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Smackdown Results 10/01/10 - SyFy Debut

Smackdown Results from Oklahoma City, OK:

Friday Night Smackdown made its official debut on SyFy network tonight. Michael Cole was on camera to introduce Smackdown, just before IC Champ Dolph Ziggler came to the ring with Vickie Guerrero. MVP arrived out next for the Intercontinental Championship match to kickoff the first Smackdown on SyFy. Grisham sent it to the intro video for Smackdown which featured new theme music "Know Your Enemy" by Green Day.

MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler

With the match well underway, MVP took it to Ziggler and had a near fall. Moments later he was able to toss Ziggler over him to the outside of the ring. Down at the bottom of the ramp, The Nexus stormed down the ramp to attack Ziggler. Next they all surrounded the ring with MVP still inside. MVP yelled "who's first" preparing for battle. The Nexus was too much for him as Otunga, Tarver, Slater and Gabriel all gave him a beatdown. Wade Barrett wasn't present.

Winner: No contest due to Nexus interfering in the match.

Otunga hit his finisher on MVP, then Gabriel went next, climbing up the corner and hitting the 450 Splash. They four Nexus guys looked down at MVP on the mat, but just then Big Show decided to come out.

Show walked down the ramp staring at Nexus, then got on the apron. He was able to shove them away as they attacked. Unfortunately, Slater jumped on Show's back and they were able to drive him down to the mat for a beating. Nexus continued to pound away on Show, kicking him out under the bottom rope. Just then, John Cena's theme music hit. Cena rushed out and down the ramp. He got in the ring and atackled down one Nexus member, but soon the rest pounced on him. Before they knew it though, Big Show got back in the ring with a steel chair and bashed it on Slater's back. The Nexus soon escaped the ring, backing up the ramp.

Just then, Wade Barrett appeared on the big screen to address the fans and Cena. He reminded everyone if he wins at Hell in a Cell on Sunday, then John Cena must join Nexus. Barrett turned to Teddy Long who was staying next to him, saying tonight will be huge. Long looked uncomfortable. Wade said he knows the head of SyFy who has allowed him to create some matches. He turned to ask Long to announce the matches. Big Show will compete in a 5-on-1 handicap match against The Nexus, while John Cena will face World Champion Kane.

When Smackdown returned, Michael Cole had joined Matt Striker and Todd Grisham on commentary. Grisham said tonight CM Punk will face The Undertaker one-on-one as well, 48hrs before Hell in a Cell.

Natalya, Kelly Kelly and The Bella Twins vs. Team LayCool, Maryse & Alicia Fox
8 Diva Tag Team match

Natalya will face Michelle McCool at Hell in a Cell for the Divas Championship. Grisham brought up "Countdown to Lockdown," the new book by Mick Foley.

Natalya had a Sharpshooter on Maryse early on, but Michelle came in to break it up. The Bella Twins arrived in to take out Layla and Michelle. The Bella Twins got involved as well. Layla went over to help Michelle and do a "Flawless" pose, but suddenly a hand reached out from under the ring to trip Layla and pull her under the ring. It was Hornswoggle who emerged to chase Layla around the ring. As they came around the ring, McCool was there to boot kick Horney down.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Natalya got the Sharpshooter on Maryse winning the match by submission. Natalya, Kelly Kelly and Bella Twins all celebrated in the ring as LayCool backed up the ramp.

Winners: Natalya, Kelly Kelly & The Bella Twins win via submission over Maryse, Alicia Fox and Team LayCool.

A Homecoming ceremony was held for Jack Swagger since the show was in Oklahoma City. Swagger came out wearing a red king's cape, with an Eagle mascot accompanying him to the ring. Swagger said he's got a problem with Oklahoma since they haven't given him a key to the city. He said he and his personal mascot, the Swagger soaring Eagle have now moved out of Oklahoma. He said they moved somewhere classier, Texas. He told the crowd to repeat after him "God Bless Texas." He upset the crowd saying Texas will beat Oklahoma tomorrow. Swagger proclaimed himself official, undisputed king of Oklahoma, then put a special crown on. The Eagle started praising Swagger down on his knees. Swagger told all the Sooners to worship him. Just then, Edge's theme music hit, bringing the Rated-R Superstar out.

