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WWE Superstars Results 12/30/10

WWE Superstars Results 12/30/10:

Scott Stanford and Josh Matthews were on hand as Raw commentators to start off the final show of 2010. Darren Young and Yoshi Tatsu arrived to the ring for the opening contest.

Yoshi Tatsu & Darren Young vs. The Usos

Tamina did not accompany The Usos to the ring. Early on, Darren Young took his Uso opponent to the outside of the ring, tackling him through the ropes. Young stayed in control with a huge elbow drop and had a near fall. He followed up with a headlock on the mat to wear down the Uso. Scott Stanford said Darren Young is a former football player.

Yoshi came in and continued with momentum for the faces, gaining several take downs for near falls. The Usos soon took control of things though on Darren Young, working the doubleteam on him. The Usos whipped into the corner to hip splash Darren Young. Darren Young was able to toss his opponent overhead and managed to crawl to Yoshi for the hot tag.

Yoshi came in on fire with a series of dropkicks on his opponent and a toss to the mat. Yoshi followed up with a series of kicks and then a spinning kick after running against the ropes. The other Uso came in to break up the pinfall, but Darren Young rushed in to take him to the outside. Young ended up getting thrown into the ringpost. Yoshi tried for a high risk move off the corner, but the Uso on the outside got on the apron. Yoshi knocked him off, but the legal Uso came over and slammed Yoshi to the mat, then hit a Superfly Splash from the corner to win it.

Winners: The Usos win via pinfall over Darren Young and Yoshi Tatsu.

They showed highlights from Tuesday's episode of WWE NXT. Johnny Curtis won the first competition of the night, the Punchout arcade game. Later in the night, they had a talent contest. Conor O'Brian did joke time, Derrick Bateman did a poem, and Johnny Curtis did a dance with a yellow ribbon. Curtis won the second competition of the night. However, Brodus Clay ended the show by taking out all of his NXT competitors in the ring then letting out several yells.

Scott Stanford mentioned that is counting down the Top 25 matches of 2010. He asked fans to tell WWE which they agree and disagree with.

David Hart Smith vs. William Regal

Stanford said Smith is looking to make it three straight wins as he's beaten Tyson Kidd and Zack Ryder in the past few weeks on Superstars. Stanford brought up that Regal wrestled Davey Boy Smith back at Halloween Havoc 1993. Matthews mentioned that Stanford's had more partners than anyone so far on commentary.

As Matthews made jokes about Stanford turning CM Punk over to the darkside, the match went forth. Smith had a shoulder take down during the match for a near fall. He had another shoulder tackle on the outside to bring down Regal right before a commercial break. When Superstars returned, Regal was taking control of Smith in the ring working on his left leg.

Regal continued to work on Smith's leg, standing on it near the ropes. He put Smith in the corner to punch on him some as Josh Matthews and Scott Stanford talked about Twitter. Regal went for a butterfly suplex and Smith managed to use his power to toss Regal over his back instead. Both guys took some time to get up, then Smith got in uppercuts and punches on Regal to take him down.

Closing moments saw Smith try to lift Regal on his shoulder, but Regal got out of it, then clipped Smith's leg. Regal followed with the knee trembler to finish things off.

Winner: William Regal wins via pinfall over David Hart Smith.

WWE Superstars returned with a highlight promotional video for "The Apex Predator" aka "The Viper" aka Randy Orton. Several RKO's and other Orton highlights were part of the reel.

Jack Korbela and Matt Striker were on hand for Smackdown commentary. They introduced the Raw Rebound which covered the events from Raw with CM Punk, The Nexus (minus Barrett) and John Cena. Punk arrived out early in the show to tell Cena why he attacked him. He said the worst was yet to come for Cena later in the show though. Later on, Cena got to the ring to call out Punk, but Nexus showed up, without Barrett. Otunga said Nexus is under new management now. He offered Cena a truce, but Cena wouldn't go for it and told Otunga to leave the ring. Nexus appeared to be heading backstage, but then they turned around, stormed the ring and beat down Cena. Otunga left a Nexus armband laying next to Cena. Nexus headed up the ramp and CM Punk came out from backstage. He walked through Nexus and got in the ring to hit the GTS on Cena. Punk got a steel chair and almost bashed Cena with it. Instead he sat in the chair, waited a few moments, then put on the Nexus armband. Punk saluted Nexus on the ramp to close out Raw.

The Masterpiece Chris Masters made his entrance to the ring for the main event.

Chris Masters vs. Tyler Reks

Tyler Reks made his entrance to the ring next. Masters had an early takedown with a side headlock on Reks. Reks got to his feet and backed Masters to the corner then rammed him in the gut. Striker asked his new commentary pal Korbela why he does pushups before coming out for commentary. Korbela said anything to work out the jitters prior to doing commentary. Moments later, Chris Masters clotheslined Reks out over the top rope to the outside. Masters brought Reks onto the side corner area of the apron and put on the Masterlock. Unfortunately, he couldn't legally use the move there. Masters broke the hold per the ref and Reks yanked Masters arm hard against the corner. Masters fell to the floor before a commercial break.

After break, Reks continued working on Masters left arm injury. Masters started to fight back but got smashed down by Reks for a near fall. Korbela said Reks is hoping to be one of the competitors in the 2011 Royal Rumble in Boston, MA. Striker said guys will be jockeying for position in the coming weeks.

Reks continued the punishment on the outside by yanking Masters' arm against the ringpost. Masters powered out though, then went on the apron to kick Reks in the head. Masters started to pound away on Reks on the outside, then threw Reks back in. Reks charged at Masters in the ring, but Masters got him with a Samoan Drop. Masters used a one arm slam, then prepared for the Masterlock. His left shoulder was too injured though so he couldn't hook it. Reks got out and Masters countered with a backslide pinfall attempt.

In the closing moments, Masters was in control and charged at Reks in the corner. Reks avoided him and Masters hit shoulder first. Reks put him up for the Burning Hammer to finish Masters off.

Winner: Tyler Reks wins via pinfall over Chris Masters.

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