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WWE Superstars Results 09/30/10

WWE Superstars Results 09/30/10:

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler of Raw were on hand to open up Superstars. Cole reminded everyone we're 72 hours away from Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View. The WWE Divas of Raw were out first to start off the matches.

The Bella Twins vs. Jillian & Alicia Fox

Jillian got in the ring along with Alicia Fox and her rookie Maxine. Jillian said the rumors about her having laryngitis were false. She broke out in song singing "Love the Way You Lie" by Eminem & Rihanna. The fans booed until finally The Bella Twins came out to stop the singing. Their rookie Jamie was with them.

Cole reminded fans that Natalya won a battle royal Monday night to become #1 Contender for the WWE Divas title. During the match, the Bellas did a unique doubleteam move as they shook their hips back and forth to rattle Jillian's head. However, moments later, Alicia Fox was able to yank one of the Bellas out of the ring for a beatdown.

In the closing moments, the action broke down with all four divas in the ring. Jillian had a pinfall on one of the Bellas. The other ran over with the ref distracted by Alicia and did a Sunset Flip to take the pinfall on Jillian.

Winners: The Bella Twins win via pinfall over Alicia Fox and Jillian.

They showed a highlight recap from NXT this past Tuesday. It involved a Challenge where the divas had to push Hornswoggle around the ring in a wheelbarrow. Kaitlyn took the win for her second challenge victory. The next challenge of the night was "Diss the Diva." AJ Lee was voted the winner based on crowd response.

When Superstars returned, Cole and Lawler talked about this past Monday's Raw which featured Randy Orton versus Chris Jericho in the main event for the first time ever. On the line for Jericho was a #1 Contender spot for Orton's WWE Title.

With Sheamus watching from the ramp, Jericho had his moments where he controlled the match. However it came down to The Viper gaining serious momentum. With Jericho down, Orton dropped down to pound the mat. He was preparing for the big win, but Sheamus came into the ring to interfere. The ref called for the bell. Sheamus ended up getting DDT'd from the middle rope by Orton. As Sheamus was struggling to get himself up near the corner, Orton ran at him for the punt kick. However, Jericho snuck into the ring and hit a Codebreaker on Orton to drop him. Sheamus got out of the ring.

Meanwhile, Jericho went outside and got a steel chair. He rushed at Orton with it in the ring, but Orton avoided it, then hit the RKO. With Jericho down, Orton decided to send a message to Sheamus. He ran and delivered the Punt kick to take out Jericho. Eventually medical staff had to attend to Jericho and take him away by stretcher.

A TV commercial was shown for WWE's Bragging Rights Pay-Per-View which will arrive on Sunday October 24th at 8PM EST. The poster/graphic featured the Nexus "N" in the word "Bragging."

On Friday night, Smackdown makes its debut on its new channel, SyFy at 8PM EST.

Todd Grisham and Matt Striker were now on hand for the Smackdown portion of Superstars. They ran down the lineup of matches for Sunday's "Hell in a Cell" PPV which include John Cena vs Wade Barrett, Kane vs Undertaker in Hell in a Cell, and a Triple Threat US Title match between Daniel Bryan, John Morrison and The Miz. Also, Randy Orton steps inside Hell in a Cell where he'll defend the WWE Title against Sheamus.

Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger

During the early part of the match, Swagger managed to get Kofi down to the mat. He applied the Ankle Lock with Kofi able to flip his weight and send Swagger outside through the ropes. Swagger took his time before slipping back in under the ropes. Kofi was quick to head off Swagger's attack, and took it to him in the corner. However as he rushed, Swagger gave him the elbow. Kingston went for a flying crossbody but Swagger countered with a kick to drop him to the mat. Superstars went to commercial break.

Swagger stayed in control out of the break. He eventually grabbed Kofi's left leg and was attempting an ankle lock. Kofi once again managed to kick his way out though. Kofi staged a comeback, hitting a pendulum kick from the apron and then delivering a chop from off the corner to drop Swagger. Kofi had control and revved up for double leg drop. Swagger avoided Trouble in Paradise. Kofi came back with a flying crossbody and a near fall.

Moments later Swagger went for his running Vader Bomb splash, but Kofi got both legs up to block it. Kofi was able to avoid the Gutwrench Power Bomb and went for his Run Down finisher. Swagger countered the pinfall into the Ankle lock. Kofi was able to grab the bottom rope. Swagger refused to break the hold, so the ref disqualified him. Swagger eventually let go, and Kofi rolled to the outside. However, post match Swagger went outside and re-applied the hold like he's done to many other superstars. Kofi held his ankle while he rolled around on the floor. Several refs checked on him as Swagger cockily started up the ramp.

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins due to disqualification of Jack Swagger.

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