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WWE NXT Results 11/9/10

WWE NXT Results from Manchester, England:

Striker was just about introduce the NXT rookies when Goldust's music hit instead. Goldust called out his NXT diva and brand new wife Aksana. He asked her about what happened during their big wedding last week. Aksana came out carrying the Million Dollar Belt, then admitted to using Goldust so she wouldn't be deported from the US.

Aksana said she'll get half of the Million Dollar Belt once they're divorced. Goldust called her a conniving Lithuanian witch who doesn't realize she's not in the US right now. Her fellow rookie Naomi came out to confront Aksana over it calling her a golddigger and a phony. Naomi said she's got all her attention so she wants her one-on-one in the ring tonight. Aksana asked Goldust for his advice which he laughed off. He said she should get in the ring later to have her butt kicked by Naomi.

First competition of the night with the four remaining NXT rookies, AJ Lee, Aksana, Kaitlyn and Naomi. Striker said there's just four weeks left in the NXT competition. Starting tomorrow at noon on WWE.com, votes will be casted for another elimination next week. Tonight's first contest was an arm wrestling challenge. AJ went against Aksana, while Kaitlyn went against Naomi. Aksana defeated AJ in the first pairing. Kaitlyn easily defeated Naomi. In the final match, Aksana was disqualified after grabbing Kaitlyn's hair twice, giving Kaitlyn the big win. Michael Cole mocked that he was sleeping during the contest.

AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella

They showed highlights of 2 weeks ago when Nikki yanked Brie out of the ring and scored the winning pinfall. Cole said he doesn't understand why people like AJ, she looks 13. Cole and Matthews joked around about WWE and NXT as Nikki choked AJ against the ropes. Nikki made some sort of signal to Brie during the action, then clotheslined AJ down to the mat for a pinfall.

A random PA announcement went off during the match. Matthews asked Cole if the Raw GM was trying to get in touch with him. At one point, Nikki tossed AJ out of the ring. Nikki went outside to collect AJ then tried to get Brie to switch with her. Primo yelled at the Bellas about it. Brie refused to do it, and Nikki got back into the ring. AJ was able to grab a surprise pinfall on Nikki to grab the win, causing Nikki to become enraged post-match.

Winner: AJ wins via pinfall over Nikki Bella.

Various superstars and WWE personalities talked about how great an organization all of WWE is, like a family. Featured in the video package were superstars like John Cena, Husky Harris, Kaval, Ezekiel Jackson, Layla, Matt Striker, Vickie Guerrero, Todd Grisham, Drew McIntyre and David Otunga. Cole said he and Matthews have a lot of fun on NXT and WWE is a great place to enjoy family friendly entertainment. Matthews encouraged fans to log onto WWE.com to "Stand Up for WWE."

They had a "Guess the WWE Superstar from their High School photo" competition. The rookie divas each had an air horn as their buzzer. First photo was Eve Torres, second was Jack Swagger. AJ got the first two correct. Naomi got the next one, John Cena. Nobody could get the black and white photo of Jerry Lawler. Kaitlyn got Mark Henry right. Kaitlyn and AJ tied with 2 correct each. They had a face-off with AJ guessing John Morrison to win the competition.

Time for a behind-the-scenes look at Big Show's new movie, Knucklehead, now available on Digital Download, Blu-Ray and DVD.

Hail the Villain provides the official Survivor Series theme "Runaway." Cole and Matthews brought up the Pay-Per-View which will have John Cena as the special referee for Wade Barrett vs Orton in the WWE Title match. Also, Edge will challenge Kane for the World Heavyweight Title.

They showed highlights from last week when AJ and Primo were trying to have a private conversation backstage, then noticed the set piece near them was shaking. They saw Dolph Ziggler making out with Kaitlyn behind it. That resulted in Vickie rushing backstage to grab Kaitlyn and toss her around. Kaitlyn noticed a wedding cake nearby and smashed it all over Vickie. Then last Friday on Smackdown, Vickie won a match against Kaitlyn in the ring.

Backstage on NXT, Vickie came walking up to Kaitlyn and said her win against her on Smackdown proves she's better than her. Vickie told her she doesn't have the looks, intelligence or talent to be near her. They got into a catfight with each of the women tossing the other around. Vickie got the last shots in by bashing Kaitlyn's head off a nearby buffet table. Finally a few refs came out to break things up.

Kelly Kelly arrived out with her rookie Naomi for the main event match right before a commercial break.

Naomi vs Aksana

Aksana was introduced and then surprisingly Goldust came out too. Goldust got up on the apron to start rooting for Naomi with Kelly Kelly. Naomi went for a big butt check move as Aksana came from against the ropes, but Aksana dropkicked her down to take control.

Aksana put a single leg Boston crab on Naomi who eventually got to the bottom ropes to break it. Naomi finally got a move in to slam Aksana to the mat, then took some time to recover. Naomi had the momentum afterwords with a series of take downs. The match continued on with Naomi finally using a high kick move to take down Aksana for the pinfall win.

Post-match, Goldust got into the ring to congratulate Naomi along with Kelly Kelly while Aksana was down on the mat.

Winner: Naomi won via pinfall over Aksana.

Voting opens Wednesday at Noon EST for your favorite NXT rookie diva. There will be another elimination coming up soon. Goldust gave a look to Askana as she held the back of her head down on the mat. NXT ended with Cole saying Goldust's done enough to Aksana already.

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