Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wrestling Poll: Future WWE or Heavyweight Champ

We've seen the trend in the WWE over the recent years. With the exceptions of Sheamus and Jack Swagger, it's mostly been John Cena, Edge, Undertaker, Batista, Jericho holding onto those major championships. Whether it be the WWE Title or World Heavyweight, it seems that several rising stars look ready to capture the titles but simply fail to get the push.

Cases in point are Kofi Kingston who had a nice little push towards Randy Orton at one point. Another example was John Morrison who feuded a bit with CM Punk, and even battled Jeff Hardy in an outstanding match when those guys were World Champions. Still Morrison seemed to fade out of the picture.

We've got The Miz and Wade Barrett lingering around the WWE Title, and both have shots to be first time champs in the near future. However, what about the other guys? The ones who have held mid-card status and the IC or US title, but have yet to win the major prize. Vote in the latest wrestling poll over who might break into the major title picture first!

Which superstar will capture the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship 1st?
Cody Rhodes
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Ezekiel Jackson
John Morrison
Kofi Kingston
Ted Dibiase
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