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Smackdown Results 11/05/10

Smackdown Results from Bridgeport, CT:

After pyro and Todd Grisham's intro weeks ahead of Survivor Series 2010, the Rated-R Superstar Edge was introduced for the opening match. Edge is the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title against Kane at Survivor Series.

Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio

Tony Chimel introduced Ricardo Rodriguez to the ring. Edge gave him the staredown treatment causing Rodriguez to back into the corner and out of the ring to the apron. Del Rio came driving into the arena in yet another fancy automobile. Highlights were shown of how Edge won last week's Triple Threat match against Rey Mysterio and Del Rio.

Just prior to Smackdown's first commercial break, Del Rio knocked Edge out of the ring and then stomped on his shoulder. Del Rio kept working on that left arm in the ring when Smackdown returned. Later on, Edge managed to gain momentum and climbed to the corner. Del Rio jumped onto the corner to fight with Edge but got shoved down. Edge followed with a flying crossbody for a near fall. Edge had another near fall just moments later.

In the closing moments, Edge was on the corner but Del Rio jumped up and delivered a kick to the side of his head. Edge fell to the mat and Del Rio thought he had a winning pin. However, Edge got his arm to grab the bottom rope and broke it. As Del Rio came from against the ropes, Edge was back up to boot him down. Edge prepared for a spear as the fans called for it.

Just then, The Nexus' theme music hit and all of them rushed to surround the ring. Otunga, McGillicutty, Slater, Harris and Gabriel all got into the ring attacking Del Rio and Edge. They tossed the two out of the ring, interrupting their match.

Winner: No contest due to The Nexus attacking both men.

Otunga got on the mic and said last time they came to Smackdown they dominated. He said "this time we're taking over!" Suddenly Big Show's music hit and he arrived to the ramp. Next he gave the signal and Mysterio arrived out from backstage followed by a pyro explosion. Kane stormed down the ramp and got in the ring as did Show and Mysterio. Edge soon joined in to help them drive off The Nexus from the ring. Del Rio was just getting onto the apron to watch.

After a replay of the action that just went down. Smackdown GM Theodore Long arrived out onto the ramp. He booked the match of Kane, Alberto Del Rio, Big Show, Edge and Rey Mysterio against The Nexus in a 10-Man-Tag Match. Grisham and Cole talked about why Wade Barrett wasn't part of the attack, with Cole saying you have to believe Barrett has a plan going on.

JTG vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler arrived out to the ring without Vickie Guerrero. On Tuesday's episode of NXT on SyFy, Vickie saw Dolph making out with Kaitlyn backstage. she stormed backstage to attack Kaitlyn and ended up having a wedding cake tossed into her face.

Towards the end of the match, JTG was gaining momentum with a huge dropkick. He charged at Ziggler in the corner, but Ziggler stepped away then tossed JTG into the corner hard. As JTG was reeling, Dolph came back to hit the Zig Zag. He had the pin but broke off it after 2. He beat up JTG some more than locked the sleeper on JTG. The ref eventually called for the bell.

NXT diva rookie Kaitlyn came running to the ring to congratulate Dolph. She went for a kiss or hug, but Dolph pushed her away a bit. Suddenly, Vickie came storming down the ramp yelling on the mic. She told Kaitlyn that Dolph was hers first and then slapped Kaitlyn in the face. A ref got back in the ring to help Dolph separate the two fighting females.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler wins due to submission over JTG.

After commercial break they showed the Vickie Kaitlyn Dolph love triangle with the slap heard round the ring. Backstage, Hornswoggle was yelling in jibberish when Vickie Guerrero stormed into the office. She demanded that Teddy give her justice after Kaitlyn just embarrassed her out there with Dolph. Teddy said if she wants justice she'll need to get it in the ring tonight, one-on-one against Kaitlyn.

The scene shifted to another area backstage where Nexus was delivering a beatdown 5-on-1 style. They eventually let up and the camera revealed a beaten up Rey Mysterio laying on the pavement. Otunga said "it's done" and they walked off leaving Mysterio there.

Nexus was meeting backstage with Otunga saying he told them they'd take over Smackdown. Just then, Josh Matthews came up to interview them. He asked why they just beat up Rey Mysterio and Otunga said that Wade Barrett's on his way to visit friends and family in the UK so he's in charge. He said they attacked Mysterio because they can and because Nexus is about more than just John Cena and Wade Barrett.

MVP vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Drew McIntyre
Triple Threat for #1 Contender for IC Title

They showed how Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre's tag team broke apart last week following a mishap in the ring with Big Show. Michael Cole said MVP may be able to take advantage of the disharmony between Rhodes and McIntyre.

