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Hell in a Cell 2010 PPV Predictions

It might seem like the last WWE Pay-Per-View was just a few weeks ago, and actually it was. Hell in a Cell arrives a quick two weeks after Night of Champions. The last PPV saw several titles change over including the Unification of the Divas/Womens titles for Michelle McCool, a new United States Champion in Daniel Bryan, and the WWE Championship moving to Randy Orton from Sheamus.

With Hell in a Cell 2010 arriving on Sunday, many new questions have surfaced. Probably the biggest involves the whole John Cena vs Nexus storyline. Will Cena finally make a heel turn, or will Nexus disband? We've also got the feuding brothers of destruction, World Champion Kane and Undertaker, inside Hell in a Cell, as well as Sheamus and Orton. So two major titles will be decided in the cell. Also on the line are the US Title and newly unified Divas Championship. Let's take a look at the matches, analysis and 2010 WWE Hell in a Cell predictions.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz vs. John Morrison
US Championship Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere

Unless Daniel Bryan needs surgery for some strange injury, he's had the US title only since the last PPV, where he defeated Miz via submission. With that in mind, it's tough to see Bryan losing in this first championship defense. This match will establish Bryan's title reign, showcasing his skills as a submission artist. We'll also get some entertaining spots from the highly athletic John Morrison, and maybe some involvement from The Miz's personal helper, Alex Riley. Still when all's said and done, Bryan will remain champ after slapping the Labelle Lock on Miz.

Prediction: Daniel Bryan retains the US title by submission.

Natalya vs Michelle McCool
Divas Championship

Natalya seems ready for her first singles title in WWE, now that the Hart Dynasty has lost the tag titles. She had a good showing on Smackdown, even if Michelle and Layla were not involved in the ring. Natalya will find a way to get the Sharpshooter on Michelle, but it's always possible we see some sort of shenanigans from Layla and Vickie Guerrero, claiming Natalya must beat both members of LayCool to win.

Prediction: Natalya wins the Divas title by use of Sharpshooter. Maybe beats both members of LayCool in same night?

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus
WWE Title Hell in a Cell match

The fact that Sheamus had a successful attack on Orton during Smackdown makes you think that it will be The Viper's revenge in the Cell. Orton should capture the win to retain the WWE Title here, showing why he deserves to be champion right now. However, will this be where The Miz cashes in? It would be a smart move as Orton will likely be very worn down inside a foreboding structure, allowing for an easy opportunity, should Miz take it.

Prediction: Orton retains the WWE Title in the cell, but will Miz cash in?

Kane vs. The Undertaker

There's possibly as many as four title changes on the card here (five if Sheamus wins and Miz cashes in on him). This is one title I can see changing, although I thought for sure these two would decide things in a Casket match or Buried Alive match. Maybe that's still coming. With Paul Bearer back by the Undertaker's side and that powerful urn, Taker seems primed to win back his World Title from brother Kane. However, we've seen Paul Bearer swerve in the past, aligning himself with Kane and other demonic forces. Will he become a traitor again at Hell in a Cell to move the storyline forward, or will Undertaker win the title? Let's go with Undertaker finally regaining the title, to the delight of fans. He may be the "Deadman" but he still ages just like other wrestlers.

Prediction: The Undertaker wins the World Heavyweight Title back by pinfall.

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett
Join Nexus or Nexus Disbands?

This is the one everyone's questioning. Will Cena go heel? Will Nexus be broken up? My guess here is Cena will lose the match, likely due to Nexus interference. Does that mean he goes heel? Not necessarily. There's been plenty of storylines in the past in WWE where a superstar was forced to be a personal assistant or valet for another wrestler, just as an irritating get major heat type move. That's probably what WWE is aiming for here, generate more hatred of Nexus, as they force Cena to be part of their faction and turn against other wrestlers he normally wouldn't. Maybe something interesting develops out of this at Bragging Rights, which just happens to have a Nexus "N" in the sign.

Prediction: John Cena loses to Wade Barrett by pinfall, must join Nexus.

Once again, you'll find the updated results from Hell in a Cell PPV 2010 here at WWE Characters the Blog starting at 8PM EST, and going until 11PM EST. Feel free to share your own predictions below as comments. Enjoy the PPV!

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