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Smackdown Results 04/08/11

Smackdown Results from Charlotte, NC:

Josh Matthews opened up the show on commentary. After noting the aftershock of Wrestlemania would be tonight's theme, Alberto Del Rio's music hit. Del Rio arrived out with Ricardo Rodriguez and Brodus Clay. Del Rio was on foot, arriving out without a car. Booker and Matthews were shown on camera, then Michael Cole cut in and they showed his Cole Mine covered in caution tape.

Del Rio and his crew got in the ring. He talked about how his destiny was delayed at Wrestlemania, and how Christian/Edge destroyed his car. Del Rio started to talk about what he'd do to Edge about all this, but was interrupted by the Rated-R Superstar's music. Edge came riding out on the back of a Brisco Brother's flatbed tow truck with Del Rio's Rolls Royce being hauled out.

With a mic in hand, Edge addressed Del Rio and the fans. Edge said he reassessed things after hearing Del Rio said the Rolls Royce was like his child. Edge said it might be damaged but it's nothing some tender, love and care might fix. Edge pulled out a spray can and sprayed some yellow paint on the hood. Del Rio was furious and demanded a rematch.

Edge said some guys are ahead of him. The tow truck horn beeped several times and Christian got out of the driver's door. Edge said if Del Rio wants a fight though, he's got one for him. Edge started to go down the ramp, until GM Teddy Long's music interrupted. He came out and said if they're going to settle this, they'll do it in a match. Tonight Alberto Del Rio goes one on one with Christian. The winner faces Edge for the World Championship at WWE Extreme Rules, in Edge's speciality, a Ladder Match.

Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella & Kofi Kingston vs. The Corre
2 out of 3 Falls Match

This match was a Wrestlemania rematch as all of these individuals competed on Sunday. Show's right hand KO punch knocked out Heath Slater for the pinfall win at Mania.

The first fall came about 9 minutes into the match when Kofi Kingston hit a high crossbody on Justin Gabriel for the pinfall.

The second fall saw Santino fighting Slater. Santino went for the Cobra, but Wade Barrett had made a blind tag to Slater. Barrett came into the ring and kicked down Santino, then hit Wasteland.

The final fall saw Kane and Barrett fighting it out in the ring. Eventually all of the wrestlers got involved in a big brawl. Kane set up for a Chokeslam on Barrett, but the rest of Corre attacked, so the ref called for the bell for a DQ in fall 3.

Post-match, all of the faces hit finishers on the heels.

Winners: Kofi Kingston, Santino Marella, Kane & Big Show win 2 out of 3 falls against The Corre.

After a commercial break, they showed a video promo for new wrestler, Sin Cara. It showed him in the ring and landing a variety of moves on unknown opponents.

Trent Barreta vs Cody Rhodes

Before the match, Barreta took his gum out of his mouth and put it inside his wrist sleeve. Rhodes got the early advantage, then unmercifully punched away on Trent. Barretta managed to land a big dropkick off the corner for an early near fall. However, Rhodes managed to turn around an Irish whip and hit a side Russian leg sweep, to regain control. After tossing Barreta shoulder-first to the ring post, Rhodes hit Cross Rhodes for the win.

Post-match, Rhodes snapped and continued to attack Barreta. Rey Mysterio's music hit and he came rushing to the ring to make a save. Rhodes managed to jump off the side apron and get out of harm's way. Mysterio invited him to come back to the ring, but Rhodes headed backstage instead.

Winner: Cody Rhodes wins via pinfall over Trent Barreta.

They showed the replay of John Cena on Raw when he called out The Rock. Cena was upset over Rock costing him the WWE title at Wrestlemania 27. The Rock came out and said he respects Cena, but that doesn't mean he likes him. Rock said they're opposites for the most part, but both want to do whatever they do the absolute best, and better than the rest. Cena ended up saying the people don't want to see them talk, they want a match. He suggested a one-on-one, with The Rock saying they'd do it at Wrestlemania 28 next year. After they shook hands, The Corre attacked. Cena and Rock each did several moves on Wade Barrett and Heath Slater to try to show who was better, but Michael Cole called it "a draw."

Edge and Christian were backstage in the locker room. Edge said he hopes Christian wins, because it's a match they revolutionized. He said he wants to face him in the match at Extreme Rules and hopes Edge will be ok with things after the event. Edge wished him good luck tonight then walked off. Christian got up and crouched down, looking at the championship belt Edge left behind, contemplating. Edge walked back in chuckling and grabbed the belt to leave, also smirking.