After the former tag partners stared each other down, Rhodes went for the early attack on MVP, with MVP fighting both him and McIntyre off. McIntyre suggested to Rhodes that they take out MVP together first, and then settle their problems like men. Moments later Drew pulled the top rope down as Rhodes went against the ropes. Rhodes fell to the outside. Drew got out of the ring and then slammed Rhodes on the ramp before a commercial break.

Late in the match it was just MVP and McIntyre in the ring. MVP gained the advantage following the Ballin' Elbow. He prepared for the Playmaker but Drew countered. Moments later, Drew got MVP set up for the Future Shock DDT, but Rhodes rushed into the ring and hit a jumping kick from off the ropes to take down Drew. MVP managed to toss Rhodes out of the ring, then delivered a huge running boot on Drew near the ropes. MVP took the winning pin and became #1 contender.

Winner: MVP wins via pinfall over Drew McIntyre to become new #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

Kaitlyn vs. Vickie Guerrero

Early in the match, Vickie rolled out of the ring and started to scream then began doing moves to prepare herself. Kaitlyn jumped off the apron with a double axe handle onto Vickie's back. Kaitlyn continued the beating inside the ring. Kaitlyn had a near fall inside the ring with Vickie barely kicking out. Moments later, Vickie slapped Kaitlyn while both wome nwere on their knees on the mat. She tried to pick up Kaitlyn to slam her, but fell backwards on her for another near fall.

The two femme fatales fought near the corner of the ring. Vickie was able to get a rollup pinfall and used the ropes for leverage and got the win. Post-match she screamed at Kaitlyn that Dolph is her man. Michael Cole stood up and applauded for Vickie's big win.

Winner: Vickie Guerrero wins via pinfall over Kaitlyn.

Cole introduced the Stand Up for WWE promotional video. Included in this campaign video were many of the Raw special guest hosts including Dennis Miller, Bob Barker, Johnny Knoxville, Jewel and Cedric the Entertainer talking about how professional WWE is.

Backstage, Kaval was talking to MVP. MVP said he told him all he needed was an opportunity. Kelly Kelly walked up and congratulated MVP, wishing him good luck on next week's title match. As Kelly left, all of a sudden The Nexus all ganged up and attacked both Kaval and MVP. They left the two superstars on the ground just like Mysterio.

Chris Masters vs. Tyler Reks

Early on Masters gained control and tossed Reks out of the ring. Grisham noted that this is a rematch from last week's episode of Superstars where Reks won. Reks regained control as Masters tried to get back in the ring with him.

Towards the end of the match, Masters went for the Masterlock but couldn't get his hands together. Reks tossed Masters into the corner hard, then hoisted him up on both shoulders. He slammed Masters down in a move almost like Cena's Attitude Adjustment for the win.

Winner: Tyler Reks wins via pinfall over Chris Masters.

Edge, Kofi Kingston, Big Show, Alberto Del Rio & Kane vs The Nexus

For Nexus it was Otunga, Slater, Gabriel, Harris and McGillicutty with Otunga apparently in charge. The Nexus was introduced first followed by Edge. Kofi Kingston arrived to the ring as Rey Mysterio's replacement in the match. They showed some footage of Kofi Kingston from his appearance on Ghost Hunters. Del Rio drove out in his Rolls Royce then stood his distance from Edge and Kofi on the ramp. Big Show was introduced and finally the World Champion Kane who came to the ring with Paul Bearer.

Prior to a commercial break, Alberto Del Rio left the ring holding the back of his neck yelling at his team. He left up the ramp, leaving his team with just four men to face Nexus' five.

Towards the end of the match, Kane had control as he grabbed Otunga for the Chokeslam. Gabriel and Slater rushed in to break it up though. Big Show came in to shove Gabriel and Slater over the top rope. Kane reacted by grabbing Big Show and hitting the Chokeslam on him. Striker said he thinks Kane though Big Show attacked him, not Nexus. Kane raised his arm up near the corner for a Chokeslam as he waited for Otunga to stand up. Edge slapped Kane's back for the tag, so Kane shot him a look as he got into the ring.

Edge tried for a Spear on Otunga, but he avoided it. Edge went charging towards Kane by accident, and Kane grabbed him for a chokeslam. Edge slipped out of his grasp though, then came from against the ropes to Spear down Kane. Kane rolled to the outside to recover as Edge hit another Spear on Otunga for the big win.

Winners: Edge, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio & Kane win via pinfall over The Nexus.

Post-match Edge was in the ring with his theme music playing as Paul Bearer tried to console Kane up on the ramp. Smackdown ended with that scene.

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