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Raw Results 11/8/10

WWE Raw Results from Manchester, UK:

Justin Roberts introduced John Cena who was in the ring at a Nexus podium. Cena opened up a big scroll to introduce a man who said he'd bring the winds of change, and delivered. Cena continued to read from the scroll saying in two weeks at Survivor Series he'll be the WWE Champion. Cena introduced Barrett making his long-awaited triumphant return to Manchester, England.

Barrett arrived out first and then the rest of Nexus came out to trail behind him down the ramp. Michael Cole and Josh Matthews were on hand for commentary, with Cole saying Jerry Lawler suffered a leg injury and couldn't be there. Barrett drew a mix of cheers and boos. He said they'd have a preview of his WWE title celebration tonight, but first they'd need to address some issues.

Those issues included Otunga bringing Nexus to Smackdown to try to run amok on Smackdown, without Barrett's blessing. Barrett pulled Otunga forward and told him next time he decides to take Nexus into his own hands to ask him first. Barrett turned his attention to Cena about last week's main event which Cena refereed. Barrett asked Cena what happened and Cena started talking about how he started his career as a rapper as a joke. Barrett said about last week's match, and Cena answered "you guys lost." Barrett reminded Cena of the ramifications of the Survivor Series with Cena's career on the line. Cena reminded Barrett of what he's going to do when that match is over.

Barrett told Cena to practice raising his arm up as the new champion. Cena argued with him a bit, and Randy Orton arrived out to interrupt. Orton said he can beat Barrett no matter who the referee is. He said his main goal is to make sure Barrett never gets the WWE title belt. Barrett told Orton he's got an army of men with him, but Orton's got nobody with him. Just then a new email came through from the anoynmous Raw GM. The GM said Wade's championship preview is officially canceled. The Raw GM also added that the Survivor Series match can only be won by pinfall or submission, and the remaining Nexus members are banned from ringside.

The GM also booked a match for tonight: Team Barrett (Nexus) will face Team Orton in a ten-man tag team match. The Raw GM said they'd personally choose the members for Team Orton later, but the special guest referee will be John Cena. John Cena shook his head then walked to leave the ring. On the way he shoved down the podium near Otunga. Otunga stepped forward towards Cena who shoved him down, then left the ring.

The Bella Twins & Eve vs. Alicia Fox, Tamina & Maryse
Divas Cup Tag Match

In honor of soccer, the divas came out dressed in soccer gear for the Manchester United and Liverpool teams. During the match, a sign came up that next week's Raw is a 3 hour "Old School WWF" night. Eve escaped from the beating Maryse was giving her to tag in one of the Bellas. A brawl eventually broke out with all divas getting involved. Maryse DDT'd one of the Bellas down for Alicia to pin. The ref started to argue with Maryse and didn't see the Bellas. Nikki and Brie pulled the old switcharoo to help their team get the victory.

Winners: The Bella Twins and Eve win via pinfall over Alicia Fox, Tamina and Maryse.

Backstage in the locker room, Otunga was talking to the other Nexus guys about what Cena did to him earlier, when Wade Barrett walked in. Barrett said since Otunga thinks he's the most talented guy in Nexus, he can show it tonight in a match, against John Cena. He told Otunga to give it all he's got because he's going to tell Cena to do the same.

The Usos vs. The Hart Dynasty

Natayla lead the Hart Dynasty to the ring. Just last week, Natalya defeated Michelle McCool to earn herself another WWE Divas title shot. The Usos came to the ring without Tamina who just competed in the Divas tag match.

David Smith hit a running powerslam late in the match for a nearfall. The other Uso arrived in to break it up, so Kidd came rushing in. DH Smith tossed the Uso out, and Tyson tried for a dropkick through the ropes but missed. The Uso got back on the apron so DH Smith turned his attention to kick him off the apron. As he turned around he ate a kick to the face from the legal Uso, then was hit with the winning splash. Natalya went outside to check on Kidd then yelled at DH Smith that they're a family and he's not doing anything about it.

Winners: The Usos win via pinfall over The Hart Dynasty.

Backstage, Matt Striker was handling interviews. He spoke with Randy Orton asking if he cares who gets picked for his team tonight. Orton said it doesn't matter but it better be the best around. Just then, the Miz walked in saying he just heard from the anonymous GM that he'll be part of the team. He told Orton not to worry because his team will be "awesome."

Harris, McGillicutty, Slater and Gabriel were all talking backstage when Otunga walked in. The other guys all got quiet, so Otunga said he hopes Barrett doesn't have them all upset. He told them when he said he was the most talented, he meant out of him and Cena. He said he'd prove it tonight, and he hopes they all have his back out there. He told them they don't need Barrett's permission for everything they do. Otunga left the scene and the other guys seemed to disapprove of what he said.

Goldust vs. Ted Dibiase

Goldust arrived to the ring without Aksana. They showed highlights of his wedding on NXT where Aksana slapped Goldust instead of kissing him, then left the scene. Dibiase came out for tonight's match with Maryse. Cole kept talking about Maryse as Dibiase gave a beating to Goldust. She eventually walked over to the timekeeper's area and grabbed the Million Dollar Belt.

Moments later, Aksana came rushing down the ramp to face Maryse. She yanked the title belt away from Maryse then hurried backstage. In all the confusion, Goldust was able to get a surprise rollup pinfall on Dibiase for the win. Post-match, Goldust left the ring as he watched Aksana rush backstage with the belt.

Winner: Goldust wins via pinfall over Ted Dibiase.

"Runaway" by Hail the Villain is the official 2010 Survivor Series theme song.

