Monday, October 4, 2010

Raw Preview 10/04/10

With Hell in a Cell 2010 results official, Raw is going to be quite interesting on Monday night! Perhaps the biggest result of them all saw WWE Superstar John Cena losing his match to Nexus leader Wade Barrett. Cena lost as the result of some extra individuals interfering, and according to stipulation will be forced to join The Nexus. However, will Barrett decide he doesn't want Cena in his group? Will these two new individuals join Nexus instead? What will go down with Cena and Nexus on Raw?

Also at the Hell in a Cell PPV, Randy Orton and Sheamus met inside the forboding steel structure known as "Hell in a Cell." The two fierce competitors known as The Celtic Warrior and The Viper looked to decide the WWE Championship in the cell. When all was said and done, it was a brutal knock-em-down-drag-out type fight, but it was The Viper able to strike at the right time. Orton's RKO on the steel steps was enough to defeat Sheamus one-on-one, giving Orton "bragging rights" so to speak. What will be next for both WWE Champ Orton and Sheamus?

Also at the event, two other titles were decided involving Raw superstars. In one match, Natalya lost in her first attempt to capture the Divas title from Michelle McCool thanks to interference from Layla. Daniel Bryan successfully defended his US Title against The Miz and John Morrison when Alex Riley's attempt to help failed. What will be next for the US Title and Divas title?

Also, will Edge make an apology to the Raw GM as he was ordered to do during Hell in a Cell?

Catch all the action on tonight's Raw starting at 9PM EST on USA!

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