Monday, November 8, 2010

Raw Preview 11/8/10

With Survivor Series 2010 PPV approaching rapidly, the superstars of WWE Raw will be looking to gain momentum. In particular, the WWE Champion Randy Orton will try to stay composed and controlled heading into the major title defense he has coming up. Orton has Nexus leader Wade Barrett in a rematch for the WWE Title. At Bragging Rights, Orton had the help of John Cena who interfered in the match, causing a disqualification to keep Orton champion. Now Orton will face Barrett with Cena as the special referee. Will the odds be too tough for Orton to overcome? How will Orton prepare himself on Raw tonight?

Also, with John Cena caught in a tough spot, he's got a lot of thinking to do regarding that match. Cena's been informed by Wade Barrett that if Barrett wins the WWE Title, Cena's released from his Nexus duties for good. However, Barrett also informed Cena if he should lose the title match, Cena will be fired on the spot. Randy Orton already confronted Cena about the fact he just might be seen as the biggest fraud in the WWE should he not decide the match fairly. In last week's tag team title match, Cena officiated and due to Orton getting away with an RKO, the match went against Barrett. Will the Nexus leader have more orders for Cena on tonight's Raw?

Natalya has been trying for months now to win her first title, the WWE Divas Championship. However, Team LayCool has managed to cheat their way into successful title defenses many times. Natalya won a huge match just last week to qualify for another shot at the title at Survivor Series. Still, it's unknown whether Layla or Michelle will be defending that title. How will Natalya prepare mentally for this title opportunity, which could be her last? Will LayCool appear on Raw again?

Check out Monday Night Raw tonight at 9PM EST on USA!

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