John Cena vs. David Otunga

Nexus arrived out with leader Wade Barrett then stood at the bottom of the ramp. Not happy with Otunga's calling the shots on Smackdown while he was away, Barrett motioned for the other Nexus guys leave Otunga to fend for himself against Cena.

Otunga left the ring early to head up the ramp, but Cena chased him up the ramp, then smashed him face first into the car set up on stage. Cena eventually picked up the win after locking the STF onto Otunga, making him tap out.

Winner: John Cena wins via submission over David Otunga.

Barrett found Otunga with an ice pack on his neck in the locker room backstage. Barrett told Otunga that he was the one who lost the main event match last week, getting pinned. He said then Otunga brought Nexus to Smackdown and they lost. He told Otunga that he can return to Smackdown this Friday with Nexus and face Edge. Barrett said if Otunga loses, he's done with Nexus, because he'll be against them. Otunga shot him a look.

Santino and Vladimir Kozlov came out dressed in suits with top hats and umbrellas like jolly ol' English folks. Santino hosted his own "Santino's Tea Time." His guest was Sheamus, who Santino tried to make peace with. They had a table set up in the ring with tea and krumpets. Unfortunately for Santino he kept insulting the Celtic Warrior with his comments and eventually spilled the tea on him, angering Sheamus even more. This lead to Sheamus versus Santino in a match arranged by the anonymous Raw General Manager.

Santino Marella vs. Sheamus

Sheamus was still in his suit clothes while Sheamus was dressed for the match. He eventually tore off his suit to reveal wrestling attire. Santino seemed to want no part of the match though as he left the ring and tried to call timeout. Another email came from the Raw GM ordering Santino to get back in the ring and compete or get suspended, immediately. Santino started psyching himself up. He set up for the Cobra as soon as he got in the ring, with Sheamus flattening Santino instantly. Sheamus kept stomping on his opponent, then yanked him to center ring. Santino pleaded on his knees for Sheamus not to beat him up. As Sheamus came at him, Santino hit him with the low blow for the DQ.

Santino started up a victory celebration and jumped up on the corner. Sheamus ran at him with the Brogh kick to level him, then started the attack. Sheamus set up for the Celtic Cross but John Morrison came rushing to his aid. Morrison was able to duck a clothesline and then hit a kick from off the ropes to take out Sheamus. Morrison helped Santino out of the ring up the ramp.

Winners: Sheamus wins due to DQ when Santino used a low blow.

John Cena was backstage watching a television video about Wrestlemania 27 arriving April 3, 2011 to Atlanta, Georgia. Tickets go on sale Saturday at 10AM EST at As the video ended, Cena was shown again in the locker room, this time with Barrett standing there. Cena turned and Barrett told Cena to imagine never getting to experience Wrestlemania ever again. He told Cena he just needs to do the right thing in two weeks time, raise his arm and award him the WWE Title. He slapped a referee's shirt against Cena's chest and told him to do his job or his WWE career will be a distant memory.

They showed the video package of the various wrestlers reminiscing about their famous wrestling fathers or relatives. Included in the Stand Up for WWE video were Mike McGillicutty, Husky Harris, Goldust, Cody Rhodes, Natalya, Ted Dibiase and Randy Orton. Michael Cole said fans around the globe are standing up for WWE. Matthews said to log on to for over 25 different videos.

Randy Orton was introduced first for the ten man tag team match main event. Next out was R-Truth without a microphone. Cole said it's great to see Truth without a mic tonight so they don't have to hear that silly Crunk song. Introduced next was Daniel Bryan. The World's Strongest Man Mark Henry was introduced next and finally the final member of Team Orton - The Miz. Alex Riley came around ringside, for Michael Cole to hug and slap hands with. Next the Nexus was introduced with Barrett coming out first. Slater, Gabriel, Harris and McGillicutty all arrived out, followed by John Cena dressed as the special guest referee.

Team Orton vs. Team Nexus

A brawl happened during the contest, with all members of Nexus ending up outside the ring. David Otunga arrived down the ramp as Raw went to commercial break. Otunga was watching from ringside when Raw returned. Mark Henry took it to Husky Harris for a bit and then McGillicutty, before tagging in Daniel Bryan. Bryan eventually gained control to lock the Labelle Lock on McGill, but Harris had made a blind tag and arrived in to break it. Nexus eventually gained the advantage as they all beat on Bryan in the corner. Bryan eventually moved in the corner to avoid a charging Slater. Bryan finally was able to crawl over and tag Orton, as Slater got to tag Barrett.

Orton went on the attack fast and eventually hit the scoop slam. He delivered the DDT from the middle rope, then set up for the RKO. Barrett countered and picked up Orton for the Wasteland but Orton slid off then hit a backbreaker. McGill rushed in to break up Orton's pin, so R-Truth came in to fight Nexus, then Mark Henry. Slater and Harris dumped Henry out of the ring, so Daniel Bryan got on the top rope and hit a double missile drop kick. All three guys ended up on the outside.

Barrett tried to pick up Orton in the ring for the Wasteland again, but once again Orton got out of it. He hit the backbreaker then prepared for an RKO, pounding the mat. Otunga started grabbing Cena's leg to distract him. Meanwhile, The Miz rushed into the ring and got Orton into his Skullcrushing Finale. Alex Riley rushed into the ring and jabbed the MITB briefcase in Orton's gut so Miz could complete his finisher. Barrett turned Orton over and took the winning pinfall. Cena turned around and counted the 1-2-3 to give Barrett the victory.
In the surprising finish, The Miz turned against his own team and hit a Skullcrushing Finale on Orton for the win.

Nexus hoisted Barrett up on their shoulders up on the ramp as a fuming Viper looked up from the ring at them.

Winners: Team Nexus wins via pinfall against Team Orton.

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