Edge said he's on a mission of epic proportions, to rid the WWE landscape of "anything that is stupid." Edge called the Soaring Eagle stupid, as well as Swagger's cape and crown. Edge said he was going to start his mission right now. He dropped the mic, but Swagger hid behind the Eagle mascot. After several moments, Edge punched the Eagle down. Swagger escaped out of the ring but was furious, yelling at Edge about the Eagle. With Swagger watching, Edge prepared from the corner and eventually hit the Spear to take the bird down.

Later tonight Cena vs Kane with Nexus as Lumberjacks. Backstage, Barrett spoke to his group saying they need to push the envelope to really make history tonight. He said it's known if anyone on Smackdown lays a finger on them tonight, they're suspended. He said later in Cena's match against Kane they can make something truly memorable on Smackdown. He huddled them up to talk strategy.

Smackdown returned with some Dashing Cody Rhodes Grooming Tips. Today's tips were about underarm perspiration and wet spots through shirts. He said there's a simple way to go from disgusting to dashing. He talked about using a clear shaving gel under a clean, smooth shaven underarm. He said apply the anti-perspirant with two simple motions: down and up.

Big Show vs. The Nexus
5-on-1 Handicap Match

Barrett lead his other four Nexus teammates to the ring for the match. The commentators reviewed Nexus' earlier attack on Ziggler, MVP, and Big Show setting up this match.

In this contest, all of the Nexus were allowed in the ring at once. They attacked Show in the corner, ganging up on him, but he kept shoving them away. Show managed to stay on his feet, but soon Nexus had him down on the mat to kick and punch away on him. Each of the Nexus members grabbed a limb to stretch out Show on the mat. Barrett wrapped his legs around Show's neck to choke him out. Eventually the ref called for the bell as Big Show passed out and couldn't continue. Nexus all admired their work, and then Justin Gabriel climbed to the top corner and hit the 450 Splash on Show. Moments later, Gabriel hit the 450 Splash again on Show before Nexus posed in the ring.

Winner: The Nexus wins due to submission of Big Show.

Todd Grisham said Rey Mysterio will return to Smackdown tonight after suffering an attack at the hands of Alberto Del Rio weeks ago.

They showed how Big Show was helped out of the ring and walked up the ramp on his own, holding his ribs following Nexus' attack.

Grisham and Striker brought up Hell in a Cell, as they introduced a video package to detail the Kane vs Undertaker feud. It included Kane talking of his brother's impending destruction at his hands, now that he holds all Taker's powers. However, just last week, Paul Bearer returned to ringside in a casket with the urn. The urn appeared to restore power to Taker. Undertaker and Kane will face off in a Hell in a Cell match at the PPV Sunday for the World Heavyweight Title.

CM Punk arrived out for the next match as Smackdown went to commercial.

The Undertaker vs. CM Punk

Paul Bearer with urn in hand lead Undertaker to the ring. Punk thought he had Taker down at one point, but Undertaker did his sit up and intense stare from days of old. Taker started smashing Punk from corner to corner, then splashed him in one corner. He hit Snake Eyes on Punk and then dropped him with a boot to the face. Punk barely escaped a pinfall after a legdrop. Taker set up for and hit the Chokeslam to slam Punk to the mat. Taker looked back at the power of the urn in Bearer's hands, then set up and hit the Tombstone Piledriver for the win.

Winner: The Undertaker wins via pinfall over CM Punk.

A replay was shown of how Alberto Del Rio severely injured Rey Mysterio weeks ago. Tony Chimel introduced Ricardo Rodriguez to introduce Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio came driving out in another fancy car. They showed highlights of Del Rio's confrontation with Christian last week. Del Rio's ring announcer grabbed Christian's leg. Del Rio then injured Christian's arm just like he did to Mysterio, requiring surgery.

