Thursday, November 4, 2010

WWE Superstars Results 11/04/10

WWE Superstars Results 11/4/10:

Todd Grisham and Matt Striker of Smackdown's commentary team started the show off. Jack Swagger arrived out with the Soaring Eagle mascot.

Jack Swagger vs. Kaval

This was a rematch from their previous match where Swagger made Kaval tap out to the Ankle lock. Early in the match, Kaval managed to use the ropes to swing through and dropkick Swagger into the commentary table. He followed up by flying off the corner to land on Swagger on the outside.

Kaval gained momentum following a commercial break. He went for a springboard move but Swagger avoided it then hit a belly-to-back suplex followed by a near fall. Kaval rolled to the apron and was able to connect with a kick followed by a sunset flip for a pinfall. Kaval had another springboard move moments later for a near fall.

Towards the end of the match, Kaval was on the apron. As the ref was looking the other way, the eagle mascot swiped Kaval's leg causing Kaval to land on the apron hard. Swagger pulled him into the ring for the Ankle Lock and Kaval tapped out soon after.

Winner: Jack Swagger wins due to submission over Kaval.

They showed highlights of this past Tuesday's NXT on SyFy featuring the wedding of Goldust and Aksana. Ted Dibiase tried to pay off the minister in order to get back his Million Dollar Belt. However, Dusty Rhodes found another minister, Ted Dibiase to do the wedding. They finished the vows and put the rings on, but when Goldust went for the kiss, Aksana slapped him and left the ring. In the elimination at the end of the show, Naomi had immunity. Maxine was the latest diva sent home.

Vance Archer vs. Luke Gallows

Late in the match, Gallows hit a big boot to kick Archer down. He pulled his straps down and started yelling to get the audience involved. Gallows hit a huge splash on Archer for a near fall. Back on their feet, he whipped Archer to the corner but got a boot to the face. Gallows came back to connect with a huge punch to the face, and then hoisted Archer up for the Gallows Pole to win it.

Winner: Luke Gallows wins via pinfall over Vance Archer.

Gail Kim vs. Alicia Fox

Scott Stanford and Jerry Lawler were now on hand for the commentary on this Raw divas match. During the match, Alicia yanked Gail by the hair down and used a backbreaker on her. She continued the onslaught and went into an impressive bridge pin attempt. Moments later, Alicia tossed Gail over her back to the mat. Alicia choked Gail through the ropes using her hair to pull on.

Later on, Gail was able to pull off an impressive sit splash on the apron. Alicia fell to the apron and Gail tried to climb the corner. Alicia got off the apron and walked towards the commentators table. Gail went outside and grabbed her by the hair then tossed Alicia into the ring. As Gail was getting in, Alicia kicked her in the gut. With both divas on their feet, Alicia tried to pick up Gail on her shoulder for a slam. Gail countered and got down then hit her finisher the Eat Defeat for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim wins via pinfall over Alicia Fox.

Stanford and Lawler were back to remind fans that tomorrow on Smackdown Edge will face Alberto Del Rio in a main event match. They switched topics to Survivor Series 2010 which will feature John Cena as special guest referee for the Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton WWE Title match.

Mark vs. The Uso Brothers
2-on-1 Handicap Match

Last week Mark Henry defeated Jey Uso for the victory using the World's Strongest Slam. The Usos were accompanied to the ring by Tamina. Jey Uso started things off with a fast attack but was soon shoved to the mat by Mark Henry. Henry tried to drag Jey over to tag in Jimmy because Henry wanted the Uso who kicked h im last week. Jimmy finally got a blind tag and came in to clip Henry from behind on a slam move.

Jimmy continued to keep Henry grounded and hit a leg drop for a near fall. Lawler added in a fun fact that Henry's first ever match was against him. During the action, Henry rolled under the bottom rope with his head hanging over the apron. The ref was busy with the Usos allowing Tamina to come by and deliver a solid kick to Henry's head. He rolled back in the ring hurting, as one of the Usos kicked Henry in the head, then jumped off the corner for the Samoan Splash.

Winners: The Usos win via pinfall over Mark Henry.

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