made the hot tag to Cena.

Sheamus tagged in as well, and Cena hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle on him. Miz started faking some sort of injury on the apron, and Jericho hit a Codebreaker on Cena. Sheamus backed up against the ropes and Miz slapped his back for a tag, then rushed in to steal the winning pinfall. Sheamus dropped off the apron, then Miz got his belt and briefcase to leave the scene.

Jericho returned to the ring where Cena was still down. Jericho slapped Walls of Jericho onto Cena, as Cena rolled him over and put the STF on. Jericho started tapping out. The Great Khali came to the ring and told Cena to stop fighting. Just then, Edge rushed to the ring. He set up for it and hit The Spear on Khali. Morrison and Truth also hit the ring next. Everyone started shoving each other around in the ring. Cole said Nexus must be loving this. Great Khali chopped Morrison down, and Edge. The other guys started arguing amongst themselves as Raw went off the air.

Winners: The Miz & Sheamus win via pinfall over Chris Jericho & John Cena.

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