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WWE Superstars Results 11/17/11

WWE Superstars Results 11/17/11:

Scott Stanford opened on commentary saying there'd be a look back at this past Monday's Raw in Boston with The Rock. Drew McIntyre's entrance video and song started up, with Drew eventually emerging from backstage as the beat kicked in. Stanford was joined by Josh Matthews on commentary and they spoke about the upcoming Survivor Series PPV.

Alex Riley vs. Drew McIntyre

Stanford talked about Riley having a torn hip flexor, but refusing to get surgery so he can work through it and keep wrestling. Matthews said both guys have tremendous upside. Stanford called Riley the total package with size and speed.

Riley took control early with a hip toss and then settled into a brief headlock on the mat on Drew. Drew got them to their feet and backed A-Ry to the corner before kneeing him to gain control. The ref backed Drew out of the corner, and McIntyre missed on a charging move in the other corner.

McIntyre started to work on Riley's injured leg. Drew twisted A-Ry's legs around the ringpost, then put on a Figure Four. Later, Riley tried to get Drew up on his shoulders, but his hurt leg gave out, allowing Drew to get a near fall. Moments later, Riley wisely avoided a move in the corner from Drew and managed to get Drew onto the corner. Riley got under Drew to get him on his shoulders for the finishing move.

Winner: Alex Riley wins via pinfall over Drew McIntyre.

The Usos vs. Epico & Primo

The Usos did their special chant and battle dance up on the stage before jumping down the ramp as their pyro exploded. Jimmy and Jey headed to the ring to do battle with Epico and Primo.

The Usos took early control of things and used some doubleteaming. Epico gained control and tagged in his cousin Primo to do work, but Primo was quickly cloteshlined down. Later, Primo and Epico took control and used a doubleteam move to suplex Primo onto Epico onto the Uso for a near fall.

Jey Uso exploded at one point to take control of Epico with fastpaced offense. After a hip splash, Jey took the near fall with Primo getting in to break things up. The ref was distracted by Jimmy and Epico, so Primo hit a Backstabber on Jey Uso. Moments later, Jimmy did a flying move out onto Primo outside the ring. However, in the ring Jey was stunned and Epico hit another backstabber on him for the win.

Winners: Primo & Epico win via pinfall over The Usos.

Trent Barretta vs. Tyson Kidd

Kidd was already in the ring when Superstars returned. Josh Matthews was now joined by Matt Striker on commentary. They brought up Survivor Series and the teamup of The Rock and Cena. Matt Striker asked Josh Matthews if he should join Twitter, but Josh said no, then explained how it works to him.

Meanwhile, Trent Barreta was in control, until Tyson got both boots up into his face. Trent managed to baseball slide under Kidd to the outside, but then got kicked in the face. Kidd took control from there.

Later, Kidd put on a submission headlock type hold on the mat and yelled at the ref to "Ask him!" Trent made a comeback to get Kidd down with a swinging neckbreaker, then kicked Kidd as he tried to come at him through the ropes.

For the close of the match, Barreta climbed up on the corner for a moonsault/leg drop and hit it on Kidd. Kidd managed to kick out of the pinfall. Trent managed to get a big kick to the back of Kidd's head, and a running move for another near fall. Moments later, Kidd avoided Trent as he ran at him in the corner. Kidd used a standing suplex to drop Barreta on the back of his neck for the win.

Winner: Tyson Kidd wins by pinfall over Trent Barretta.

WWE Superstars closed this week's show with a replay of parts of The Rock and Cena on Raw facing off against Awesome Truth. Cena and Rock traded a few jabs at one another, until Miz interrupted and talked trash. Raw ended with The Rock hitting Rock Bottom on both Miz and Truth, leaving Cena surprised at the fact he didn't let him do the Attitude Adjustment.

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