Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NXT Diva Maxine & Linda McMahon Eliminated

Tuesday night saw not only one WWE female eliminated, but two. That's right, NXT rookie diva Maxine was not the only lady to be defeated, as Linda McMahon also lost the Connecticut Senate seat race. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal won the election after a $50 million self-funded campaign from former WWE CEO, Linda McMahon. Still, the Stand Up for WWE campaign seems to be ongoing, so it will be interesting to see how long they continue with the videos asking fans to stand up for the WWE.

Also interesting will be the aftermath of the campaign. Will Linda give up her political aspirations or run yet again in several years? If she doesn't, is WWE planning to return to a non-PG format in the future? Was Vince McMahon serious in his skit about running for president?

About that skit, it was interesting to see the Chairman on camera again, albeit in a dream vision by his daughter Stephanie. We also heard the voice of HHH but didn't actually see "The Game." This is very interesting in that it adds to the mystery of Triple H making a comeback to wrestle again for WWE. While he's been involved in behind-the-scenes work and even aided Linda on her campaign a bit, HHH has been out of on-TV action for months. Ever since his attack from Sheamus, which I doubt will be the official retirement for The Game. He made a rare ring-return last weekend in Connecticut for Fan Appreciation Day, to take on Alberto Del Rio in a match. WWE called it a "one-time" deal, but the whole skit has to make you wonder, why the choice not to show HHH on camera?

The fact Vince McMahon was on camera, seemed like an attempt to get last-minute votes from WWE fans with a funny viral video bashing Linda's opponent. That skit also has fans wondering if Vince might soon return to WWE. He was last seen being beat down by The Nexus, leading to this "coma" he's supposed to be in. If John Cena does in fact get fired at Survivor Series, it seems like an opportunity for the anonymous Raw GM or Vince McMahon to re-hire the company's top star.

On to other things...We've got at least three matches for Survivor Series: Barett vs Orton II with Cena as referee; Edge vs Kane for the World Title, and now Natalya vs Michelle or Layla for the Divas Title. Of those three title situations, right now Natalya seems like the likeliest to win a title, despite her not being in action quite as much as the rest of the divas roster.

Let's bring it full circle to NXT. We got a Dashing Cody Rhodes kissing contest with the divas, Hornswoggle making out with Maxine, Vickie smashed with a wedding cake and appearances by Million Dollar Man and The American Dream. Maxine was eliminated, making it seem like Naomi will be next to leave if she can't keep winning competitions. I actually was starting to like Maxine since she had a bitchy diva heel routine going for her, almost in the tradition of Dawn Marie. She'll be back, and hopefully on top sometime in the future.

Strange twist with the wedding and Aksana slapping Goldust, then leaving the ring. Talk about "Shattered Dreams" for the Bizarre One. Moments later we see Aksana at ringside smiling, still wearing her golden wedding dress. Has she turned heel, or is it just not custom to kiss the groom until they have their official Honeymoon in Lithuania?

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