An ad for Wrestlemania 28 on April 1, 2012 was shown before Smackdown returned. Matthews discussed Wrestlemania and Undertaker going 19-0. Michael Cole said they should have a split screen to show he went 1-0 at Wrestlemania.

Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly vs. Team LayCool

They showed a replay of Snooki doing backflips across the ring to hip splash into McCool in the corner. Phoenix took control against McCool and at one point she whipped her against the ropes into Layla. Layla crashed to the outside floor. Layla and Michelle started arguing again. Layla tagged in with Michelle asking why she was laying outside the ring. Beth pressed Layla overhead, then dropped her on the corner.

Kelly Kelly came in to take control over Layla, smacking her on the behind and then almost scoring the pinfall. Layla went for a tag with Michelle feigning a back injury and dropping off the apron so she couldn't tag. Kelly rolled up Layla for the winning pinfall.

Post-match, Layla was confused in the ring and gave a stare to Michelle on the outside. Michelle reiterated that her back hurts. Layla went to Michelle on the ramp and took her arm, with Michelle pulling away and yelling at Layla.

Winners: Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly win via pinfall over Team LayCool.

They showed WWE Rewind with Michel Cole squirting JR's BBQ sauce all over Jim Ross, before JR chased Cole around the ring and up the ramp.

Smackdown returned with Cole laughing in the ring about it. He asked "Who shot JR?" and then said "I did! hahaha" Cole introduced the man who trained him for his big Wrestlemania 27 match. Jack Swagger arrived to the ring and had a mic also. Swagger talked about all the doubters who thought he could train Cole for the main event at WM27. Swagger said it was easy because of Cole's intelligence, athletic ability made it easy.
Swagger said in just one night Cole became the new "Mr. Wrestlemania." Swagger demanded the crowd applaud Cole in the ring. Cole said they also know there's nobody backstage who can beat Swagger in a fair fight. They did their victory lap around the ring. All of a sudden, they were interrupted by Sin Cara's music and he arrived out on the ramp looking around.

Sin Cara started jumping up and down on the ramp, pointing to the crowd, then pointed to the ring. He got a running start then leapt over the top rope as pyro went off near the top of the stage. Swagger stared down Sin Cara then shoved him against the ropes. Sin Cara came back, ducked Swagger's clothesline and hit several moves. Swagger rolled out of the ring and stood up on the outside, so Sin Cara hurled himself out over the top rope with a twisting high crossbody. He backed up, still pointing at Swagger down on the mat, as he went up the ramp.

Matthews and Booker T talked about how impressive Sin Cara is. Booker said he went after someone with a big mouth to make an impression. Matthews brought up Tough Enough and Stone Cold Steve Austin. They rolled highlights of Austin with the Tough Enough cast in the ring on Raw Monday night. The Miz interrupted, suggesting that they see if Austin can have one more match. Austin told them to clear the ring, but Miz cheapshotted him. Riley attacked Austin in the corner, but eventually the tables turned with Austin hitting the Stone Cold Stunner. A beer bash with all the Tough Enough cast members ensued.

They showed highlights of the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. It included WWE Diva Sunny, Abdullah the Butcher, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Shawn Michaels, who was introduced by Triple H.

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio
#1 Contender's Match

The winner of this match would become the #1 Contender for Edge's World Championship and challenge for it in a ladder match at Extreme Rules. Edge joined Booker and Matthews on commentary to watch the matchup.

During the match, Cole asked the hard-hitting questions of Edge such as why he destroyed Del Rio's car. Edge told Cole maybe he should try to make a citizen's arrest.

In the match, Del Rio was outside the ring before a break, with Edge taunting him with the Championship belt, saying "it's about this."

Late in this match, Christian was in control as he went to the outside apron. Brodus Clay came over to distract him from ringside. Edge left the commentary position and hit a Spear to take down Clay. However, all the distraction allowed Del Rio to go over and hit the enziguiri kick on Christian in the corner. He followed with the pinfall to claim victory.

Edge was disappointed his pal lost the match. He got in the ring with Christian and stared at Del Rio as he backed up the ramp to close Smackdown.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio wins via pinfall over Edge to become the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

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