Del Rio was in the ring to talk to everyone. He talked about being one of the greatest of all time. Del Rio bragged about breaking Rey Mysterio's arm a few weeks away. Del Rio said he wants to apologize tonight and give Rey Mysterio a kiss on the cheek too. He introduced Rey Mysterio, but then his ring announcer came out carrying a chiuahua in hand wearing a small Mysterio mask. The dog even had a small arm bandage on. Del Rio held the dog up and said he was sorry to it as if it was Rey Mysterio. He kissed the dog on the cheek then handed it back to Rodriguez.

Del Rio said he was just kidding and Mysterio will be here tonight. Just then, Mysterio's music hit and he rushed to the ring. Mysterio slid under Del Rio's legs then attacked. He managed to kick Del Rio against the middle rope twice. He was all set for the 6-1-9 but Ricardo Rodriguez got into the ring and grabbed Rey by the leg. Del Rio was going to attack, but Mysterio kicked Rodriguez off him. Del Rio quickly scurried out of the ring. With Alberto watching from the ramp, Rey was able to send Rodriguez into the ropes and hit the 619 as a message.

Randy Orton vs. Dashing Cody Rhodes

The Viper made a Smackdown appearance as a preparation match for Sunday's PPV. The commentators reviewed highlights from Raw where Sheamus was able to knock down Great Khali outside the ring using a Rogue kick. Drew McIntyre was ringside for tonight's matchup involving his tag partner Rhodes.

Rhodes escaped a DDT from the middle rope early on, but as he came off the ropes, Orton was quick to powerslam him down. McIntyre distracted Orton on the outside allowing Rhodes to smash The Viper into the ringpost. This gave Rhodes control back in the ring. Moments later Rhodes tried for a spin kick from the corner, but Orton ducked it and got him with the backbreaker. Right after, Orton hit the RKO for a quick win.

Post-match, McIntyre got in the ring to attack, but Orton got the best of him. Soon after, Drew got hit by the RKO. However, there was more for Orton as Sheamus rushed into the ring and was able to knock him down. Moments later, Sheamus hit the running Rogie kick to knockout Orton. Sheamus was wearing a red wrist glove on his right wrist.

Winner: Randy Orton wins via pinfall over Cody Rhodes.

John Cena vs. Kane
Lumberjack Match

The Nexus served as the Lumberjacks for the matchup. Early on in the match, Cena was knocked to the outside and Nexus ganged up on h im immediately. They tossed him back into the ring for a smirking Kane to work on. Smackdown took a commercial break.

After commercials, Kane was still in control. Moments later, Cena staged a comeback, eventually knocking Kane down with shoulder tackles. He got the Five Knuckle Shuffle and prepared for the Attitude Adjustment. Kane managed to elbow out of it though. Cena ended up knocking Kane out of the ring with Nexus. They looked at him but decided not to attack. Instead they jumped onto the apron to go at Cena. Cena rushed over and knocked Gabriel off the apron, sending him out into Kane. Kane responded by punching Gabriel down. Barrett rushed over but got knocked down as well. Meanwhile, Cena fought off the three others ringside.

Cena managed back up the ramp getting out of harm's way, but suddenly Undertaker's bell tolled and the lights went out. When the lights returned, Kane was in the ring with Undertaker behind him. Undertaker took control and began to beat up Kane around the ring, spilling into the crowd. At one spot, Taker knocked Kane near the crowd and a fan fell down on the stairs while trying to get a picture. The fight continued and made it back to the ring where Kane booted down Taker. Paul Bearer was in the ring with the urn, and Taker sat right up. Kane grabbed Taker for a Chokeslam, but Undertaker responded to the urn as Bearer raised it up. Taker slapped a Chokeslam on Kane and then slammed him to the mat. Finally, Kane rolled out under the bottom rope to get out of there, with Taker ready to keep fighting. The show ended with a classic staredown before Undertaker knelt down on one knee for Paul Bearer to showcase the urn.

Winner: No contest due to Nexus interference.

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